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I made a decision to apply to study a degree in Communication Design with Swinburne Online.

I am very interested in this course because it covers many modern design techniques and photography (!). I had to submit a design portfolio with different works I had created and explain my communication and design objective, which was an interesting task. I also had to include a personal statement that gives them an idea if this degree is right for you (I hope they think so). I am a little nervous about it, because I have not studied since 2010 (wow).

I know that this will be a good opportunity for me and give me direction and solid goals. Even if I am not approved for this degree, I am going to find another one (such as Internet Communications that I had started in 2010). For many years I have been floating and not really sure where I was heading. I like to think that this is the start of a new phase that has many wonderful opportunities.

I also got my Nerd Block for March which had some cool items in it. Such as Simon Pegg’s book, Shuan of the dead tee, Guardian’s of the Galaxy nesting tolls and other fun things. This probably could have been an entry of it’s own, but I am multitasking (I don’t know if that counts).



((I don’t think Kitdung was really that pleased about this!))

1. Have you studied/studying in college/university?
2. What did/do you study?
3. How did/do you study? (online or on campus)
4. Has studying changed your perspective?