January 2017 was a month of mixed emotions. While I was generally positive and thankful for the things in my life, I also dealt with the loss of a family friend. Trying to process death can be very hard. When you have lost people meaning a great deal to you, it makes you feel for the family, who are now experiencing pain and grief. There are so many things that you wish you could do, and so many ways you want to help.

You have to be understanding, supportive and aware that sometimes people need space and time to heal.

It has been difficult staying motivated with University. With only two weeks left I have to make sure I have two projects completed (2 plane designs and 2 splash screens). I know I can do it, I just don’t want everything rushed (..tick..tock..). I received a 95 in my second submission (would have been higher if I included more connotations). I am proud of my efforts there because I wasn’t feeling confident about my Photoshop skillz. 💖

I moved my hosting from WiredTree to Knownhost. So far the new server (or VPS) has been fantastic and the support staff amazing. The reply time when submitting a ticket was 0.8 minutes. Staff were really helpful and paid attention to my concerns. I am hopeful that things will continue much the same way!  😀

In February I *plan* to finally finish mums office (yeah, it’s taking a while). Take steps to my first tattoo (I usually over think everything, so right now I am still in the ‘mind mapping’ stage 🐌) and try to enjoy the break between University terms.

Have a great February! 🕊️

💬 January 2017 Questions

  1. How was your January 2017?
  2. Do you have plans for February 2017?
  3. How do you support a grieving friend or relative?