2016 is almost over, which I am sure many of us can say with a sigh of relief! It has certainly been a complicated year, filled with political surprises, great loss of many iconic celebrities and a year that is going to be remembered in history. Even though there were many lows in 2016, I did have a pretty good year. I have been doing well at University, got my own car, finished another book and continued to monitor and improve my physical and mental health.

My 2016, a recap

  1. I stopped drinking soda
  2. Completed my first class at University
  3. Renovated our kitchen
  4. Turned 29
  5. Practiced website design
  6. My blog turned 10
  7. Tried to quit smoking (not there yet  😣 )
  8. Got my first car
  9. Created Artprompt.xyz and Blogprompt.xyz
  10. Practiced typography
  11. Wrote a Lost Letter to my Nanna
  12. Practiced with watercolours
  13. Completed my second book, Peaty the Worm
  14. Documented my journey in digital art
  15. Had a nice Christmas

Creatively 2016

2016 Digital Art
2016 Digital Art
2016 Photography

The photography does not include Instagram snaps. I also created pixel art, digital badges and more, which can be viewed on my DeviantArt.

What I hope for in 2017

  1. Continue to stay healthy and loose more weight
  2. Drive more often (and possibly have a few lessons)
  3. Study hard and get good grades (HDs please)
  4. Quite smoking for real!
  5. Feel positive about myself
  6. Try and blog every week
  7. Enter creative competitions
  8. Write a third children’s book

Thank you so much for reading my blog. Have a great 2017!  🦉

P.S: I decided that I wanted a new look on my blog (I also missed the good old sidebar). I was working on creating my own theme when I discovered Lukla by IdThemes and just had to purchase and use it. Hopefully I can make another theme of my own in the future.  :panda:

P.P.S: Dad and I will be playing our traditional game of cricket. We have been playing it every year since I was little and only missed one game when he was ill. It’s not really about who wins (  🤣 ) but more about the tradition and fun we have. Although, the heat is not going to be nice. We have had a few really hot and muggy days.  😁


  1. What was your highlight in 2016?
  2. What do you hope for in 2017?
  3. Do you have any NYE traditions?