It seems like this year is flying by. One minute it was January, and now it’s September already, before we know it, Christmas! In August 2017 I continued to study Interactive Design for Web, and received test results from the doctor.

πŸ–₯️ Interactive Design For Web

I am heading into week 8 of Interactive Design for Web and the past month has involved a lot of coding in HTML and CSS. I completed my first assessment (and website prototype), and I am looking forward to the results to see if I am on track or where I can improve.

It has been a fascinating experience learning about website design again. I have found a renewal of the past feelings and joy I had in creating designs. I intend to create some experiment layouts soon and see where it leads (maybe back into WordPress themes when I feel more confident haha). 😊

πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈΒ Doctor Results

I went back to the doctor and received some blood test results. It looks like I have a problem with my thyroid which is underactive. I had some more tests done and have to return to see if I need medication or treatment.

An underactive thyroid can cause low motivation, feeling tired, depressed and weight gain. I have all of these symptoms but thought it was related to mental health and PCOS. It will be good to review the next results and see what happens next. I am feeling optimistic that through treatment (or medication) I might be able to see positive effects.

☁️ Other Things

  • Didn’t renew my learner license, but intend to do it next week (for reals). =)
  • Received an award for academic achievement (or top 5 students) in Packaging design (which was a shock because I thought my score wasn’t that good).
  • Snapped a few pictures
  • Watched Game of Thrones. Dude. Wow. 😢

πŸ’¬Β Questions

  • What did you do in August 2017?
  • Have any plans for September?
  • How is your health?