Another year has come to an end, and as we welcome 2018, I wanted to reflect on my year that was 2017. 🎆

2017 was a year of change and growth. I discovered things about myself, found strength and the courage to make positive choices.

I consider 2017 as a year of positive personal changes. I began to contemplate what was the most important to me and became more accepting of myself. I learnt that there will be good days, filled with creativity and joy and bad days that are sleepy and low. I am lucky to have a fantastic support system from family and close friends who remind me of the crucial details and inspire me to focus on what I love. 💖

The significant events that happened in 2017 were in the latter part of the year. Changing my university degree to Graphic Design/Photography was a huge positive. I also found the confidence to update my blog and use my real name. Aside from those I also worked hard on my previous Uni subjects, receiving HDs and maintaining a 4.0 GPA (Something that is a big deal, because I struggled in High School to pass classes!).

👑 2017 Highlights

⭐ 2017 Goals

  1. 🍎 Continue to stay healthy and lose more weight
    I made some progress on this goal, but I certainly have to keep at it. I did buy a Fitbit Ionic that inspired me to focus on healthier choices and exercise more.
  2. 🚗 Drive more often (and possibly have a few lessons)
    I found it very hard to find the confidence to drive, but I did get back into it. I didn’t have lessons, but something I sincerely intend to do in 2018!
  3. 👩🏻‍💻 Study hard and get good grades (HDs please)
  4. 🚬 Quit smoking for real!
    No. 🙁 I am not there yet.
  5. 💙 Feel positive about myself
    I have made progress and began to understand and accept myself more. I have to continue to work on it.
  6. 💻 Try and blog every week
    I didn’t blog every week but was semi-consistent (except in May haha, oops).
  7. 🏆 Enter creative competitions
    I didn’t enter very many, in fact, I can only remember one (where I finished 43rd 😂).
  8. 📖 Write a third children’s book
    I haven’t finished my third book, but I am getting close! Hopefully, it will be complete before February 2018!

✨ 2018 Goals

  1. 👩🏻 Focus on Me
  2. 🎓 Work hard at Uni
  3. 🚘 Take driving lessons
  4. 👭 Spend time with friends
  5. 🌠 Get a tattoo
  6. 👓 Get new glasses
  7. 📱Take a selfie???
  8. 🙋🏻Help others
  9. 🍏Learn new things
  10. 🧠 Share personal posts about living with mental illness
  11. 📚 Finish third & fourth children’s book

I wish everyone the best for 2018! I hope that it will be a positive year and look forward to reading about your adventures, on your blog! 😍

💬 Questions

  1. How was your 2017?
  2. What was the best thing that happened?
  3. What do you hope to achieve in 2018?

Featured image is a photograph from my Instagram.