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I am so tired and sore at the moment it’s horrible. I hope I never have to get teeth pulled again for a long long long time. I don’t mind the drilling or the stabbing and pulling I just hate the numbing stuff they use it freaks me out. They must have given me some that was to strong because I started really shaking in the chair and couldn’t stop she had to like hold my shoulders for a little while so I could stabalize myself. But thank god it’s over! Last night it killed and I still can’t really talk and I feel as dizzy as hell so I am sitting around doing nothing, not much difference then what I am used to razz thanks to everyone that took my quiz (: yo’ll should make your own I love taking them even if I don’t get the best result. oooh and I brought the new dolly (: and and and I seen the v8 yearbook thinger I was so unhappy it was $20 I wanted it ): oh well nevermind, we did get heaps of dvd’s I just watched White Chicks <3 haha oh dear. We also got; Catwomen, The whole ten yards, around the world in 80 days, kill bill volume 2 and......something i can't remember. Oh well I might go and do something that doesn't involve thinking!