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heya everyone thanks for all your comments, my tooth is pretty much better now, I just have to hole that food keeps getting stuck in 😉 anyway I have heaps of things to say but I will forget them all. Not that exciting just the basic web things I have been doing and other people’s sites that are popping up :D. Ok I have moved all the fanlistings I was running that needed to be moved to wishless (: I am happy I have been putting that off for ages, but I am busy and lazy 😛 so if anyone that joined the Yimin, Sara or teddy Fanlistings please do again. And Rain’s Fanlisting will be up soon when her site is 😉 ok moving on.

Teddy Is back in domain land Teddy Teddy Teddy Teddy 😀 the site is not up yet but I am so happppy and and and Kaori has her NEW domain up and open and woo hoo (: Kaori how loved (:

Oh yes and I have a new wonderful affiliate give Eleni some loving (:

and finally I am working on doing some tutorials, I am slow at this because I have never done it before, but it’s things I know how to do. So I thought why not share that with other people. I know when i first started I used to get really angry because I couldn’t work out how to do things 😛 we’ll see.

ooooh and I have some hostees and some coming soon how wonderful that makes me smile (: ok I better go and do more tutorials. Can anyone sujest any that would be good, useful *hugs*