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17 years

I thought I better blog after all it’s pretty big news in my world. Tehlove Hosting has been cancelled, closed, killed :[, finished, murdered, failed, and squashed. And along with that, my dreams I had for it. I am putting on a brave face, it upsets me so very much that it’s gone, I loved it deeply.

All the reasons why;
1. Server Cost.
– When I started out with Tehlove it cost me a grand total of $25 a month on a smallish reseller account. As my client base grew, the hosting was also required to expand to support it. I moved up a few resellers and it was happy sitting at $65 for a while. But then eventually I had to upgrade again, and because the option for bigger resellers was not available I had to step into the world of my own Dedicated Sever and this is where the money gets serious.

The first server I purchased was $180 a month, but it was a single CPU processor with piddling ram and just about everything else. I soon discovered this was a really bad option and wasn’t going to cut it, I did not want to offer a bad service to anyone. The final upgrade was the biggest at a whopping $400 a month and although the server was just about awesome, it slowly killed me and my funds, having to borrow money to afford it. I could have upped the prices, removed some features, but I couldn’t bring myself to do that, because I had ideas of my own perfection of how it should be.

2. The Stress.
– If you have ever owned your own server or even a computer you will know how they can be. Unpredictable, strange and defiantly odd. You will work hard on them, but more often then not you will still have trouble at least in some part. If you make an upgrade it can cause problems in one section, you fix that and then something else will arise, it was like this for 90% of the time, and if it upset others, it upset me as well, because I could understand how frustrating it would be, and a lot of the time I was having the same problems on my own sites.

I wanted to be around to help when they had problems and sometimes this meant staying online longer then normal and watching the emails obsessively, unhealthy in teh brainz.

I also had my critics too, and sometimes I read their words which was a bad idea. Because in my heart I knew what I was doing was true and I was always trying to find ways to make it better. In the end, even if I have failed I am still not scamming anyone. I’m hosting those that want stay onto the end, and helping them just like I would have. But people will always point and laugh its human nature I guess.

I guess at the moment, things have been a little messed up. With Witchypoo, Tehlove and having been in a low point for a while, but I will pick myself up and be okay. I probably need to take a few days out and try to breath and maybe get some writing done.

I can say I am very thankful and I mean this to have so many wonderful friends who have sent kind words and their thoughts. I am shocked at how many people have been lovely about this whole thing. I knew I hosted a variety of beautiful people, but I did expect them to be angry and raging off at me, but just about everyone has been so kind. I honestly get tears in my eyes thinking about that. Thank you all.

I am sure I will be back and in full spirits again soon.

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  1. woah.
    i never knew it costed you $400 a month.
    im sure anyone would have pulled the plug by now.
    im sure you were a great host.

  2. I know all the problems caused by the upgrade and admired you in those moments, because you always were there having a kind word for ALL of us freaking out once and again. I am sure you will be soon the spirited Kya we all know.

    Love XX

  3. You know I’ll admire you forever, for everything you have done and always tried to do. You have always been honest in your words and have always tried your best, and I fully believe you made the right decision at the right time. :*) It is a sad time indeed, but at the same time I know my lovebum has learnt a lot and most if not all of your customers at TehLove respect your decisions continuously, and are happy with all you have given us. *pokes your inbox* There is my message for you.

    Thank you for giving everyone such an amazing service with TehLove while it all lasted, it was truly magical and we love you! 😀 Love you forever! I am always here for you, and I too know you will be back to your wonderful self again because that is what makes us truly happy.

    You always tried your hardest, lovest. *squish* And we will always love TehLove! 😀

  4. I hope you feel better soon. It is always hard to close a site that you put so much effort, time, and money into. You are a great hostess and web designer and you certanly don’t and shouldn’t deserve negative comments from others. Most likely, the people who have wrote all those things have never had to deal with the stress and all of the of work involved in hosting.

    You deserve the best.

  5. Oh Kya my cupcakes *huggles*, I was really sad to hear that TehLove was closing down – as everyone above has commented on, your service was fantastic. The web hosting world is like when a big evil witch taking over cupcake land and squashing all the cupcakes! The big monopolies out there only care about money andnot service, you have an exception with service and no one will know this, till they have hosted with you.

    I was on a web-hosting forum and there was a post about TehLove and I defended you like crazy 🙂

    Please don’t feel to bad about this because everyone knows that you have been a lovely host, not to mention a wonderful person!

    *leaves you with sparkles and rainbows*

  6. Oh my lovely, I’m sorry to hear about the closing of tehlove. I know how much it meant to you. Tehlove was loved by many and you did such a brilliant job with it. No one could have done better. It shall be missed. $400 is damn steep though.

    Keep smiling sweeting. We all love you lots and lots because you are teh best. Seriously.
    *snugglies* LOVE.

  7. Kya, you’re a doll for trying so hard to offer people a really great service, even to the detriment of your own finances and mental health. I’m not the first to say it, you’re a great person and what you did was fantastic. Kudos for trying so hard, I wouldn’t have had the stones to do it!

  8. Aw. ;_; I heard about it briefly, although I haven’t been around for a couple of weeks. =/ I’m sorry everything is stressing you out. I hope it all gets better soon, because believe me, I know how that can be!

    Best of luck! XD

  9. 400 dollars?! That’s just insane! Oh hon, you’re better off for now.. I know it was your dream but maybe someday you’ll be able to afford it? Or find a cheaper solution. I’m sorry for being so busy and not being able to chat via MSN with you! :C *huggles*

  10. Oh no! I hadn’t heard about this, and it IS big news! Wow, I am so sorry about this. 🙁

    And dude, everyone has been so supporting because you’ve been a great host (from what I hear), so you deserve the kind words and encouragement.

    *sends all my love*

  11. OMG didnt no it cost that much! :O
    is there no way at all you can stay!? I havent heard from you in a while hunni! Hope your alright and dont cry try and make money and carry on with what you love =] x

  12. hey kya, i bought through you, do you know how i can change my name server?? i’m sorry things didn’t work out!!!

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