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17 years

I have decided that I will be running a special at Tehlove, only for those that happen to stumble on this blog! Call it my treasued visitors offer, or just because I love you! 😀 So here it is;

If you order a Silver package valued at $35 a year, will only pay $25! That is 700mb of space and 11gb of bandwidth! But this only lasts to the end of this mounth, so you better get in soon! That is enough space to build a great big website filled with lots of pretty things, but you know what else? You can also add five more domains as add-on domains, perfect! Also, don’t forget that you get a free domain with this as well!

If you are interested, head over to and in the order form be sure to include! tehlove promotion – If you don’t add the following I will not know that you have seen the special here, and you will not get the special rates, so make sure to include it!

/end plug.

7 Responses

  1. :O
    That sounds awesome! Really tempting. I wish I had money right now just to purchase a plan. And just because it’s so damn tempting! Haha!
    Good luck! *squish*

  2. Awesome offer Kya! Darn, if only I need to order hosting! XD I’d wish you look, but I’m sure with an offer like that, you won’t need it! 😀
    And you’re right! No pox on you… unless you’d like one! XD

  3. That is truly tempting. I might… hmm. I don’t know. I do have so many ideas about websites & projects in my head and my current domain costs more than 25$/year and is 300mb /5gb bandwith (or something like that, can’t even remember)…and has only 3 MySQL databases.

    So, let me think about it 😉 One of the awfulness would be coming up with a nice domain name. I’m so out of ideas currently :P.

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