9 years

I decided to take up a online hobby that I used to enjoy, making fanlistings.

What is a fanlisting? If you are not sure what a fanlisting is, it is a fansite that you make for a particular subject and allow members to join from around the world. If a member has a website they can use one of the buttons or codes to place on their website and show they are a fan of something (keep in mind that this was before Facebook allowed you to like certain interests, activities and entertainment). You can choose to make a fanlisting for anything, or you can make something for a subject not listed at The Fanlistings Network and apply to have yours listed (or to make one for an available interest). If you have a fanlisting listed on The Fanlistings Network, you have to make sure you follow guidelines, such as allowing everyone to join and making sure you update the site every two months.

How did I get into fanlisting? I was approved for my first fanlisting in February 2004, over 11 years ago! :O From 2004 – 2010 (ish) it was an avid passion. Fanlistings inspired my love of website design and challenged me to create new designs for different subjects, as well as understand basic mechanics of PHP scripts. If I hadn’t found fanlistings, I don’t think I would have ended up making websites and I know for sure I would never have found many friends that are still very important to me (i.e one of my best friends, Nicole). After 2010 I adopted out and closed many of the fanlistings I owned, because of life events and lost interest at the time. I do wish I had of kept a few of them, but we all learn and grow through our choices.

Why did I want to start again? I decided to start making fanlistings now, because I missed being apart of the community. I missed making designs and sharing the joy that certain subjects bring. Making fanlisting designs is personally rewarding. Because I am working on a creative project that has a purpose. I don’t have to be serious about the design or highly critical of what I am making, so there is no pressure. I think now would be great time to feel inspired by website design again and feel confident enough to share my own designs, especially with university starting in July.

I opened my fanlisting collective Dazzle and enjoyed making the layout. It was made with Foundation to help with responsiveness (and I like the grid system). I can’t promise that it works 100% across all browsers/devices but it should mostly be okay. I hope that I can improve as times go on and even make something without using Foundation, but for now I am using it and there is no shame in that.

I won’t post updates on my blog about any fanlistings, they will be on my collective. I made this post to share a great concept and see where the future leads.

1. Have you ever made fanlistings?
2. If you currently make them, what is your collective?
3. Have you been a member of online communities?

* The featured image is the design that I made for my collective,

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  1. 1. Have you ever made fanlistings? I haven’t, I never really understood fanlistings to be honest, your post has taught me more than I ever knew in 10+ years πŸ˜›
    3. Have you been a member of online communities? Yes! mostly through forums and in games and things like that. I remember back in the day being a member of cliques and webrings though too.

  2. Oh, man, FANLISTINGS. I used to make them and even had a fanlisting collective, but not any more. I’m glad you decided to get back into them, though! Dazzle looks great, Kya! I love how its layout and its framework, Foundation, does look nifty ^^

  3. If I hadn’t found fanlistings, I don’t think I would have ended up making websites and I know for sure I would never have found many friends that are still very important to me

    Same! I made so many good friends, went through so many changes/life lessons as a person while being with The Fanlistings.

    I miss having Photoshop, I think I would start designing little things again if I did. Like icons, and capping my favourite shows. I really miss that.

    1. Oh man. Making icons was such a big thing. I met friends through that as well. The modern form of that is pretty much Instagram now. Adding filters, cropping. xD

  4. Yes, without fanlistings and Harry Potter.. Where would we be, Harry?! I have been thinking of giving up mine, but I am not sure I can do it. :/

  5. Oooo, I’m excited to see you back with fanlistings! πŸ˜€ I always loved your designs.

    1. Have you ever made fanlistings?
    Yep! I was really active in the community a few years ago but when their website shut down for a long time I lost interest. :/ It just seemed like the community died along with it. I’ve been considering getting back into them though!

    3. Have you been a member of online communities?
    I have. πŸ™‚ I enjoy them and think they’re a lot of fun, but I’m bad at remaining active in them. Entirely my fault, ha.

  6. Oh, I remember fanlistings! I used to own the Kevin Alves one, but I recently decided to move it over to a site, if only because it was much too static on my own site and wasn’t always easy for me to update it. What’s more, I got too lazy/didn’t have the time/patience to keep up with a fan base that mainly existed on Twitter to begin with. Because he was still new. Heh.

    I used to join a ton of them, but that was also a lot to maintain, and I guess I just got burnt out. I do think they’re fun, though I wish there was a way to actually connect with other fans in fanlistings wherein similar interests are shared, ’cause otherwise, it’s literally just a name on a page, with not much getting-to-know-each-other happening. πŸ™

  7. Sadly, I’ve never made a fanlisting before even though I’ve always wanted to make one. I’ve also never joined one before that I can recall…I’m definitely considering joining a couple if I can find ones for things that I love. As for being a member of online communities, I’m a member of The Quilting Bee which has a status of *shrugs*. I think the problem with most online communities is that life changes for people, so we lose interest. πŸ™

  8. I haven’t owned or joined a fanlisting in so long! That’s nice to see that the fanlisting network is still up and active πŸ™‚ That’s also great that it started your love for web design. I think I’ve only owned one fanlisting for an Anime character, and I closed it down long ago. Dazzle looks great, by the way!

  9. I use to own loads, many years ago but unfortunately I gave up on them when I lost interest in blogging.

    I feel that the fanlisting community has died a bit due to Twitter and Facebook. Fanlistings don’t allow people to really communicate with each other, its just a name and a link on a page.

    You could find a way to connect these people that’s part of the same fanlistings. Maybe use a twitter hash tag? Then people can follow it, tweet with it etc.

  10. It’s good to take up old hobbies again. πŸ™‚ I had two fanlistings once, but I could never get the script to work so I had to manually update the sites.

  11. First off, the layout at Dazzle is so, so perfect! I am having design envy right now! <3

    I miss fanlistings! I'm so happy you're doing it again because I loved your listings and designs! I actually still have two fanlistings but they're hosted at my Tom Hiddleston site ( and I'd like to get back into fanlistings but most of my friends from years ago are all gone πŸ™

    1. Oh! and I still have my beloved Casey Affleck fanlisting that you adopted out to me! <3 I think I might move those three to Waltz when I get the time ^__^

  12. Oh wow, I remember fanlistings. I used to be mad-crazy and run hundreds of the things. I hadn’t realised they still existed, which feels kinda kismet-y that the day after I decide to start blogging again, I hear about them again.. goodbye free time, hello fanlistings! πŸ˜€

  13. Oh gosh! Yes, I owned a fanlisting for my favourite band, Mansun. I think only about 30 people joined it, but I was so happy, and learnt so much from running it! I’m not a member of any anymore, but I might go back and join some. It was nice being a part of something.

  14. Oh wow… Fanlistings. XD I used to be involved in those when they were still big (aka my early teen years). πŸ™‚ Can’t recall which ones I joined since it’s been a pretty long time already.

    By the way, I love Dazzle’s layout!

  15. I remember being completely obsessed with fanlistings back in the day with (I think that’s the extension?) I also knew that it was really hard to get something approved, but I’ve had a few approved, but never bothered to get a second website for it. I always used a sub page for my fanlistings. However, I would get quite bored with them, as not many people would join mine.

    I’ve noticed lately, that you’re on a roll with the domains. How many do you have now? Nothing wrong with it. I only have two, one for my book reviewing (whenever, I can return that it will be there), and one for my life as a college student. I’m considering in getting a third, but I’m uncertain of it. I think it maybe a photoblog. Not sure yet.

    1. Have you ever made fanlistings?
    A. I’ve made fanlistings in the past, and joined a few as well.
    2. If you currently make them, what is your collective?
    A. I don’t have a collective at the moment. Too much of my time is taken with college.
    3. Have you been a member of online communities?
    A. Yes, forums and such.

  16. I have way, way too many fanlistings. I love all of them but I really should adopt some out just because of my lack of time (although I’m fairly good at taking care of my babies). It’s such an old fashioned fun web thing to do, I’m glad to see someone else having fun with it! Dazzle looks great!

  17. I owned 19 Fanlistings (backpacks, crushes, tabbed browsing…) and was a member of lots, too. I always enjoyed designing the layouts. I think I let them all “expire” from 2010 to 2012 where I wasn’t in the mood for anything online anymore.

  18. I love it!!! Made me more nostalgic about the earlier era of blogging when people are crazy over fanlistings! I don’t quite remember which ones I signed up with, but I believe a lot of my then blogger friends are huge fans of these. The buttons just feels endless!!!

  19. Very retro! I used to be into fanlistings. I had a couple of them. I’ve long lost interest though, I suppose because the community part of it wasn’t my draw. Good luck, and have fun! πŸ™‚

  20. 1. Have you ever made fanlistings?
    I used to be SO into fanlistings back in the day! I used to love the process of getting to create a new layout for each one. My first were from around 2002, though I don’t apply for any these days, I still have my collective and remaining FLs.

    2. If you currently make them, what is your collective?
    My collective still lives at Fanatically which links to all the current fanlistings I still own. Regretably, many still have very old designs that I’ve always wanted to find the time to go back and redesign. Maybe I’ll start tinkering and see if I can spruce a few of them up this summer. πŸ™‚ My oldest is the Michael Shanks fanlisting, I’ve had it since 2002. To this day my most sought after would still be Hugh Jackman. πŸ˜›

    3. Have you been a member of online communities?
    Mainly just TFL for fanlistings, although in recent years I found that I frequented less and less. πŸ™

  21. How did you hear about Foundation? Also, is it tough to use? This summer, I’m hoping to recode my blog and perhaps separate my online portfolio. Either way, I have a new vision for my site but I’m struggling to implement my ideas. I don’t want to take an existing WordPress theme and tweak it but I also recognize that I don’t have the coding knowledge to carry out my vision at this time. Thoughts?

    Have you ever made fanlistings?
    Nope, but Georgie was super into them and I liked reading about her process too. So I look forward to seeing them in your blog!

    Have you been a member of online communities?
    So many. I used to be a big fan of Neopets (I still think it’s great but don’t have time to dedicate to a virtual world). And back when Skeletons was around (it was a forum community for bloggers like us started by Tiffany from tiffanybee).

    Hope you’re doing well, Kya! (:

    1. I think I might have heard about it from Raisa. Once you become a bit familiar with how it works, it’s not very hard to edit and you can create your own designs with it. The grid in it is really cool. πŸ˜€

  22. Omg yes I owned and joined a bunch of fanlistings back in the day! I’m pretty sure I won’t be accepted to open up any new ones because I’ve kind of let them die while I was in university along with my old URL. Oops.

    And oh my god Enthusiast is still around :O ?! That’s so awesome, it’s like a blast from the past! I believe I used one of Jem’s old scripts for mine.

    Dazzle looks great! I love the design!

  23. OH MY GOSH. I loved fanlistings! I joined so many that I had a page dedicated to all the codes and buttons of the FLs I joined. I used to make a lot of them when I was young, too! That’s how I learned coding and web design as well. πŸ™‚

    I no longer have a collective and I have closed out some of the fanlistings that I used to own. I wish I kept them, though!

  24. I remembered back in 2011 when fan listings were everywhere!! I wonder what happened to them, or why they died out.. Maybe because I lost interest and then stopped paying attention to its existence *__*. I loved how people can be so creative with fan listings; it’s a great way to expand their creativity through web designing :D.

    I used to have a bunch of fan listings but they all went inactive eventually. I have a queue of projects to finish so if I ever start fan listings again, it’ll take a while!! But hopefully the community does sparkle up into something big!

    I’ve been a member of several online communities before. Most are short-lived, but I do have hope for some long-term ones πŸ˜€ *hint blogmatter *hint*

  25. I just came across your site after searching fanlistings because I was having a pang of nostalgia and wanted to see if they were still around. I think I owned about a total of 150 over the years and loved joining them. I really do miss it! Wouldn’t even know where to begin in building a site these days but yeah, good times!!

  26. Dazzle is looking dazzling! I love TFLs. It used to be a big thing to me. I love joining them and making new friends. I think my fondest memories were of finding TFLs owned by my favourite online friends/people.

  27. I used to join and make fanlistings! Until my website at the time was hacked, and I lost all my collective data. 😣But it’s something I’ve wanted to start up again very recently. I also used to be a member of a community known as ‘The Quilting Bee (Q*Bee)’, for pixel sharing.

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