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I finally managed to pick up my camera again and head outside. It has been a while since I had taken the time to explore with photography and this was a lot of fun to actually observe and shoot.πŸ“·

I have always had an interest in textures and wanted to take a set of photographs where I could show the different kinds of textures that were in my environment. I live in the country, so I am surrounded by a lot of trees and land. There are also old water tanks that have become weathered with age, and sheds that have become home to spiders and insects. I decided to edit them in black and white so there was some unity between all of them. If you decide to take photographs of the textures around you, I would love to see them!

img_2467Β img_2451Β img_2506Β img_2438Β img_2459Β img_2460


img_2440Β img_2465

If you want to view further photos, I uploaded more to my Flickr account.

  1. What textures are around you?
  2. What camera do you use?
  3. Do you prefer colour or black and white photography?