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9 years

The past week I have been helping someone I know setup a website. While taking photos for them, I decided to snap a few shots of things around me.

Be warned, this post is image heavy.









Usually I like to edit my photographs in Photoshop. This time I thought that they looked nice ‘natural’.

1. Do you ever take random photos of things around you?
2. Do you like using your phone or DSLR camera (or other)?
3. Where do you prefer to upload photos? (Instagram, Flickr or somewhere else)

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  1. DEATH CAP MUSHROOM! So poisonous, but such a pretty thing. buhuhu…

    I use a Samsung NX Mini with pancake lens. I don’t think I’d actually recommend it to anyone though, haha. I’m pretty sure every camera at the same price is much better, but it’s a cute toy and I’m in no way a fancy photographer anyways, so I’m content. B)

    And oh gosh, I’ve always used Photobucket for my website to save space. That ol’ dirty site is overflowing with so many ads now!

    But that’s awesome that you’re helping a friend build a website. I always try to hint at friends how satisfying it is to have one, hehehe.

  2. I love your photos! You have a good eye πŸ˜€ Every time I try to take random photos, it always comes out BAD for me X___X; Or maybe I’m just too picky.

    I take photos mostly with my phone because it’s convenient. I already have it with me, unlike my simple digital cam I have . . .

    I usually upload my photos on Instagram and sometimes Flickr. I should utilise Flickr more, but Instagram is, again, more convenient.

  3. Lovely pics!

    I’m awful at photography, I just don’t have the creative eye. I like taking snaps of strange or pretty things though, mainly on my phone for Instagram.

  4. Such nice photos! I have never seen a mushroom/toadstool like that.

    I used to take photos of random things when I first started using a camera. From there I just went on β€œphotowalks” where I just made sure I took my camera if I was going somewhere new, or even somewhere slightly familiar. That way I could take photos of whatever I wanted. πŸ™‚

    I don’t mind using my phone to take photos since the image quality can sometimes be really good. But I only have an iPhone 5c. πŸ˜› I upload things from my phone to Instagram, usually. Most of what I post on my blog is from my camera (I have a Canon 60D). I used to use Flickr but since I started a photoblog in 2009 (which is now dead haha), I just wanted to post photos on my own space.

  5. Gorgeous photos. I loved the mushroom pictures!

    Random photos are my favorite. I find that I don’t use my camera as much since having a camera phone is much simpler and I just don’t enjoy carrying around a camera anymore (less the better). I only use my camera on special occasions anyway.

  6. I really like your photos! I love to snap random pictures with my dslr. I usually just have my phone with me though, and even though it pains me to snap low quality photos I do that when I don’t have a camera and see something I love/ just meed to take a picture of.

  7. Beautiful photos! I use my phone’s camera really. I don’t know much about DSLRs but you are a good friend for helping out your friend. <3 Have a good rest of the week!

  8. That’s an interesting looking flower and mushroom! I especially like the 2nd photo of the mushroom. That’s nice that you got such clear blue skies in your photos πŸ˜€ When I was first learning my DSLR, I would go out every other weekend to take random photos. I’m lazier about it now, haha. I use my DSLR, compact camera, and phone – it just depends on what I’m taking the photo for. I use Flickr for my serious photos, and my Instagram is for my random phone photos. I also upload to Deviantart.

  9. love the random snaps! i love how even though you label them “random”, their composition is not “random” at all. i love the mushroom one best. it’s so cute! did you go to a nature-related place? because i’d love to find adorable looking mushrooms too but yea, it’s not something found on daily basis. when it comes to outdoor photography, i try not to edit too much since i think it’s gonna spoil the real face of what nature shows.

    1. yes i do but these random snapshots, these random objects that spontaneously capture my attention need to be interesting too. like, it’d be silly to take pictures of my shoes out of the blue just because i feel like it. i suppose in the end, i’m just really calculative even if it’s only for random snaps.

    2. i love using DSLRs of course; bigger sensor, bigger and better technical tweaks however, since my dslr is bulky, i sometimes rely on my phone camera which is why camera is one of the most important features i seek whenever i get a phone. which is why i picked sony

    3. i have flickr and instagram (and vsco) but i mostly upload to instagram. i’ll use flickr only sometimes (to avoid using too much space) and vsco if my mobile snaps are worthy enough. it just bugs me if my instagram’s filled with unnecessary “i’m posting this because i’m bored” posts LOL

  10. Awesome photos! Now that I think about it, I do take photos of a lot of random things. I mostly use my phone or mirrorless camera. I’ve never owned a DSLR and prefer mirrorless just because I can stick it in my bag or purse without much added weight. I mostly use Instagram and when I’m feeling “artsy,” I add my stuff to my vsco grid.

  11. Ooohhh… What pretty photos! :3

    1. Do you ever take random photos of things around you?
    Sometimes, to preserve memories. πŸ™‚ I think it’s fun looking back and seeing like, a photo of something you took- especially if it’s tied to an awesome memory.

    2. Do you like using your phone or DSLR camera (or other)?
    I use both. Personally, I’m not much of a photographer but sometimes using a DSLR is the way to go since I have a crappy phone camera.

    3. Where do you prefer to upload photos?
    I’m not really picky… I upload on Instagram, my personal Facebook account, and my blog.

  12. I love the photos of that mushroom! It’s so rare getting to see one “live”.
    I often shoot photos of random things, you never know when you need a picture of whatever, and I like photographing nice things around me. I only upload to my own site, I quit Instagram a long time ago, it only annoyed me. I use both the phone and the DSLR depending on the situation, where I am, when i take the photo, if I have the camera with me. When I travel I always have the DSLR, but it happens very often that I just take a picture when I’m on my way to the bus or the likes..

    1. 1. Do you ever take random photos of things around you?
      Yup, when I feel like it, I usually take a bunch of random pics. Hehe!

      2. Do you like using your phone or DSLR camera (or other)?
      I mostly use my phone since it’s handy, but I like to take pics with my DSLR better (especially for covering stuff).

      3. Where do you prefer to upload photos?
      I usually upload them on Facebook and Instagram. πŸ™‚

  13. Lovely photos! You have a great eye and the angles are really interesting too. My favorite photo is the one of the mushroom. I don’t see a lot of those over here πŸ™‚

    1. Do you ever take random photos of things around you?
    I do, when I feel like it or when I’m in an unfamiliar place. It’s my way of exploring the place as well!

    2. Do you like using your phone or DSLR camera (or other)?
    I have a Samsung NX300 which I use to take photos but right now it’s broken so I’m using my phone instead. I also have an Instax Wide and I take lots of photos with it too!

    3. Where do you prefer to upload photos? (Instagram, Flickr or somewhere else)
    I usually upload my photos on Instagram, then I just link my Twitter and Facebook accounts so they get posted over there too.

  14. I love the mushroom photo (second one) so much! They are all really pretty but there is something so majestic about mushrooms! Plus it reminds me of the Smurfs lol.

    1. I used to but my camera doesn’t work well anymore.
    2. My camera is old and I don’t have the money to replace it so I used my iPhone5
    3. I have my phone automatically synced to Facebook so they upload there, for now, till I run out of room.

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