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I love macarons. They are so beautiful, so tasty and just awesome in general.






Note: I didn’t make these myself. I have tried so many times, but cooking is not one of my “skills”.

1. What is one food you love for taste and appearance?
2. Have you ever had a macaron, what did you think?
3. Is there a food that you truly dislike?

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  1. I love macaroonsssssss…

    1. What is one food you love for taste and appearance?: Probably steak and venison. And also seafood — Specifically lobster, crabs, and clams…. And I could go on.

    2. Have you ever had a macaron, what did you think?: Yes, and I love the almond one. However, the ones I have had are very different from the ones you have. The American style, in general, is more like the following image (although a shop owner I know started making them like the ones you are used to):

    3. Is there a food that you truly dislike? Uh…. Nothing really rings a bell. Actually, no… I hate really obviouslly fake food.. Like fast food. However, I am also really not much of a fan of pasta.. Although, I have come to not hate it liked I used to.

  2. I love macarons!!! <3 <3 <3

    1) For taste, I have to say pizza; nothing's better than one made in a traditional italian "pizzeria" (pizza-only restaurant). For appearance, sushi; nothing looks so chich as some perfectly made sushi pieces. <3
    2) I ate macarons about three or four times – the first two they were bought by my parents during an holiday in Cannes, French riviera; I absolutely love them. <3 <3
    3) I'm very picky, so there's a lot of food I don't, but I think on top come mushrooms and too-much spicy food.

  3. Just read your comment on Citylights; thank you. πŸ™‚
    I’m glad, too, that my iPad 2 is fine now; let’s hope it doesn’t happen again.
    And I wish I could buy a new iMac, or ar least a MacBook, but I can’t even afford a new Windows laptop to watch DVDs on, let alone a new Mac. :'(

  4. Believe it or not, I’ve never tried macarons! LOL Those look gorgeous, though and I bet they are delicious!

    1. What is one food you love for taste and appearance?
    I would say lasagna. Both appearance and taste are something too good to describe it with words!

    2. Have you ever had a macaron, what did you think?
    Nope, but I bet they are delicious!

    3. Is there a food that you truly dislike?
    Raw meat, like carpaccio and similar.

  5. i’m extremely picky about macarons; they must not be too sweet that i need to gulp water for every bite i take. additionally, the macaron texture has to be good or i’d feel discourage LOL so far, the only macarons that fit my tongue are those from laduree while the others get too sweet that i’d rather eat other dessert instead. nonetheless, i agree that macarons are pretty indeed; very photogenic and colorful too.

    1. What is one food you love for taste and appearance?

    JUST ONE? this is impossible! hm, let see.. i will go with a dessert menu on this one just because dessert is more important to me than main course (though i love and care about some others as well – i just can’t choose! all food appearance matters to me so much)… ANYWAY, i’ll go with mille crepe cake. the layers need to be perfect and the texture too; also, not too much cream please but not too dry either xD

    i get discourage so easily by bad food styling πŸ˜›

    2. Have you ever had a macaron, what did you think?

    yup. i think they’re….average. they’re not in my top 5 dessert picks and i think they’re kind of overrated? lol

    3. Is there a food that you truly dislike?

    anything with durian flavor in it. anything with durian. i hate durians so much. i dislike its smell so so much haha and i cringe over durian ice cream -__-;;

  6. For taste and appearance I love any sort of cake. Cakes are just edible works of art. πŸ˜›

    I have never had a macaron before but I am dying to try one, and may be even attempt to make some.

    The only food that I can think of that I really dislike is avocado. I just hate the texture.

  7. I guess I haven’t tried those macaroons yet. I keep seeing different ones. Apparently, the ones that I have tried are at Starbucks, and I guess they could be imitation? Not entirely sure.

    1. What is one food you love for taste and appearance?
    I can name several. I love pizza, french fries and soda (not the healthiest, but sometimes you just have to go with your cravings).
    2. Have you ever had a macaron, what did you think?
    Like I stated above, I had a macaroon, but it could have been an imitation one. It did not look like the pictures you posted.
    3. Is there a food that you truly dislike?
    There is only one food dish that I truly dislike and that is Liver and Onions. I absolutely hated it when my grandmother made it for us one night. I was picky as a kid, but I grew out of it, and thank God I did! She and my father did teach me to eat my veggies at an early age, so I’m very thankful for that as I love them! Just liver and onions — GROSS!!! I will refuse a plate and go to bed hungry if that was put in front of me. Yuck!

  8. Macarons are literally the cutest cake-thing I’ve seen. I find their a bit too sweet for me but i buy them anyway because they are pretty… B)

  9. These macaroons look so cute and delicious! I heard macaroons are pretty hard to make so maybe that’s why it’s expensive :o! I only had macaroons once and it was okay; though I’m not a fan of raspberry. I should try a different flavor next time!

    I love sprinkle’s cupcakes for its taste and appearance. There’s something about their cupcakes that makes me happy, XD. And as for food I truly dislike………. I never ate stinky tofu before but I smelled it in one of the egg rolls I ordered once and I got so repulsed thinking someone spit in it. … ;~;

  10. 1. What is one food you love for taste and appearance? EEee…Lemon Meringue Pie!
    2. Have you ever had a macaron, what did you think? I had some really posh ones I loved. Craving some more!
    3. Is there a food that you truly dislike? Butter! EW x_x

    Jenny of Penned by Jenny

  11. I love macarons, though what I think of as a macaron is slightly different:

    I love the pictures though! They do look tasty.

    1. I think peanut butter is one of my favorites. I have no idea how to describe why so I am not gonna try.

    2. I googled it and found pictures and descriptions of the ones you have pictured and they sound great. It says they are usually made with sugar and almond or coconut. I am allergic to almonds so that’s out lol. But I love coconut and the ones I like are made with chocolate, coconut and oatmeal and I love them.

    3. Too many to name. I am a huge texture person. Certain textures make me gag or feel sick so I avoid certain things, like slimy, even if a food is not actually slimy if it looks it my brain seems to be fooled and I gag when trying to swallow it. Oysters are a good example (in one way, I am allergic too lol) but I know raw they could be considered slimy but cooked I am told not so much but I can not get it out of my brain and therefore wont try. I blame my parents lol. If I had a dollar for every time growing up I would hear my mom say “oh don’t give her that she will not like it” without me ever having tried it… not going to do that to my kids, luckily they learnt with the second one…

    1. Actually, Kirsten, those are two completely different desserts πŸ™‚ macaroons, the ones you posted, are made with coconut. Macarons, the ones posted by Kya, are made with almond. They’re not the same at all, though I know a lot of people can get tangled up with the Os and the pronunciation. Macarons are also a bit harder to make.

  12. Oh my gosh. I’ll never forget the first moment I tasted a Macaron πŸ˜€ I got a caffeine flavored type when I went to visit a store down in Toronto two years ago. I seriously wish that they had a store here in my town. I’d go on a spree, haha!

    1- It’s definitely Chocolate. Hands down. πŸ™‚
    2- (Pretty much answered above)
    3- Peanut Butter and anything peanut related. (Please don’t hate me! x_x )

  13. Macaroons look so adorable! I’ve never actually had one, before. Is it any good? And the food I really enjoy right now would be oatmeal with berries in it. I LOVE blueberries. :] :] :]

  14. I also love macaroons! I love them mostly for their appearance but they dont taste that bad either. Theyre really hard to make so I wouldnt hold that one against you. Theres this dessert in my country that I really love, its called Silvanas. Theyre not too sweet and best had when frozen. Its like a cake but covered in crumbs, inside is meringue and cream and nuts it tastes heavenly! I’m not very picky with food but my dad me eat this icky soup when I was young, I was traumatized!! O_O

    1. It is so bad when you are forced to eat something as a child. You never really get over it and tend to avoid that forever. You can’t make us like itttttttt.

  15. 1) I think everything which has been cooked well works for me. I love fish so I say any grilled/barbequed sort of fish gets me weak at the knees, for example. oven-baked salmon!

    2) I have tried macarons, they are okay, but I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so usually one is enough for me. The best macarons I ate were in France.

    3) Is liquorice food?

  16. I have never had macarons, but I’ve always wanted to make them.

    I think the food I love for both taste and appearance is a simple stuffed shell. In general there’s just something about pasta covered in cheese, but with a stuffed shell you know there’s so much goodness held within that pasta. I plan to make a whole box of shells into stuffed shells just to freeze them.

    A food I dislike…does meat count since I don’t eat it? haha. I honestly do not like coconut meat, anything flavored coconut (coconut water, coconut milk, etc) I’m good with. But when it comes to eating coconut…I just can’t. It reminds me of hair for some reason.

  17. Mmm! Those pictures are mouth watering!

    1. What is one food you love for taste and appearance?
    Chocolate. |)

    2. Have you ever had a macaron, what did you think?
    Yes. Their texture is unlike anything else! I like to see chefs experiment with different flavours!

    3. Is there a food that you truly dislike?
    Raw onion! It gives me stinky dragon breath!

  18. Macarons are so gooood but I don’t know how to make it. haha. I’ll try to learn soon, probably. I’m not a desert lover but the only cake I will eat is anything that has a coffee in it.

    Food that I dislike.. hmmm.. Lady Finger I guess because of its slippery texture..

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