Into the Clouds

☁️ Into the Clouds

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From the lookout I observe above, roaming free across an ocean sky. Into the clouds, I wander. Where thoughts collide, and eagles fly.

Intro The Clouds

Intro The Clouds

Intro The Clouds

Intro The Clouds

Intro The Clouds

Intro The Clouds

The following photographs were taken from a lookout in the small country town I reside, while my father and I were observing a bushfire. You can view more pictures on my Flickr account, which also include landscapes.

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  1. These are beautiful sky photos! They look like paintings. Nature is truly a work of art. I only get to see this kind of view of the clouds when I’m up on the airplane!

  2. I haven’t been online in quite some time. First I must say that I really like your new blog, and layout. I still use a moniker of my friend/middle name simply because I’ve never liked nor enjoyed my first name(Shannon). I also love the colours you’ve chosen! I also love the teal/mint colour, and luckily its popular at the moment so easy for me to find in stores!

    I think these photos of clouds are amazing. At present I don’t have a good enough camera for taking anything too detailed. I always enjoy looking at photos all of you bloggers take though. They’re always beautiful!

  3. I love the feel that photos of clouds give. They are all different from different angles, too, and the fact that you had the wake of a bushfire really gave the photos some appeal too. ☁️☁️

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