Happy Australia Day from a Kangaroo friend

10 years

Happy Australia day to all Australians out there from me and my Kangaroo friend.

You may ask, why is there a Kangaroo in my yard eating bread? Well the story is that dad was feeding birds outside, and the Kangaroo kept looking at the bread. So dad threw him some and he loved it. That was a few days ago, and he would have a little bit each morning. But today was different. Dad gave him the little bit of bread, but the Kangaroo wanted a lot more. I went outside to look at him and he kept getting closer and closer. He then jumped away (and I felt slightly less nervous) but the next minute he comes around the corner on the veranda (so I ran inside). He has stayed around the house all day, keeps looking for us and comes closer when he hears my mums voice. We gave him some more bread, thinking that maybe he would have that and go away, it didn’t work. I don’t really want to give him anymore, because I want him to wonder off and eat, you know, Kangaroo food like grass. We nicknamed him Norman, but then that name somehow became Denis.


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  1. Haha, aww! Lovely photos. 😀 Norman aka Denis aka Kya’s Kanga-dude knows he’s living the life of bread-luxury here, yo! Bless your dad for not wanting to ‘leave him out’. XD <3

  2. Happy Australia Day!

    Hazhha, I love how this entry changed so quickly. Norman/Dennis is very cute. What name will he have next? Normis? Dennan?

    He is cute, and it is sweet that he kept trying to get closer.. But I understand why you wouldn’t want that.

  3. Happy Australia Day!

    It makes me sad that Kangaroos look so cute, but they are aggressive. Hope it went away eventually for non-bread type activities 🙂

    1. Denise who is now Denise (haha) is really cute. But it’s good to be cautious because you never know what they might do. >.<

  4. This is the cutest things I’ve read all day. You are quite brave to have taken these pictures, I wouldn’t have been this brave. Your dad is really cool and I think you have a nice caring family. Can your mom sing? She sure sounds like she has a great voice seeing that the Kangaroo recognises it.

    1. Thankfully I had a lens that can zoom in a bit, so I wasn’t that close. I still wanted to keep a good distance away. xD

      My mum does have a nice singing voice. 😀

  5. Aw that’s adorable. I’ve never seen a kangaroo up that closely before. I think it’d be fascinating having a different set of wild animals around that I could see on a somewhat normal basis. All I have here are deer, bunnies, squirrels, gophers, etc. They’re cute, too though 🙂

    Happy Australia Day!

    1. It is good that there are different levels of normal and that we can all see something different. Because what I see and can photograph is different to you. I think deer are so beautiful and majestic! 😀

  6. I was wondering why there was a picture of a kangaroo up there! But that is pretty cool to say the least! I love all animals, but I don’t blame you one bit for being scared. They are strong creatures. The only thing I can suggest is to stop feeding him, and maybe he’ll go away (eventually). But still pretty cool; nonetheless.

    RE: Yeah, I may not get all A’s, but I’m gonna try my hardest to get at least A’s and B’s. I’ve never did my best when I was in high school. I just did what I could to get by and to graduate. Here in the states the laws have changed to graduate. But back when I went to high school we had to pass FOUR proficiency tests – Math, Reading, English, and History. I passed them one by one, but I could not pass the math one. I finally did in my senior year and I hated math because it gave me stress. Now I actually do math for fun when I’m wanting to challenge my brain. I have my boyfriend to thank for that. Especially since I have a lot of free time before school starts to read books, and to learn math. However, when I go to school, I have to work myself up the ladder. But that can be done. I did it in high school I could do it in college. So yeah – I do agree that sometimes we don’t always get the grades we want, but I’ll be sure to try very hard.

    1. We have been cutting down on the food that we were giving her and she hasn’t been around as much. She was starting to get quite aggressive. :S

  7. Awe, Denis is so cute! I would be jumping up and down if I had a kangaroo in my yard! I get all psyched just seeing a deer in my yard! lol! Awesome photos!

  8. You have kangaroos around your house? That’s so cool! That’s an incredibly large animal to have wandering around your house. I can see why you might have hid inside while he was pouncing around. That’s interesting that they like bread. Now that I’m thinking about it, what do kangaroos normally eat? 😛

    1. They can grow quite large. It’s pretty normal for me, for them to be around. There used to be common cattle that would also roam around (and sometimes come into our yard) and they are a lot bigger. xD

      Kangaroos mainly eat grass, I think they will eat some berries and plants too. 🙂

  9. Haha Happy Australia Day! The kangaroo looks so cute but I can only imagine him to be vicious deep down lol. Maybe he has a family he needs to provide for hence his sudden hunger! But that’s funny that he keeps coming back, you should just take him in as a pet!

  10. I could’ve sworn I had left you a comment. But here is my reply to your comment:

    RE : I’m not studying yet. So for the time being – I am reading as much as I can (Neurology, Health, and Fiction). When I do go to school, I will mainly focus on studying for good grades. If I happen to make a friend or two – awesome. But the main objective of myself going back – is to get those grades and that diploma!

    Happy belated Australia Day to you too! I showed my boyfriend’s Grandparents your pictures of the kangaroo. I told them that it wandered into your backyard and your dad was feeding birds so he decided to feed the kangaroo too. The Grandmother went nuts over the pictures. I guess they’re a hit over here. :). I like them too.

  11. AWW how cute! Hopefully he goes to eat lots more Kangaroo food, but at least he savored the goodness of sliced bread, haha. And…despite the fact that he became Denis…in my opinion he does indeed look like a Norman. LOL 🙂

  12. Hahaa that’s so great, the photos look amazing. I love how people think this happens all the time in Australia, like there’s kangaroo’s just chillin’ in the middle of every road you drive up or whatever. Every time there was ever a kangaroo in my yard I would get just as excited as an American would 😛

    Also in reply to your comment on my last post, yes I have a goodreads account! https://www.goodreads.com/kaylargh

  13. My word is this adorable! Such an awesome experience. I want to see a kangaroo…from a distance lol.
    Happy Belated Australia Day!

  14. Aw. I’d be worried if giving him too much bread would give him tummy problems.

    We have wild rabbits that run around our backyard. And one time we had a raccoon in one of the trees.

    1. I have been worried about that, so thankfully we have tried to reduce and not give her anything else. A raccoon would have been cool to see (at least for me) xD.

  15. Man, I always get so weird when stray/wild/unknown animals are around my house (not that it happens often, usually just get cats we don’t recognize) because I never feel comfortable feeding them in case they become dependent, but then I also don’t feel comfortable having them at my doorway watching me try to ignore them. I hope everything works out with this little buddy!

    I hope you had a good Australia Day!

    1. It is a bit of a hard thing to try and figure out what is best. We have that problem is stray cats wonder to our house as well. But with the Kangaroo I think I know what is best. 🙂

  16. I’m jealous, lol. I want a kangaroo! I know it sounds like an awesome idea but logically I realize I’m probably insane. On a separate note, a old friend of mind ended up with a pet squirrel who would come to her back door because she would leave nuts out for him. I’d say if you stop feeding him, he’ll probably stop coming around but I understand the desire to feed him. Good luck!

  17. Ahhh cute!! Happpy Kangaroo day to you as well. I love Australian animals, especially koalas, platypus (platypi? what is its plural?), & quokka. HOLY adorable is the quokka my new fav.

    I was just going to ask you if it’s even allowed or if there’s some sort of law forbidding civilians from feeding the wildlife because I’m glad you just let it try to forage for the bugs & grass it normally eats. But if Norman/Dennis comes back for more, you’ve a new pet!!

    1. There definatly could be something, because they do need to make sure that they can fend for themselves, and I certainly want it to be able to live a normal kangaroo life. 😀 Thankfully she has wondered off for a while and is hopefully doing roo things too. I do miss her a bit though. >.<

    1. They can be. But I think that is more when they are protecting themselves. But they can become territorial and aggressive. She was starting to get a bit that way, so we had to stop feeding her. Well, we had to cut it down at first. xD

    1. No, not the wild ones. They are usually very scared and can become aggressive if you invade their space, so you have to be careful. The ones at the zoo are different, but even then I would be careful. Like any animal, they have instincts and will react to them.

      1. VHAT?! Those kangarvross vill be kicking you and jabbing you wiff their sharp claws. They are like the boxers ov the animal vorld. I should be knowing, since I vas the vormer Care ov the Magical Creatures teacher.

    1. I have to agree they really are. When you can take the time to really watch them, they are so interesting. I love when the scratch there bellies too. >.<

  18. Aww, Denis is cute! I used to feed stray cats around our neighborhood and I got so attached. We also had monkeys in our hometown, but I didn’t like them at all.

    1. I have heard about wild monkeys and I would be scared of them too, eek. I can’t stop myself from helping animals that might need food. I feel really sorry for them. *snuggles them*

  19. Kangaroos are awesome! So cute! (:

    I noticed you didn’t make this layout, that is odd. You always make your layouts, at least that I can remember. 😛
    I’ve always loved your layouts, too. I can’t wait to see a new one from you in the future!

    Happy Australia day!

    1. I haven’t really made a layout for my blog in some time, so wanted to use something else until I felt more comfortable with making my own again, which I might eventually.

      Thanks. 🙂

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