Scanography: Order and Chaos

Analogue Photography

Over the last few months, I studied the exciting class of Analogue Photography (PHT115) at CSU. I was captivated by learning about the history of photography and experimenting with analogue and alternative photographic processes.

The class was divided into three major assessments, where I examined the camera obscura, cyanotypes and scanography. I received a high distinction as my final grade, and I am excited about continuing my journey with analogue and alternative creation.

The Camera Obscura

For this assessment, I created a pinhole camera obscura. I designed the camera out of cardboard and added a few design touches to resemble a ‘real’ camera. When viewing through the back of the camera with the tracing paper, you could see what was in front of you, projected upside down.

Camera Obscura Photographs

I had mixed results, and I could have created some better photographs with more time and planning.


There is something magical about cyanotypes. I found that creating them intensified my admiration for the medium of photography. I created my cyanotypes with a Sun Print kit and Cyanotype Kit (which contained chemical solutions). The chemical solution had much better results, and it was worth the time to mix the chemicals, coat the paper and make the prints.

Cyanotype Experiments

You can view more cyanotypes on my portfolio.

A View In Blue: Cyanotypes in the Garden

This book was created as part of an exploration of photographic processes that influence and invigorate visual narratives. The creation of the cyanotypes is inspired by the amazing work of botanist and photographer Anna Atkins.

For the assessment, I created a book that examined all the different plants in my garden. I decided to use a Photoshop plugin to illustrate scans of the objects so the viewer could have a visual reference of the plants. I know that the series could have been better, but unfortunately, I ran out of the chemical solutions and used the Sun Print kit for the book. I also decided to challenge myself and made a physical version of the book, it’s not perfect, but it’s great to have in my collection.

You can view the entire book on my portfolio.


While browsing alternative photographic processes, I was instantly drawn to scanography. It offered a mix of magnified seeing and the potential for unrestricted creation.

Because I loved this process so much and I intend to keep making scanograms, I created a website and Instagram to share my work.

Scanography Experiments

You can view more experiments on my portfolio and scanograms website.

Scanography: Order and Chaos

The imagery within Scanography: Order and Chaos reflects the fragility of human experience and how the veil between order and chaos is entwined in a visual archive influencing our understanding and perception of reality.

You can view the entire book on my portfolio and scanograms website.

Other Experiments

Pictorialist Inspired Photography

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Macro Shapes and Abstractions

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  1. Hey Kassy, long time no see. I love your scans and photos! I’m not artistically talented in that manner, but I love seeing other people enjoy and use their talents. You’ve gotten really good at varying photography styles 🙂

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