You laugh, you cry

15 years

If anyone has been following me on twitter or live Journal you will probably know that the last few days have been pretty hard for me. My Poppy had a fall and was taken into Hospital. The Hospital kept doing everything wrong and sent him home again. He is improving, but let me tell you I have been sleeping very little and had so much worry loaded on my mind I will be happy when I can settle down a bit. I have stayed with him these past several nights, because I have to make sure he is alright. I felt terribly guilty that he fell the night I was home having a break. Always the way isn’t it?

I feel strangely out of touch at the moment. Like I am forgetting everything and floating along invisibly. I know that is not true in part. I think I do need to find some way to bring happiness in after so much tragedy and stress this year. It has been another one. I guess that happens for most people and when you are caring for elderly people you have to expect it on some level. The emotional tremor is like a whip or razors.

Nanowrimo started again. I just don’t feel up to it right now. Maybe I will feel inspired again during the month, but it’s not looking too good. Another year, another fail. x|

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  1. I replied to this via LJ, but what the hell! Have more huggies! – Not the diapers sort obviously, because I’m sure you are potty-trained! ;D *hugshugs* (That reminds me of the time I went to the bathroom by myself and attempted to balance on the seat, I fell straight into the toilet – Oh dear. Cold toilet water on the bum wasn’t pleasant! :x) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Hi there! Dropped from your hosting site to your site!

    Omg… I feel for you dear 🙁 Both my grandparents took a fall last week and it has been hard, going to the hospital but now they’re better! But am worried for my grandpa… Hope he’ll get better really! He’s really acting like a child with Alzheimer’s onsetting I think 🙁

    Hope your Poppy’s okay!! *hugz*! I’ll pray for him!

  3. It’s natural for you to worry about your Pop. *hugs* I don’t really like the nature of hospitals and their service is not very good. I hope he gets better and that next time something happens you will be there. Obviously, he is more important than NaNoWriMo. Cheer up – soon things will start looking up. 🙂

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