“You know, I have one simple request. And that is to have sharks with freakin laser beams attached to their heads!”

19 years

I thought I should blog it has been a little while. I don’t really have that much to say other then the fact I have exams next week. They are for my HSC and they are important so I should probably know the correct date and time… opps :blush:

I scanned some more patches for dad tonight. I am making him a website and we made a deal that for every patch I scan I get $1 so far I have scanned about 40 patches. He has over 3000 but I think he will probably only want about 300 on his website so it’s all good to me ;D

I still think my Labret piercing is kewl, It was a bit weird to speak at first and eating was a little difficult but I am used to it now and everything it sweet.

I will return all the comments now, thanks guys <33333

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  1. Holy sheet! The fricking sharks with the fricking laser beams on their fricking heads are shoosting at us! Fajars can you hear us?! Oh now this is interesting.. They are listening to a king Rock Sucker who has been dubbed Marty Casey. 😮 Oh now this makes sucks (I mean sense, woops) The fricking sharks with the fricking laser beams on their fricking heads are actually shoosting at the suck suckers, sorry for the scar Ruby. (I mean scare, but the fricking laser beam having sharks apologize for the scar too.) (: Anyway, good luck Kya. I hope you do a most excellent job! Wow… 😮 He does have a lot of patches! I was going to try to find him one of the newer versions but there was a lot going on at the Firehouse on Saturday.. BUT hopefully he likes the other stuff. (: That?d be a heck of a lot of money if you did them all, wow. I understand you need to make money some way, and it is nice of him to pay you for your work. 😀 I still think your Labret piecing is cool too! Dude 36 days, but it probably will happen before that. 😮 I cannot wait to, well you know what.. 😉 If you don?t send me an e-owl or e-IM and I ill explain it to you, just keeding you know what?s going on, yep you do. 😀 I suck because I like Fenrir, blah blah blah *let me speak in a different language and insult someone when I can?t understand English and end up blabbing about stuff that the person didn?t even write about. And allow us to agree with the person who does not understand what the original person said in the first place, because the part that was read was twisted, either by stupidity or another kind of stupidity so they could form an army of stupid people who are completely missing the point because they suck suck!* Phew. *Hi excuse me do you know where the drinks are?* Uh?. You watched me boy don?t pretend you didn?t see where I got it you sneaky little Hobbit! Who are you and oh my god Lucy in the Sky with diamonds! :O Hmmm… A sign perhaps? I ordered the supplies by the way. :O :O :O *Trots out like a brain washed prostitute show pony*

  2. Hi there! Nice site, it looks great =)
    Exams. Ew. I have a few coming up this week and next. Oh well.
    I think it would be hard having a labert piercing…well for me at least!

  3. Aww that’s good that you got back to normal and stuff. Ooh a dollar for each!! Hmm you’ll have some good money at the end 😉 Good stuff.

    Well good luck on your exam and hope everything is well with you 😀

  4. So. Here I am at last, finally visiting The Famous Kya!! 😛 Lovely site dear. Thanks for your rocking comment on my site. :(:: Anyway. Yes, you probably should figure out those exam dates. Hehe. Good luck with the exams. Blahhh. Tests pretty much STINK. :dead: What do you mean by ‘patches’? I’m envisioning Girl Scout type patches, but I dunno if that’s what you mean. You get money though, so hurray for that. 🙂 I meant to comment on your last entry but I kept forgetting. Silly me. I’m glad your piercing didn’t hurt too much. Considering the screaming lady.. haha. 🙂 Also, I wanted to tell you that I’ve got the Simple Plan CD. Which totally rocks, yunno. :cute: Alrighty. See you laterrr gator.

  5. hahaha you sounds like me, i never know deadlines and when i should be places for important things till the last min.

    sweet thats a nice little wage you will get from making the site for you dad:) my dad wouldnt pay me anything lol

    ahhh you’ve made me want to get my Labret peirced even more now! how rude hehehe kiddin 😛 i do want it peirced though hehe


  6. That’s awesome how you get a buch for each patch you scan. That sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Hee hee. Glad your still liking your labret. I can imagine it being hard to talk and eat with it at first.
    Anyway, take care! :heart:

  7. That’s a nice way to earn some cash. I feel sorry for your dad if you do reach 3000 scans though. 😛

    The piercing looks awesome. 🙂 I know someone who got a piercing just above her upper lip; though she did it herself. :O She had just gone to the dentist and decided to take advantage of the novacaine. 😛

    Take care.

  8. Thanks for adding me so quick! 😀 Love the quote at the start of your blog, very funny! I haven’t watched that movie in too long! hehe

  9. Lol Kya, good luck on the exams! :heart: thinks of good things… like Draco’s socks :yummy: Harhar. Good luck with your dad’s patches (??). What’s the website for? His job? And your new piercing is uber uber cool. The pics are awesome. Love, Noa. (PS. I changed me layout and it is now of a HP theme ;])

  10. Exams are always such a bummer. I hate taking them. Who doesn’t? Heh. Well, good luck on them. Study hard! By the way, what a clever way to make money. I was going to make a website for my dad, but I couldn’t figure out what type of coding he wanted, so that just all goes down the drain.

  11. wohoooo get Da Money. actually I think it’s rather tiring and monotonous, but anywhooo you got more money, which is a good thing. GOOD luck on the exams hun, I’ll be praying for you too. <3

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