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19 years

I don’t really know what is going on at the moment it’s full of sillyness. I visted my nanna she seems rather good but my other nanna isn’t as good. She has a lump in her throat and they are not sure if it is a gouta (sp) or if it’s cancer. That is so scary I don’t know what to think it upsets me, I just hope things will be ok!

I felt really strange yesterday, I put this foundation on and my skin had a big reaction to it :'( stupid sensitive skin bugger. I think it made me feel sick which suced because I wanted to go to sleep and I actually had sleep this time har har.

I tried to ring one of my teachers about Work Placement but she wasn’t there, I really want to get stuck into doing it again. But I have to find out about the paperwork so I e-mailed her instead 🙂 I did want to talk to her then I feel more like I am going to do it, it’s ok i’m weird :S

Well I better go and eat something now, see yo’ll laters 😀 Take care!!

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  1. That?s good news about your one nana, but I?m very sorry to hear about your other nana. I think you may mean — goiter? If so my dad used to get them a lot as a kid, he had surgery to remove the big one (He may have had other ones removed but I don?t know for sure.) he?s got a scar but other than that it was easily rectified. I a very much hoping that that?s all it is and not cancer. It sounds like it could be only a goiter, my dad got his on the side of his neck. So yeah. I really hope your nana pulls through okay! Sorry about that foundation. Sensitive skin does suck big time. I?m pretty sensitive as well, to all kids of things, it?s annoying! Is it any better now? Sorry about your dad, ummm so he said he would pay for the phone or something? Yeah it?s kind of hard, even if I?m mad at my dad I make sure not to leave angry or let him leave angry. I hope it all works out for you. That second to last paragraph kind of confused me, sorry. Anyway, hope it all works out for t the best! Have fun eating, bye! 😀

  2. *squishes you lots* Im sorry to hear that your nana isn’t doing too well. I know how you feel. I hope she gets better though and that the lump isn’t something serious. I have sensitive skin too 🙁 there isn’t much I can put on my face without it all getting itchy and blotchy :S its so unfair. I hate having sensitive skin!
    luff yous 😀

  3. My goodness! I hope that your nana is going to be fine…

    Whoa your dad isn’t talking to you over the phone? Strange…I suppose papas a always strange xD Don’t think that something will happen to him at work and he’ll die. Just hearing that makes me sad…Just try and talk to him and do the things you normally do with him 🙂

  4. I hope that your grandmothers lump turns out not to be cancer.

    I hope you and your dad work out everything with your phone.

    That foundation doesn’t sound very good at all. Hope that it din’t make you feel very sick that that you feel better asap.+

  5. Hiya Kya *hus* :heart: Aww! thats sad bout ur dad not talking to u and the skin thingy… 🙁

    I hope u find ur placement details, soon, 🙂 hehe, iv had enough of that work experience..

    Good luck with urs! Taake care xx

  6. aw.. poor you. *hugs* lest hope it’s not cancer, or anything else, and that it’ll go away soon!
    your dad’ll probably get over it soon (hopefully) he can’t stay that way forever.. (hopefully.. :P) *hugs again*

    I’m hungry.
    toodles :heart:

  7. aw.. poor you. *hugs* lest hope it’s not cancer, or anything else, and that it’ll go away soon!
    your dad’ll probably get over it soon (hopefully) he can’t stay that way forever.. (hopefully.. :P) *hugs again*

    I’m hungry.
    toodles :heart:

  8. I’m using my real name, go me! ^__^
    Sorry to hear about your nan =( I have sensitive skin too: but it seems we all do 🙂 I hate touching things that are sharp… makes me shudder, even when I’m watching other people do it. Oh and yes – go Jeremy! *dances*

  9. awww hun im sorry to hear about your nana, but im sure everything will be ok 🙂 keep ur spirits high. my gran had thyroid cancer last year and she had it treated with radiation and it all turned out good :blush:. not talking to your dad? i hate not talking to the ‘rent’s. i hope that all improves too. take care

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