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16 years

The site is acting weird at the moment, so I apologise to anyone that has visited and found a blank page. It really is starting to annoy me and I hope my host Surpass can help me. >:

I have a question, that I hope people may be able to help me out with. I currently host fanlistings and fanlisting collectives at Fan Magic, but I have been feeling that it would be fun to host more people (for blogs and random other things), and what is the coolest domain to host people on, well of course a .nu! But, I need a name for such a domain, so I am open to peoples suggestions because it will be about other people.

Comment with your ideas on the type of domain you would want to be hosted on. For instance, you get the drill! 🙂 You can tell me a name, or a general direction! There are many .nu domains avaliable so I am sure a suitable name can be found.

I know I have a lot of things to do, but sometimes you get these ideas and know they would be a lot of fun, plus help others as well. I do love to host people and learnt that paid hosting was not my thing, but free hosting is just as fun without the stress and hassle of having money involved! I still care about the people I host as much as if they were paying customers. :wub:

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  1. hahaha I have like a list of .nu’s in the back of my head for if I ever make it rich. 😛 However, I don’t know how many of them are like domain hosting appropriate. Most of them are more like…personal…esk? Like and (beauty, not twilight…for once. ;D). I shall think for you though, since I’m pretty much stuck in bed until like Wednesday more than likely. I have PLENTY of time. haha

    PS. Since you gobbled me… *tackle* 🙂 You’re making my recover a lot easier with your randomness. haha

  2. (Late: GREAT LAYOUT! *parties* I’m slow, but I was being lazy; I love the layout and the design, and of course, the footer! I’m a great fan of fabulous footers, indeed. :D)

    Every now and then, every time I visit one your sites (especially and it’s always down. 🙁 I don’t whether it’s my internet connection or Surpass, but it’s happened quite a lot the past two months or so. I hope Kya(.nu) stops acting weird!

    I like the whole idea with a new hosting site. I think you should keep the magic theme, sort of like or something (hopefully not as atrocious), as that definitely promotes it a little? I do love the idea, though, I think it’s so great you do what you do. I’m seem so selfish when I think about, aha!

    Tess last blogged: Irritation is Sometimes Insanity.

  3. ^ Oh! I just wanted to respond to Tess because I’ve been having that same problem, but I thought it was just my internet acting up. Every once in a while, your sites all go down. 🙁 It has been doing that for a while with me. Back when I just started coming back to web design like in mid-September I noticed your sites going down, but like I said, I thought it was just me.

    Perhaps Surpass is having problems? I was hosted by them years ago and they would some times have those problems. Good luck, Kys! (yea, I decided to start calling you “Keys” for some reason…I don’t know…haha)

  4. Good thing I haven’t encountered any blank pages. I hope your hosting problem will be fixed. 🙁

    Yes! I agree! Its so fun to host people for free. Because I was once like them and I totally know how it feels when you’re hosted. LOL. Its kind of exciting tbh.

    I have no idea for a name, so sorry about that Kya. 🙁 BUT! When I asked my friends if is a cute one, they agreed. Eraine is my first name. Haha.

    Yvette last blogged: Look where we got into.

  5. I don’t come across many .nus, so it’d be a great idea! As for other extensions, people being hosted would like something easy to remember. is great, I remember it all the time 🙂 so the name being short as well would do.

    Personally I don’t like hyphens so maybe none of those. 😛

    I like your new layout by the way! That cloud is adorable.

  6. Well, something spontaneous and randoms ace. I often brainstorm keywords and work on that.
    Recently, these words have been my stimulus; Musketeer, colada, bangers&mash.


  7. I hope all of your display problems get sorted out. Surpass is usually really great about all of that. (I have them too!)

    As for a domain name, I usually write down a list of all the words I like and then attach whatever extension sounds better onto the ends. Maybe you should try that and choose something that just pops. It’ll come to you.

    Good luck!

    Amber last blogged: Nerdery and family.

  8. I haven’t noticed any major downtime here! But just with the hosting in general like when you emailed us all before, but not any major problems! Hopefully the Surpassers (wow I like that) can sort something out for you soon. *squididdle*

    Ahh, you know how long it takes for me to choose a decent domain name! But I will knock on my head for one over the next few days. I really like Tess’ idea of sticking to the magic theme ( or as Tess mentioned is rather special!), but if you want something different maybe you can go for something like or something! Very difficult to know where to start! (oooh I just noticed that is available, that’s rather special!)

    LOVE EWE. xxx

    Raine last blogged: The Complaint.

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