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17 years

I had heaps of fun yesterday, mum and I went shopping and had a look around and it was really nice. I mainly went mental on buying books and was excited when I got home to find heaps of items I had brought on Ebay and a signed picture of Peter Stormare that was sent to me. (He is an awesome actor, that was on Prison Break) Below is an image of some of the goodies. 🙂

We also made sure of something that I am very excited about, and yes I am being vauge on purpose. All I can say, is I can’t wait untill a few months roll on by, eeeee. Its going to be amazing, and we have been making more plans and ideas every day.

Some people may have noticed Tehlove has had big changes? New Layout, improved plans, SSL for secure order form. I am quite proud at what has been going on with my little precious. It is slowly growing in size with clients as well, its always very nice to see new faces, and I am upgrading my reseller plan again. They don’t have any bigger plans, so I know I will have to think about dedicated in the future. /end geek talk.

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  1. All these stuff look awesome! That’s great you got a signed picture from him, that must be fab. 😀
    And I am so glad about Tehlove, yayay!

  2. Oh, you lucky you! The stuffs you bought in that picture is somehow tempting me to buy stuffs as well. AHHHHH! Sometimes I wish I can order anything I want online without worrying about cash and credit cards. *sigh*

    I visited Tehlove a few days ago and noticed the gorgeous layout! I actually love it and think that it suits the site pretty well. I’m very proud of what you’ve achieved for Tehlove, Kya! That’s just really awesome! *squish*

  3. Yo. Is the secret what I think the secret is? How very secretive. And ooh, pretty things. 😀 You’re such a closet Ebay freak, We’ll bring it out of you slowly, love. Just watch. I really hope you enjoy the book 😀 and Go all “emo” (yeah, right) and wear some nasty badges out to freak out the people in your town. 😀 Booyah.

    And yes, yay! You know how proud I am of everything you’ve done for Tehlove. You know how glad I am that I get to be apart of it – even though I don’t contribute much but to tell you everything looks pretty. Still! Pimpish job, yo! Every good establishment needs their seedy pimps.

  4. Ooooh.. nice pretty layout for Im considering purchase a hosting plan from there.. but we’ll see.. 😛 The sisterhood traveling pants is such a good movie! ;P

  5. Oooh, signed pic! I want to see! How did you end up getting one from him? I’d die to get one from Wentworth. LOL!

    Tehlove looks fantastic 🙂 I noticed the changes a couple days ago!

  6. I thought you would have already got a dedicated server by now! 😀 Glad to see that tehlove is doing so well! 🙂

  7. I am glad your hosting site is doing well. I personally love the site. The layout is amazing.

    I plan to start my own hosting soon. I don’t really know how to set everything up but I am trying to slowly figure it out.

  8. WOW, that’s a LOT of stuff! xD Cool buttons ^_^
    I often go mental buying books, myself! I find so many books that I just HAVE to read! 😀

  9. All of that stuff looks really fun and really cute. I have noticed the new layout on your hosting site. It’s cute. I love it. =]

  10. HEYA KYA! Long time no see huh? Sorry that i haven’t been coming here. My computer crashed and i had half of my bookmarks gone. Just thought of your site recently. Anyway, your pile of goodies do look good eh 😀

  11. Awl, I’m glad you and your mom had a lot of fun! 😀 All that stuff you got looka (haha, looka.. Looka I am a Borat. I make sexy time with your stuff and your website now NICEEEE) really nice, too. Woo hoo!

    OMG, what is going on here? :OYou’re having a b aby aren’t you? :O

    Tehlove looks very, very nice. I like it a lot. Excellent job! 🙂

  12. I did realize that Tehlove was growing, and was thinking of buying another domain when my current one expired.

    You’re a crazy shopper, lol.

  13. Hello, I figured out the secret! Your farted!

    Thought you could pull a fast one, didn’t you? But I am too quick for you, BITCH!

  14. Hey there! I love your theme thing with the hot air balloon…so cute! Hmm that image looks so cool with all of the colours and everything. Glad that you had fun shopping! Well, take care!

  15. It says you are the girl who knew the world. I have a few questions for you.

    1. How did you two meet?

    2. How would you describe your relationship in one word?

    3. By the knew, I take it you no longer associate with the world. What caused this to be?

  16. “Hosting we all need it” I don’t know what this means, but I can only assume it, too, is referring to sex. PERv!

  17. Sorry, mate, but I forgot to use protection because I was too high on drugs and now I am going to abort you because “you are not really living even though you are talking to me right now” HA!

  18. Oh yay! There’s nothing better than getting stuff in the mail from ebay, or other internet shopping. 🙂 And also regular shopping.. All shopping is good. That looks like an excellent pile of stuff!

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