x_e meow

19 years

Dear Everyone,

Well howdy ho.

You could say I was better now. Becuase it is that time above and I have not been to bed yet. I had the urge to make some new modification to the Black widows website. As you will se above under my websits k & B W if you have the time have a look. I actually love the first page. It looks pritty good. Well I don’t know how long I will like it for…could be a day maybe 2…..

Well Elise and I had fun well I know I did tonight it was funny. I have one word for you x_e hahaha

I love x_e and e_x they are cute. so very cute.

My hearing is funny at the moment I can’t really hear much I think my head is still blocked.

Well I watched oz idol. I was so happy Cosima was safe. but it was sad to see peter go. These things happen I suppose. 🙁 but it’s not like he is dead like Jhon writter. I think that’s his name bloody hell i’m terrible can’t even remember his name :(.

I should do some exams today. I really have to.

Well I have been in roleplay for hours..Bloody hell. I have been starting to talk like this.

“lyk year dude kewl lyk y0.”

That is not good becuase I was doing it by accident. It is infecting me arrrrr.

OMFG Snape is alive.

” _Snape___ : thank god you’re a slytherin…i was beggining to get afraid

k姧��dr� : kwuahaha

_Snape___ : why thank you

k姧��dr� wonders why she just did an evil laugh

k姧��dr� shrugs it off

_Snape___ nods in approval at her profile

k姧��dr� : yes Slytherin is a great house

x_e help me.

I had somethign to say now it has gone. Oh that’s right I know how to make people owner now. And I found out when Elise left I was annoyed becuase I wanted to make it so we could own OUR chat room. kwuahahahaha.

can you tell i’ve had no sleep lyk kwuahahahah kwuahahah lwuahahah arr arr arr matey kwuahahah kwuahahah x_e shut up moron that is just stupid talk.

Well it’s my diary I’m allowed x_e.

I can’t so no to that face.

kwuahahah kwuahahah kwuahahah kwuahahah lyk dude Sweeet sweet sweet sweet dude.

Ok I feel a little better now. Now remember to have a look at black widows. log that,

By my darling, :X

Love kass.


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