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I have a new kitten and her name is Mogwai (not named after the band, but the cute little creators from Gremlins). She is black and white and has huge eyes. She is so small and a teeny tinny bit weird looking. I shouldn’t say weird, I mean unique. Rascal is not so friendly with her at the moment which is a great shame. I thought they would be good friends, so I hope they will be (once he gets over his rough playing and wanting to suffocate her, eeek).

I have imported all my old blog entries from 2003 onwards. When I opened my blog again in 2009 I didn’t add them because I felt embarrassed by the majority of those entries and wanted to hide them. After thinking about it, I thought no. These are a part of me and I should keep them on record to show how I have developed and grown. Not very exciting for you the visitor, but it is a nice feeling for me to know my blog has a ‘complete history’.

I have managed to find time to work on my school studies. It is nice to put effort into a subject and really try your best. This is all so new to me because I have never tried hard with my education before. I treated it more of a joke and something to pass the time then a stepping stone into a future that I can love and celebrate. I guess I have just matured a lot in this short time.

My room is such a tragic mess I seriously need to clean it and the house. With so many cats (six) their fur can really be a nightmare. Hello Mr Vacuum, the one I despise the most.

My birthday is in four days, I find it so strange that time has passed that fast and I will be twenty three. Most birthdays I have thought I felt a lot younger then the age I was turning, but this year I feel like mentally (in some ways) I am that age. I am not sure if I like that or not.

Here are some questions.
1. Do you have any animals? If so what are there names.
2. Do you keep all of your older blog entries?
3. Are you currently in school, how do you keep yourself motivated and on track?

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  1. Awe! Kitties are awesome ;D Congrats on having a new one ;D For your questions: I used to have fish as pets but they all died :(, I never really blogged using WP before till now (only on LJ) so, nope I don’t really keep my previous posts. If I want to move on from the past, it’s best to get rid of the old posts ;D For me, I’m currently homeschooled but right now I’m not really focusing on my school work right now though XD ^^;;

  2. Aww, Mogwai is a cute name! I bet she’s a cute kitten and I can’t wait to see pictures. ;D

    I wish I had all of my past blogs to keep on my blog, but I guess I deleted them for a reason. 😛 Maybe some day I’ll import the ones I have backed up. <3

    I feel the same way about school now versus high school. I had really bad grades and had lots of detention in HS but now I'm really focusing on getting the education to get a career I can love. 😀

    Aww, I would come and vacuum your room for you! I just vacuumed our entire house and wouldn't mind doing more. I'd just need a little more caffeine. 😉

    I better do something awesome for you for your birthday! :O I know what you mean about feeling your age, though! Up to my last birthday, I've felt like I couldn't believe I was that old. Now, I feel like I'm 19. I'm not even 19 yet, but hey. 😛

    *huggles* <333

  3. Yay for the new kitty! Mogwai is a great name! I automatically thought of Gremlins, didn’t even know there was a band called that. :p I have three cats – Braska, Ella, and Toby. Braska and Ella are brother and sister and I’ve had them since they were a week old (they just turned six yrs this week), they were orphans (long story). I also have three corydoras, ten guppies and a tetra. 😀

  4. Mogwai is such a cute name, Kya! I’m sure the kitten is just as adorable. Can’t wait for pictures! 😀 My family had dogs, but since our house is small, we couldn’t keep them long. All of them are given to our relatives. I remember Polar, Dolly, Buddy, Happy and Jojo. The only animals that live in our house for years is our fish. But we didn’t name them.. :p

    My blogs never stayed long enough, and I never had any back-ups. :/ I’ve just started to go blogging again, and I do hope this lasts longer!

    I’m currently in my last year of high school, and we’re having our national exams in just 15 days. I’m extremely nervous because my math scores are just horrible. 🙁

  5. It’s a wonderful thing to be young at heart, and I believe you to be, Kya! But sometimes the mind needs to take on a few mature duties and think maturely, and that is something that can often take a while to develop. I’m turning 19 this year and somehow I feel like I am not so mature, mentally. Dx It’s a good feeling to feel that way! And I’m sure that since you are thinking more seriously about your education, it’s definitely a sign!

    I wish you all the best in your school studies! I used to treat high school just like a playground, having a fun time and socialising with friends. It wasn’t until I reached university and JUST made it in that I realised I was very lucky to have made it – seeing other people struggling to get the marks to go in – I felt like I had been somewhat selfish. So go forward – I believe you will go far in the future. *hugs*

    Prior to 2009… I had been using FanUpdate and unfortunately there wasn’t a way of importing them into WordPress unless I chose to do it one by one. That was going to be nasty. I kept the database and still have all the posts, though. It’s funny looking back on how I wrote but it’s a part of me as well – it’s what made me who I am today.

    Best of luck cleaning your room! Let Mogwai know I say hi! *huggles*

    1. Do you have any animals? If so what are there names.
    Nope! 🙁 I used to have two dogs, a guinea pig and a rabbit… but the rabbit ran away and the rest of the pets we returned – they were too much to take care of for our busy family. 🙁
    2. Do you keep all of your older blog entries?
    TEHEE. I do – though I don’t display them. :3
    3. Are you currently in school, how do you keep yourself motivated and on track?
    University! Which is still some form of studying. Stress is always… snooping around, unfortunately. But I always make sure I put aside some time to work and work when I have to – and though having “me time” is important, I must try not to have too much. :B

  6. Just be patient and Mogwai (great name!) and Rascal will be fine. They might never be BFs, or they might be. Rascal just needs to put her in her place, for now. Girl cats are always the boss, so when she’s bigger, she’ll probably put him in his place! LOL!!

    We have four cats: Morgan, Salem, Simba and Jack. They don’t all get along, but it’s generally fairly peaceful. And we have a hen, Inara. If this was two weeks ago, I’d say we also had five more hens called Annie, Betty, Carrie, Dorrie and Florrie. But a badger got into the run one night and killed them all. I’m just about the stage where I’m not bursting into tears about it every five minutes. And we’re planning to get some more hens in the summer.

    You remind me of my daughter! She’s 23 and doing a masters in animal behaviour. She says she’s old! LOL!! And there, I’ll be 49 in a couple of weeks and I feel young! Age is irrelevent really. Happy birthday in advance!

  7. Aww, I’d love to see pictures of your new kitten 🙂 I don’t have any pets anymore, but I did have a hamster 2 years ago by the name of Pooky. I’m planning to get one again soon, or maybe a rabbit, I’m not sure yet.
    I try to keep all my blog entries because I have a habit of reading my old ones from time to time. It’s interesting to see how I’ve changed just by looking at what and how I wrote 🙂 I just wish I could get my hands my 2005 and older entries as well.

  8. Mogwai is a cute name! Hope I get to see some pictures 🙂 I hope Rascal would get along with her soon. I wish I had a cat.

    That’s great how you got all your old blogs. It’s nice to see how you have grown through the years. I have no idea where all my blog posts went. I probably deleted them 4_4

    Hope that school goes well for you and that you get your room cleaned 😀

    Happy almost birthday!! x:cupcakestraw:

    1. Do you have any animals? If so what are there names. I have a yorkie pomeranian and his name is Scrappy Doo.
    2. Do you keep all of your older blog entries? Unfortunately no. I deleted all the old ones.
    3. Are you currently in school, how do you keep yourself motivated and on track? I’m in high school. I guess I just love getting good grades and I always believe that getting good grades will get me very far in the future.

  9. Mogwai! I love it. 😀 (I think Gremlin would have been a cute too, since you mentioned that haha).

    Cats are quite territorial, so it’s to be expected. I’m sure they will get used to each other.

  10. Hehe, aww! Don’t worry love, Bandit disliked Ollie to HELL when we first brought her home! He just had to show her “that we was the man of the house”, yet now they’re inseperable! 🙂 She actually wears the trousers, now. 😉 Patience will pay off, trust me! ^_^

    Good luck with your studies! ^_^

    ISH YUR BURDAY SOON x:cupcakestraw: x:cupcakechoc:

    1. Yes! 2 cats; Bonnie and Cleo, and 2 chinchillas; Bandit and Ollie 😀
    2. Sadly nein. 🙁 I used LJ when I was younger so they all went PLOOT. 4_4
    3. When I *was* in school, we used to have a merit system that if you got good grades, you got a certificate. And then If you go so many certificates, you got a medal! I really, really loved bringing home certificates to show my parents, so that’s what made me knuckle down and work hard. ^_^

    LOVE YOU 3_3 x:chicken: CHIK CHICK BOOM.

  11. Aww! I <3 kitties. And she has such a cute name! Do you have any pictures of her?

    1. Do you have any animals? If so what are there names.

    1 dog- Molly

    2. Do you keep all of your older blog entries?


    3. Are you currently in school, how do you keep yourself motivated and on track?

    Yep. Well, I don't know… I've just always been motivated. I guess that when I was younger, my parents pressured me a lot. And they still do :/

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