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19 years

I finally have my reseller and I am all moved in 😀 I am dancing inside, oh god yes I am. Besides that brilliant fact my hogwarts domain is all ready now I have to just get of my bummers and start working on it gillyweed.net Yayeth! How wonderful 😀 *twirls* and I have also sent the money for dads domain so that works well 🙂

I have to try and decide on some prices to sell hosting, I will try to be fair but also try and make sure I can have a little bit of money. So I will see what happens 🙂 I have to swop all my domains to my reseller, I am dreading doing it with v8fastalk.com because it has so much infor online I can’t loose anything. Scary stuff :blush:

I can’t think of what I am supposed to be thinking…. Oh yes new layout. I felt …. i needed to have a change. 😎 Take care everyone!

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  1. *dances* 😀 Gillyweed.net is gonna be up really soon! I can’t wait! Teehee. Loving this new layout dearest. Remember to look out in the post for your package. 😉 Love youuuuuuuuu. xxxx :heart:

  2. Yay! *dances with everyone else*

    You change your layouts very often, don’tcha? 🙂 There’s nothin wrong with that though…

    A question…am I still Professor Flitwick?

  3. Hey Kya! Awesome job with your sites. I am happy for you that you got a reseller. 😀 It?s also great the name you wanted wasn?t taken. 😛 Now you will be able to host those domains you?ve been thinking of? 😉 I don?t know if you remember talking about it? Ahem. 🙂 I like your new layout too. 😀 Try not to stress too much, you?ll get everything moved over, I think you?ll be fine! It can be kind of stressful and stuff, but you seem to be determined. Good luck! Hehe, so your dad is into domains as well? I think you mentioned you were getting him one before, hmmm. I have one for my sister?s softball team and my dad?s a coach on it and he recommended me to run/design it and all that jazz . 😮 Good luck with the prices, making some money is the point but you also want to be fair like you said. You could try doing some research and see what others are charging for how much, then make a decision that way? Anyway, great job so far, and good luck with everything else, weeee!

  4. Oh look at you awesome layout, and I cannot believe how many people are buying resellers theese days lol.. I cant even support myself in buying my own hosting :X oh wells. Thanks so much for the wonderful comment on my site anyways take care and keep up the fantastic work 😀

  5. Hey Kya 🙂 Yay for your reseller! 😀 I can’t wait till you open GillyWeed.Net 😛 Like I told you earlier on MSN, I’m gonna plug you when you open it, I promise ;D Omg this layout is sooo coool, hehe. I love it.

  6. Hot layout! I can’t wait to see your new domain! =P It’s funny because I’m selling a HP layout. And now all these Harry Potter layouts are coming out on everyone’s sites. Ahh, what irony. lol. ♥

  7. Wow congrats on getting a reseller, I’d love one :D. I’ve just recently finished reading the 5 HP books so I can’t wait for the domain :yummy:

  8. Hey Kya..I haven’t been around here in a while, I’ve missed your site! Anyway, this layout is gorgeous, I love the colors and brushes, and, of course, it’s Harry Potter based so that makes it even better! I can’t wait for the reseller to be open! Take care, dear. <3

  9. I think you need to change your layout. When someone comes to your site, you need to show them that you want them to come, andyou want them to stay and look around

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