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Ok first I have to say. 28 comments omg wtf thx k lol!1 🙂 that being said I move onto the second important thing or the first depending on how you look at the situation. gillyweed.net is open and is ready for people to flock in, if you want to. Let loose, have fun and enjoy. Took me… two weeks? Or something like that. 😀

Bundles of fun. Everyone is falling in love with draco sucked in. He sucks but you have to love him right? We are lacking in main characters as well. So if you are good at being good 😉 you know what to do. *cough*

Man, 28 comments, but I have one to reply to. One that was very Interesting

Tuesday, June 7th
I think you need to change your layout. When someone comes to your site, you need to show them that you want them to come, andyou want them to stay and look around

Why would I need to change my layout when it is a personal exspression of myself. I want people to visit my site and if I know that then it should be apparant. If it’s not what can I do, if you have 28 people commenting on your site which I adore do you think it kind of says people are offended by my layout? At least leave a website address or an email so I can tell you what I think without doing this. It’s stupid.

Anyway I am off to comment 🙂 *huggles*

Sorry my spelling prolly sucks at the moment I am tired xP

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  1. Nice amount of comments Kya, that’s awesome! Why don’t you try making a layout that says that: Welcome to my site, I want you here, and I want you to come, and I want you to stay and look around. ? Or you could make a note of it so no one gets confused or anything. 😉 Or, um maybe it?s because Harry?s on it? The famous Harry Potter, give me a break. I mean, seriously his hair is SO black, and that so drives the visitors away! I keed I keed, I like your site! 🙂 It is about you and I think people know you want them here. You even give the 50th visitor an award! 😛 Awesome job with Hogwarts, I was informed of it?s completion by Lucius just last night. I think Draco was PMSing or something. That boy needs a reality check or a nice slap upside his head. 😮 I used to role play a long time ago, but I suck so.. 😀

  2. Uhm, that…person is sort of weird. Lol =/ I like your layouts. And yes indeed they show your feelings and etc.

    Woop 28 comments. The most I have ever gotten was 9 go me! Lol 😀 Glad to see that gillyweed is open 🙂

  3. I joined..lol. Your site is amazing Kya! I’m so proud of you! You can count of me to be active for you! 😉

    Aww, sorry about that comment! You’re right, it’s your site and you get to do whatever you want with it! Whoot for you! Love Ya doll!

  4. Hah, I like Nicoles idea for a new layout. I hate when people leave rude comments like that and don’t have the guts to leave their emails or URLs so you can respond. I’d like to see what her layouts look like! Your layout is gorgeous, and obviously with all of the comments you’re getting, others agree! Well, gillyweed looks amazing! I’m thinking about joining soon too 🙂 Take care, dear. xx

  5. GILLYWEED.NET is awesome! I joined ^__^ I also have a question … are we allowed to have more than one character? :confused:

  6. omgwtf my head still hurts and i reckon i do have tumour. :dead: that gurlie person is a dickhead. she should mind her own beeeeeswax. i have a right mind to stalk her down and slap her! how dare they insult ye beaudiful webby. <33333 ok dude i have to go now i'm still at school and my IPP teacher is talking about assignments argh 😛 :(:: :heart: :heart: :heart: I LUB YEW DARLINGSSS

  7. WOW You’re gillyweed.net site is amazing!! I’m so fascinated by it!! Looks like there was a shit load of effort in that :cute:

  8. Whoa.. that person is weird… lol. That person needs a site.. 😛 They need to experiance the pain of making a GOOD site.
    Yeah.. lots of comments.. I got like 7 at the most 😛 Which is kinda pathetic I would say. but not that it matters to me anyways..
    Have fun 🙂

  9. 🙂 Hey Kass! Was going thru my LJ’s today and stopped by in yours, saw the comments you left in reply to me and someone else adding you on your starry s/n, so I came to check out your blog – have bookmarked your site (and the V8 one which I joined – hopefully it worked?! – I joined as "Yazmeister_"). This year I got to pit marshall at the V8’s at Pukekohe this year, it was much fun 😀 Had a quick look @ the gillyweed site, very nice! 🙂 Man I can’t stand people who make comments about stuff and don’t leave their email addresses or whatever. That’s so stupid. I say if people dont like something then they should either shut up, or not visit. lol. Your layout is awesome. Rock on! Stay in touch k? Have a good one! 🙂 ~Yaz.

  10. You are so loved. ^_^ Hehe… Harry Potter fan, eh? Honestly, I’ve never read the books, but I saw the first two movies and really liked them! Haha… You’re probably rolling your eyes at my comment and muttering, "She doesn’t know what she’s missing out on!" xD Anywho… I don’t see what that person was talking about… changing your layout because you want people to stay? What? Navigation is clear. Main content (the blog) is clear. Everything is readable and goes together well. What were they talking about? *shrugs* Some people. But you rock on! DON’T YOU CHANGE YOUR LAYOUT FOR NOBODY BUT YOSELF, HOMEGIRL! haha…

  11. Yay for the 28 comments! *huggles* You deserve 100000 😛
    Ah, "Gurlie" is probably just jealous because you rock and she doesn’t :cute: She probably loves your layout but she’s way too jealous to say it so instead she had to come and talk crap.
    ANyways.. Congrats on the comments again. Have fun returning them 😉 lol. Ttyl. Love ya.

  12. Looooove loooove. Gillyweed.net rocks. I love the name and the site. Draco’s hot. haha. That person who wrote is an idiot. Why would you need to change, I like looking around your site. Lmao. my silly stupid comment. haha.
    Anywhooooooo eh blog more. xp that’s kinda dumb since I don’t really blog much either. :(::

  13. whoever they are they must be jealous. you’re layouts kick some serious ass! and 28 commetns? i think the most i have had is 12, because my neighbours were harassing me (in a really offensive, almost illegal way) and yeah.. posting crap on my website. it was ergh >.< YAY for you're other site being up! and i'll keep coming back here no matter what that chick says. actualyl i'll add you to my links, when i get around to it =P

  14. Congrats on all the comments 😀 I’m going to be boring and not leave you anything to reply to either. But I agree about the layout, its a personal site so yeah! 😀

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