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Victory is mine for I have finally replied to comments left in the last few entries AND returned comments to those sites. Amazing. :blush:

What happend to NaNoWrimo? Well I was basically informed by my spirit guide that it was a waste of time for me at the moment and then it was brought to my attention that I should be working on my poetry book. I randomly found a selfpublishing website that has some really fabolous free softwear (BookSmart) to use that makes the whole process so amazingly simple! I really love Blurb.com now and wish I had of known about them sooner!

Spiritually some amazing things have been happening lately. I did have plans on writing some exciting things about it on here, but I had a dream that was almost a warning, so I shall take that advice. I do however feel I should share that I went on a wonderful journey to a place known as the Akashic Records. I visited a section in which earth books are shown. It was amazing to see paper popping up as books had been written. I could talk about this place forever, but I shall keep the details for those who may be interested to hear them. 🙂

Do you want to exchange christmas cards? If you would be interested and I know you I would love to. (When I say I know you, I mean I am aware of you or we have commented on each others sites recently or in the past. I may be a little cautious so please don’t be ofended if I do decline your request, but I love sending cards so I will most likely love to swap!) 🙂 Send an email to kassyoshea@gmail.com if you are interested. :wub:

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  1. I actually had something similar happen to me. I don’t know much about spirit guides or anything like that, although I would love to. Two nights ago, I was sitting in my usual spot and I just had this sudden like poke as if someone was saying, “Hannah, you should quit NaNoWriMo. You need to do website stuff. Save it for next month.” So I believe I am going to stop. I always trust those feelings. They’re never wrong. 🙂

    Akashic Records? Sounds really freaking intriguing…maybe some time you could tell me about it? 🙂

    I would also loveee to exchange cards. I shall e-mail you now. 😀 Hopefully, you shall accept. 😛

  2. I tried NaNoWriMo one year, and was so distracted from school that I had to quit. I also tried JuNoRiMo, an unofficial WriMo in June previously, and failed miserably. I much rather prefer to write at my own pace, which isn’t very often. I’ve been writing the same fan fiction story for over a year now – all less than 30,000 words – so I don’t think I should be doing 50,000 words in one month. Ehe.

    Also, I have never heard of Blurb. Wish I had when I was doing NaNoWriMo!

    Haley last blogged: On Being Scared.

  3. Haha, I was so geared up in October for NaNoWriMo, managed about 2000 words and haven’t been bothered about it since. Guess it’s not for me, either.

  4. Well if that’s your decision and you really think its for the good, then alright. (I’m talking about NaNoWrimo here, hee)

    Akashic Records? I never heard of it. Is that a place found at your country. I think its a great place. Haha.

    Aww I want to exchange Christmas Cards with you! But I’ll think about it… and have to ask permission from my parents, of course. 🙂

    Yvette last blogged: How to crash my PC.

  5. Yay, for victories! 😀 Hi, I’m a friend of Hannah’s, and I thought I’d come here because she speaks so highly of you. 🙂 I’d like to add my thanks as well, after everything you did for Squish.nu. I was as speechless as Hannah when she told me. :’)

    Too bad NaNoWriMo wasn’t working out, but I’d love to read some of your poetry, if you’re willing. I’ll pretty much read anything, haha, and poetry always intrigues me. 🙂

    Lauren last blogged: Picking Up a New Interest.

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