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16 years

Offline Blogging:
I have been spending more time blogging offline lately. I downloaded a trial of a journal known as The Journal and it has been fabulous. Not only for allowing me to sort my thoughts out in a private and secure way but to be free to write from within and just say whatever needs to be said without fear of making a fool of myself or trying to pretend I can actually spell things (;P). I have also been using it to store and organise my writing and it has been a huge help in doing this. I can search through entries and add them via a calendar. It also has a timer and writing prompts. It’s really a writers dream piece of software. The only thing I can fault is probably the design, I really like smooth, crisp, web 2.0 type of designs and it’s more ‘old school’. At least it does it’s job though, so I shouldn’t be so spoilt and I have been looking for something like this for a while.

Missing Online Friends:
In other news I have been missing people. I don’t get to talk to that many friends online any more. I know this is mostly my fault because I haven’t been putting MSN on, or being on as much as usual. But even when I am on for a while, it seems like moments are filled with silence. I miss being able to catch up and laugh about stupid things, try and try again as words are misspelled and misplaced, share writing and inspire each other and look at our latest website designs. I am very much an introverted person and don’t make friends so easily in the real world, so many people I have been granted the opportunity to know have been online. I am not saying I want them to drop everything and go back to the way things used to be, I completely respect that everything changes in life and we must embrace the gifts we have and jump forward head first, into our life. It can just be so easy to miss those cherished moments when they have brought so much light and happiness into ones life. I hope I am able to catch up with people and maybe make some new friendships as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Pope has been in Australia, or rather he had been in Australia for a while last week. I found myself becoming rather annoyed with the whole thing. I am not religious in that way and they were talking about it on every television station it was on everything. It was almost impossible to get away from it, and not only that Dad kept going on and on about it. I lost my temper a few times and he was very offended because he is a great believe in that God, where I am not. But I do not like to put down other peoples religions, because that is what they believe. It just is very infuriating when it’s being shoved in your face all the time. It would be like me talking about the spirit world, waving around tarot cards and crystal balls and spilling the secrets of the future. I have been having many discussions with people about the other side lately and I find it so interesting to talk about. It’s not a subject you can easily talk about with everyone, so it’s good to have friends who click into that level and can grasp the same feeling as yourself.

What have I been working on? I am still adding poems to my computer and writing new ones. Some days I am so full of inspiration that I can write ten in the one sitting. Even if one of them is only good and I can connect and feel something from at least I have that one that means something. I know I say this a lot, but I just love writing so much. I can’t imagine my life without it, it feeds my soul and keeps me on this world. I am always trying to do better and sometimes that can be a struggle for me, because I can be such a pain in the arse at concentrating on one thing for a set period of time (unless it’s web design which seems to be exempt from this rule) and because I suck at spelling and grammar. I must never give up though, I just can’t do that. Even if my work is only viewed by a select group of people and it’s only a pile of crumpled words, maybe someone will get it, maybe it can bring thoughts, feelings and inspiration into their life in whatever form the words can capture. It’s not about money or fame to me, it’s about sending out that thing that is living and swirling inside and letting it free, allowing it to float around in this world and dance on the pages and climb up the arms of the interested. I just hope I don’t waste my time and have to try again next time, I really want to do it this time around because I just have a feeling I can.

Ha, I seemed to have said more then I intended but none the less it has been good to get that out. ๐Ÿ™‚

2 Responses

  1. kya, my girl, we should SO start chatting
    again. I mean, I met you like, how long ago?
    and we barely keep up with each other besides
    the occasional drop bys on blogs ๐Ÿ˜ก okay, I’m
    to blame as well since I’ve pretty much neglected
    A LOT of online sites (look at my layout! so two
    years ago! XD)

    anyway, just to let you know I’ve always been
    around. and will be ^^

    take care kya! I want to discuss some writing
    stuff with you one day (:

  2. I’m also have been missing people lately, I have not been online on MSN for about 2 months (I guess) And now whenever I chat with my online friends, we do not ‘lol’ anymore.

    Probably, making new friends would be great. =D

    Rachel last blogged: July 27.

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