19 years

hmm I thought things were going to get better once I was older but hey life is fucked. Our kitten is slowly dieing and nothing can be done. The poor thing can’t breath properly, mum doesn’t have the heat to put her down. She will die and it just makes me feel sick!

My party was fun I enjoyed seeing elise and neta and I miss them so much now it’s just not fun anymore 🙁 I have also been playing the sims, when we had to rush snuffles into the vet I went and brought it with some birthday money and my computer is running out of ram, bitch of a thing.

well besides being totally pissed off at the moment, thanks to everyone that did send me birthday signs thanks. I should probably do school work but I hate everything at the moment.


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  1. when you think it gets better, it’s actually worse.

    how’s the kitten? I really hope it survives.. I can’t bear dying kitties…


  2. I hope your kitten doesn’t have to suffer too much longer. 🙁 *BIG hugs*

    Glad to hear that you had a good time at your party. 🙂

  3. aww my poor dear 🙁 I’m so sorry about your kitten. *super ass huggles* Thats awful. I hope you feel a bit better soon. I’m glad you enjoyed the party 🙂 it certainly sounded as though you had fun 😉
    *ish proud of you* xD *points to ‘Music: Jesus of Suburbia?? – Green Day’* 🙂 hehe one of my favourite songs of all time 😀 *dances*
    love you very much!! <3333

  4. Listen to happy music, and if it’s sunny, sit outside. Supposedly that helps one’s mood. And I hope your kitten get’s better.

  5. My love. *huuug* I am so sorry about your kitten! Don’t worry. *love* We are always here for you. 🙂

    Smile because the skies are still blue! And our sun is still shining, and life is beautiful. Just like you. <3

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