What is trouble? You?!?

18 years

Well I changed the theme, as you may have noticed. Wanted to bring back Draco or Tom Felton because he is just the best! 🙂

I am still sick, I actually have Chicken Pox. This is the third time in my life I have had them, the nurse said it was very strange, heh that’s me! 😛

I watched Saw II, at home, by myself, while it was dark. I am so brave! *snort*

I will blog again later, I am very tired. Take care!

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  1. Chicken pox three times?! Wow, I’ve never gotten chicken pox before at all, probably because my mom got me to get the vaccine for it or something, long ago. Heh.

    And I really like the new theme. It’s really nice… (smiles at Ton Felton).

  2. :O lovelydovey! Your new theme looks gorgeous :D. I adore the CSS :).

    oh noees 🙁 you have chicken pox :O They are evils! I’ve only ever had chicken pox once and that was when I was tiny so I don’t remember a thing xP but woahh! 3rd time :O eeks. Isn’t that supposed to be dangerous? :S. Anyway lovings you make a speedy recovery ok? And dont itch no matter how tempting 😉

    Loveyou lotsies!

  3. Chicken pox for the third time!!! My lord, I almost died of irritation the first (and so far only) time I had it. It is soo stichy and ichy. Hope you’ll get better soon!

    Oh, Draco truly is a smooth little sweetheart. Who wouldn’t join the dark side when one may team up with such as him 😉

    GASP! You must be brave. I could not even watch such a film in full day-light with all the world sitting next to me. I am such a whimp when it comes to such things… ^^

  4. I really am enjoying this layout Kya. It is just so perfect for the whole – I don’t know, but I just love it. I am so sorry you are sick. You need to get some rest and sleep. Chickenpox – for the third time in your life? That could get scary. Hope you get better soon Kya!

  5. hey! really kool site i luv it!! also theme is wonderfull! I’ve just come here to drop some love;))

    wish all the best 4 u;)


  6. Oh no… I’m really sorry.
    Well, I will just buy whatever I’ll find^^ lol no jk I’ll buy something that I will hope you’ll like…
    i really dunno what, but, I hope I’ll find something that’s okay^^

  7. Aww… chicken pox? THREE times? That sucks 🙁 *hugs from a distance* And you are very brave for watching that, especially by yourself. I could never do it lol.

    And I much approve of this layout. I *heart* Draco. He is my secret lover, besides Snape (don’t ask) lol.

  8. Nice layout 🙂 Saw 2? I haven’t even seen the first one yet, although I do want to lol 🙂 Sorry to hear that you are sick, Ihope you get well soon and yes that is strange that you have had it for the 3rd time. I heard something about you could die if you keeps happening? LOL I heard that when I was smaller so Idon’t know if it’s true. I hope it’s not 😐

  9. Three times? I’ve only ever had chicken poxxes once, with my sister when we were younger. Feel better soon!!

    And brilliant new theme. I ♥ it.

  10. Awesome theme even though I don’t like Harry Potter. Three times?! That’s soo wierd!! I’ve only had the chick pox once I hope I only have it once. Saw II was an awesome movie. I saw it the movies, which was dark.. Lol. Ttyl… 😀

  11. Hey there you!
    I am loving the new theme…Draco is good stuff. 🙂
    I do hope you start feeling better soon!
    Chicken pox 3x?! I thought a person could only get them once? You are the odd one, but I wouldn’t want you any other way! *squish*

  12. Cute new theeeeeeme!

    Uhoh not chicken pox! I’m not very well either! *makes you some soup* 😉

    I really wanna see Saw II!

  13. You’ve had the chicken pox three times? I didn’t think that was even medically possible. *lol* I certainly hope you start to feel better, sweetie. *hugs*

  14. i thought you could only have chicken pox once in your life? wow, you must be really unique. lol.
    how brave. i’m still having nightmares from watching Saw II a month ago with 4 other people and all the lights turned on. haha.

  15. waaaaaait a min.
    you’re having chicken pox for
    the third time in your life?? o_O

    now THAT is really odd!
    I thought it would be shingles
    like my brother =/

    anyway, GET WELL SOON! *hugs*
    don’t scratch them and you’ll have
    no scars 😀

  16. Chicken pox again? Is that even possible, Kya? 😛 That is strange. Get well soon! I’m very ill at the moment too (what the heck am I doing online lol – I’m actually banned from the net till I’m better but whatever!)…I have been sleeping the whole day.

    I watched Saw II last Friday! I hate the syringes scene 🙁 It’s actually haunting me *sobs*.


    Off to bed for me. Get some rest to Kya 🙂

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