Weird Day No. 28736

16 years

Thank you to everyones comment about the Christmas layout that is really lovely. šŸ™‚ I shall reply and return those comments tomorrow. Today was quite a tiering day really.

I couldn’t get to sleep until 4AM and had to get up at 6AM. I got ready and went down to my grandmothers. Because it is Friday the home care lady usually comes at 8:30AM and leaves at 12PM or 2PM depeding on which week, and other clients she has. I had plans to come home and sleep because I was just so tired. But she called and said she had been in an accident, which is horrible. But thankfully she was okay. So I spent most of the day trying to stay awake, while watching old movies on TCM.

Late afternoon Dad called while I was still at Nanna’s. He informs me that he is coming back home tomorrow, and that he is not actually supposed to be having the Radiotheropy. I was confused, because he just went down to go and have it. Aparrently a doctor that read the report from the specialist read it wrong and was going to give him Chemo PLUS Radiotheropy when all he needs is chemo in pill form. Oh my fucking god. This could have made him sick, because his bowl is not healed properly. They drove all that way, for no reason. I am so glad that he found this out BEFORE he started. Fucking doctors sometimes, they need a kick in the pants, grrr.

It started to storm in the afternoon but I really wanted to get home. I was in a big hurry because I didn’t want to get hit by lightning. I would have looked funny. I was walking in the rain, holding an umbrella but didn’t have it open, haha smart. I was worried about it atracting the lightning because the road is quite flat, a few tries, but the Umbrella is metal, eek. Walking in storms in the country is just a bad idea, but when you just want to relax a bit it doesn’t matter. haha šŸ˜›

I also just read that apprently Patrick Swayze’s cancer has spread and he does not have long left for this earth. That is really sad to hear, and it has made me a bit upset. I think once you feel the impact cancer can have it really enables you to understand, at least from the perspective of the caregiver and family support unit. Sad. >:(

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  1. i know only too well the impact cancer can have on a family unit. my mother is still mourning daily over the loss of her sister one month ago. i pray everyday for the return of your father’s good health. stay strong and don’t forget to look after yourself too, my dear. šŸ™‚

  2. Oh love. That does sound like one of those days, especially no. 28736, you know? I’m very, very glad the doctors managed to point that out before it took place… and your dad is away from that potential danger. I was just talking the other day with a friend, how my mum was given a bloog test over scarred tissue by accident so it hurt terribly, they just make awful mistakes sometimes but then you wonder, I just hope you help my loved one better in the end.

    I hope your dad is okay. Lots of my love and support for him, you, your family and everything involved, I’m always here. It’s very sad to hear about Patrick Swayze too, I’ve known quite a lot of cancer patients and the support for each other is really the most important thing. You’re doing wonderfully and I pray this will work. *love*

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