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18 years

I finally managed to get my web hosting site open, so if you are interested you can head here and look at the plans and maybe think about signing up. 😉 I thought maybe I will work for my new domain, instead of being a spoilt little brat. 😛

I know what I am getting mum for Christmas now, I kept forgetting and I almost told her what it was, because she was next to me when I remembered. 🙁 I do know she will like it though. 😀

Hogwats has been alot of fun, its always good to slip back into the characters you have not been for a while, they become a type of family when you have been them for many years, that it is nice.

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  1. Haha. Yeah, you’re right… I hate bothering people yet sometimes I can’t keep it all in x(
    Hogwats?! 😛 Am I missing something? x)
    ^.^ I wish I knew what to get my mother :/ in fact… everyone! Eeek.
    xD Nice one with working for your domain x) But you wouldn’t be spoilt if it were given to you or whatever, because I’m sure it’d be something you really want rather than “oh i want that” and then on tuesday “i want X Y & Z too” lol xxx

  2. I just went and took a look at tehlove.org, and it looks amazing, Kya! Very lovely and spiffy 😀 And very professional looking too, with testimonials and what not. Nicely done!

    Ah, X’Mas gifts, already I am dreading that. Not because I am a Christmas Grinch or anything, but because I never know what to get anyone! I love it when I actually find something that is perfect for someone and buy it, because I feel accomplished – it’s just that the actual choosing of the perfect gift is really hard!

    I’m glad that Hogwarts is taking off, it looks like fun! 😀

  3. Wow, I love tehlove.org. It looks beautiful. The domain name itself rocks. YAY! 🙂

    Ooh, xmas gifts, huh? I tend to forgot things that I want to buy for family/friends. Haha, you’re not alone, dude. 😛

    Hogwarts look great! Love it. 🙂

  4. Hooohaah! I think I already said that in a comment to you recently. I don’t remember. *bops self* It’s a fun word. It makes me think of your cutesness. 😀

    Anywiggle, the hosting domain looks fabulous! It’s beautiful, and so organized and professionable-like 😀 Yay business-woman Kya 😀 I thinka nother hoohah is in order: HOOOHAH!

    Oh man, Christmas gifts. I’m so bad at those. I should probably start thinking. *bops self again*

  5. I find it difficult to buy something for my mum that she’ll love.
    Hehe that was cute. Yay for getting it. And don’t let her know till christmas. LOL.

    Ah that sounds wonderful, I love that feeling, well knitted and warmth in thy heart.

    tehlove is the love. *getswhackforthestupidity- Looks spiffy and great. It is unbelievable. =)

  6. The hosting domain looks rad, and the deals are pretty good. Who knows, maybe I’ll buy hosting off you, when PayPal gets finalized where we live.

    Lol. You should be careful around your mom then. 🙂 You might accidentally let it slip. 🙂

  7. Love the layout for the site 😀 The name is cool too 🙂 Hmmm, Xmas gifts 😀 I dont really celebrate Xmas here in Singapore 🙁 But it’s a great time for gatherings 🙂 You better becareful not to tell your mom yeah? Wouldnt be a surprise then 🙁

  8. Eeeeee tehlove.org is such an adorable domain name! 😀 And the layout there is gorgeous! I am in love with the colors. I took a look around and I am very very tempted. :X *must resist new domain*

  9. Omg, i love your layout *w* Those little girls are so cute that can even stop look at it xD

    I found your link at xoxmariah.com 😀

  10. Kya, I just love your hosting site – it is teh cutest thing ever – the layouts, the plans, all the pages. It makes me feel very ‘at home’ and secure and safe and snuggly! *snuggles*

    I want to send you a card for Xmas 🙂

  11. Awesome new hosting site! Everything looks so professional. The layout is wayyy better than other hosting sites though. Great job on everything. =)

  12. The hosting site is really good! I love the layout..very proffesional too! well i might buy a hosting plan in the future when I have some money hehe Anyways Christmas? Im excited, Im sure your mum would like whatever you get her! Good luck ^___^

  13. I’m glad that you are going through the whole Christmasness. I have to too x| Well any ideas please will help 🙂

    Awesome hosting site by the way 😉

  14. The webhosting sounds good, but I’m not in need of a host currently, unfortunately.
    I’m glad you’re actually BUYING presents. Some people I know just take some un-opened presents from who-knows-when and wrap it, then just give it to some person. XD

  15. I’m not sure if my comment worked lol.. it doesn’t appear to be showing up.. then again that might just be me. Haha.

    Oh well i’ll try & remember what i wrote..

    i always love coming to your site, ‘cos it’s so gorgeous – i just love looking at it!

    i might have to visit hogwarts, i haven’t done anything HP related in so long! Haha. Take care, Xox.

  16. Looks great, Miss. Kya business woman!

    Awl, that is so sweet. Funny, too. Very Kya-like. Oh, and I won’t be mad if you accidently tell me what you got me. 😉 Hehe. 😀

    Hogwatsmacallit?! That’s definitely very true. It’s been a lot of fun to see the old gang again, and the new faces are quite lovely, too.

  17. Hey Ms. Kya,

    TehLove.org Hosting is awesome! I actually went through every page of that site and read every word. It’s perfect.

    Much love and success with your hosting business! 🙂

  18. Good luck getting more clients on your hosting site. The layout there is lovely, the plans are awesome, and it does look really professional. If I didn’t pay for my own hosting at 1and1 already, this would be the place to go lol.

  19. Isn’t it lovely when you figure something really good out, to buy for someone, and then all you want to do is tell them? And you can’t… 😛 I have already bought a gift for my mum, and I hope she’ll like it…well…she’ll have to 😀 I didn’t know you had a reseller, but that’s nice, I hope people will sign up for some plans so you can earn some money of your own 🙂

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