We are the plates, and we rock… your dishwasher?

18 years

The following entry is about a dream I had, of being in a band called The Plates. It was kind of weird, but interesting at the same time. – In other news, I upgraded Word Press, FINALLY. Manda made me, she had a gun at my head. 🙁

I had a dream last night I was in a band, and I think we were called something like ‘the plates’ or the ‘plate smashes’ or something to do with plates anyway, because in the logo it had these piles of plates.

I remember at one point a few of the guys and girls were in an interview and they were asked how they came up with the name. One replied “Well, we were hanging out in a motel room and trying to come up with a name, it was obvious we were a band, but had nuffin’ that suited us. The, we were eatin tea and (Troy or Toby) said why not the plates? I said get fucked that sounds ridiculous, and this is the truth there is a knock at the door, I go and open it and there is a pile of plates at it. So from then on it kind of stuck, and we have no clue how they got their, just one of those ‘weird’ things. “

At the beginning of the dream, there was about seven or six people in the room. One girl had very long jet black hair; another girl had shorter blonde hair; one guy had short brown hair and a huge smile on his face; another guy was very tall had dark hair and a huge personality, he was the lead singer and pretty much the star, but he had something amazing about him.; Then their was another guy with lighter hair, he had kind of a vacant look on his face, kind of like a guy that just rolled along with everything; Then I also remember these two other people who looked very similar and also had dark hair, they could have been twins, but I am not sure.

From then, it went to them all being on stage and it was very obvious this was the first show they had done. I know I had taken the role as one of the members, but I am not sure who, I walked out first and their was a bit of a crowd maybe a hundred people, I was all dressed in black, but got no reception from the band, they didn’t even know who I was. So I walked up on stage, and the rest of the band came out, the crowd starting cheering and going off. They all came up on stage, and we began singing punk songs, but none of us used any instruments. We were in a very small venue and whoever did the sound made it very low and it wasn’t sounding very good at all. I decided to start dancing around and running around in the crowd and chucking my shoes off. I also know at one point we were standing on stage trying to be mean and the crowd got asked “do they look scary” some people raised their hands, other laughed.

From then on, you could tell the years were moving with pictures of the band on stage kind of steaming through a movie of different stages, with guitars, hair getting longer, some of the guys getting beards then loosing them again. Sometimes the view would be from the band member I was, which was now the drummer and sometimes it would be from the audience or just like gods eye.

The music had also changed; we started off as being a punk cover band to now doing our own blend of kind of like rock meets blues but an interesting combination that worked. We were very popular and the band had got a lot older but made a solid fan base.

It was a nice dream that I enjoyed. Always nice to live the dream of a rock star, at least one, right? 😛

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  1. That is one funky dream. 😀 It sounded like a lot of fun. CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH?

    P.S. I want to steal your dreams while you’re, uh, sleeping. 😀

  2. Wow, that was one weird dream. I’ve never, however, dreamed I was a rock star – but judging you – you would be the PERFECT rock star, lol. I hope you continue to mingle in your dream world, because it really is a good one!

  3. 😉 Hello 😉 Winking makes me look smart. 😉 I like to wink at people smarter than me because I’ve been raised in a bubble. 😉 My confidence is built through winks. 😉 That sounds like something you’d find on sloganizer, or maybe it doesn’t and I’m just making it up. 😉

  4. Weee! That one went through, so I shall try again:

    No one forced Kya to update her WP. And there were no guns held to anyone’s head.


  5. That’s an awesome dream! I would love to be a rock star or a night, lol!

    Boston Legal does have some great lessons to be learned within the plots of the story. I really liked the Katrina story line they had last Tuesday, it really made me think. I think I may start watching every week after House! I’d like to visit those fanlistings of yours, is there a link on your site?

    I was thinking about upgrading wordpress, but I’m kind of scared. I’m afraid I’ll mess something up, lol.

    Great Post!


  6. You should be in a band then, Kya! That is an awesome dream! I wish I could dream about my wedding with David *sigh* but, all I dream about is stress + work lol.

  7. Whoooo go the Plates. When is this awesome band touring. lol Thats an awesome dream, I love dreams like that but I can never remeber them in that much detail. So congratulations on a successful band and look forward to seeing you headlining soon

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