Threadless ate my wallet

15 years

Threadless has a sale on this week with all shirts $12. Yep this was deadly, and I ended up spending $251 uh oh. But hey, I did get a whole heap of super awesome shirts that will (and do) make me smile! šŸ˜€ They are selling out pretty fast, so if you desperately want any of these I would BUY before it is too late. Unless you can wait for reprints, sometimes that takes years *sniff*

Today was icky, in that a brown snake was in my Poppy’s house (arrrrh!) I wasn’t there at the time but it has still freaked me out. The brown snakes are very dangerous and a bite from them can kill you, so you can imagine my alarm. My uncle got rid of that one, I just hope there is no more that come inside, it really is scary. *shudders* On top of that there has also been a lot of smoke around lately, there is a rather big fire in my area but thankfully it is some distance away so I should be safe. It still makes me nervous though.

The birds are going well! Bai Bai has some funny tricks like jumping on me and then my head and getting tangled in my hair. He/She has yet to poo in my hair but I just know that moment will come. She is growing so fast though and has already started to try and fly. For her sake I hope she can be free and enjoy the wonders of the word without being locked in a cage. We just have to wait and see, and find how she goes in the wild.

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