Thinking Tuesday: Technology Dies

14 years

I have been asking myself this question a lot lately; What would I do if technology died? If we had no power, no internet, no form of modern communication networks (computers, telephones, mobiles, television, iPods, iPads, ianything)?

I would have a terribly hard time adjusting to this change because I rely on technology so much that I would feel completely helpless and cut off from everything. I spend a great amount of time on the internet, creating websites, using my computer to design, chatting with friends and even for school. I have my future plans tied in with the internet, that if something happened I would in some ways feel like my future had gone and all the years I had spent preparing and learning what I wanted would be gone in an instant.

It really is a scary thought in some ways, that I rely on something so much that could in a flash be gone. I know you have to have faith in some things, otherwise you allow fear to rule every part of you. Perhaps I should allow more time to focus on the natural, tangible world, or at least imagination on paper?

What would you do if technology dies?

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  1. ask me this question a few years ago and I would
    have a similar response as yours.

    but ever since I took a step back from webdesiging,
    (okay, I lost interest but it’s still the same, no?)
    I realize I don’t rely quite so much on the internet.

    I used to be obsessed checking my e-mail every time
    I could and whenever I had to attend a camp that
    requires me to be away from the computer for a number
    of days, I get really edgy and itching to check my

    it doesn’t happen anymore.

    I love a good old snail mail or a package sent my
    way (:
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  2. I lived well until I had my first computer, back on 2001: I used to write my stories using an old writing machine, like Virginia Woolf; I used to draw and colors using various techniques that made the color seem like a print; I used to read more perhaps, and dream more. But in the end, my world was pretty lonely, because I’m too shy to approach people face-to-face in real life. The Internet removed this BIG obstacle, offering me a way to first-meet a person and get close, before we met face-to-face, and thus making it easier to me to find good friends. I discovered that there are other people like me out there, people with imagination, and so I was no longer denigrated, discriminated all the time. And I can use the PC as my new writing machine; much better. 🙂 So no, I would feel very sad without technology. It would make my life regress to the days of lonelyness. And I would HATE that.

    – Luana S.
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