Thinking Tuesday: Reflections On Happiness

14 years

Last week I blogged about the idea of the basis of human nature and need either based on Happiness or instinctual feelings gained through evolution. I have had time to reflect on this during the week, because I was undecided about which it was.

I believe that two options is too simple for the basis of human nature or what we search for. There are many more layers that merge together, and although I am not scientific enough to provide evidence or a true hypothesis for my theories, I am entitled to my own beliefs or ideas.

Personally, the question of what we are searching for in life may be a need to fulfil, to live, to exist, to be. Are these connected to happiness, in some ways they are and in some ways they are not. Are we following what our brain sends to our body or are we following what our soul sends to our mind, sends to our body? Are we simply just living as we do, and there are certain parts of life that make it more pleasant or enjoyments we have discovered simply by chance and coincidence? The more I think about it, the more questions that begin to roll off, and the further away I go from a true answer.

I do not know the answer, I can never know what we are searching for. I can only try and realise what I am searching for in life, and that is the starting point that I should begin with, rather to try and understand the needs of humanity. I do want happiness, but I also want knowledge, understanding, kindness and equality. I want emotions to be forged into my life. I do not want to live in a violent, over complicated world, but I will accept (or try) the world because although I can make differences, I can not change the choices and decisions of others. Happiness is a direction that I stear towards, but I do not finding my driving force behind my spirit. It feels more of a need to be, to understand and learn. Learning in the form of life, not just from a classroom. I believe we all have lessons that we must learn in life and things are different for everyone one of us. Happiness is something that we should have in our life and should strive towards because it enables us to see that we are all human and although we may have many different personalities we are the same too, and should be more united by that fact.

What are your thoughts?

Next week I would like to think about something a bit different and hopefully not as complicated, so my mind does not feel like it is rolling in on itself. ;p

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  1. For me from my own experiences with these sorts of thoughts, I personally believe that human creatures (the animal) and people/persons (the layered intelligence on top of the animal) are different entities entirely at this point in human and sociological evolution, and a lot of the questions people ask about life, purpose, and so many other related things are more so induced by society and civilization than anything in the human creature itself.

    Human evolution is one thing in regards to biological/chemical architecture, abilities, understandings, etc…but I think human evolution as we – society – talk about it is not really in regards to humans, the Earth-dwelling creatures with instincts from birth as many other mammals do. It’s about people/persons – or what society defines as people/persons – that is being talked about. It’s kind of an esoteric thought for a lot of people to think about separating a person with an identity from their human creature; it can be done and it has been done (whether by choice or not is up to the person involved) by people, though, and what comes of those instances is surprising to some and not to others.

    Humans are animals that evolved from one branch of some random organism hundreds of millions of years ago. Now here in 2010, we are not simply a creature walking around because sociological evolution has contributed so much to the behaviors and concepts humans learn. That is ultimately what makes humans the most intelligent creatures (on land): we have more ability to learn than anything else. Stripped of verbal/body language, a unique name, memories, history, and so many other things that defines what a person alone is, the basic human animal concepts of instinct, emotion, and observation are still there as bright as day. However, that is really *all there is* there. Desires for goals, dreams, happiness, and so forth are not pre-programmed in. That is something that is ultimately learned from surroundings and the people within them.

    Science aside, I do believe in souls and spirituality in a broad sense. I don’t believe in gods, a specific God (Christian or other), or any real “higher being” in a singular sense. I generally just feel the Earth and the infinite universe are working the way they work for reasons no one will ever be able to decipher. I do not believe in coincidences that end up shaping/changing a life or multiple lives, IE: a severe illness. I believe we are thrown things (somehow, from somewhere) to show us how to lead our best lives in the time we are given. If we are on the wrong “path”, life throws something at us to steer us in another direction we need to see. Some people might not listen – as I have done numerous times in the past – and carry on business as usual or simply take the “hint” in the wrong way. Eventually, though, life throws you back on course whether you appreciate it at the time or not.

    SO YEAH. I have no idea where I’m going with this. I think the whole idea you brought up about happiness is what got me thinking. I think animals such as homo sapiens want happiness and contentment; I think people/persons, though, want fulfillment and gratification. The differences in those two goals are enormous, and ultimately that’s what each of us need to think about: how do we define fulfillment and gratification versus happiness and contentment.

    This is too intense for me to be blabbing about at 2am, tbh. 😛 Sorry! LOL. :x_x
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