The Year That Was 2015

8 years

As 2015 is drawing to a close, I thought I would continue my tradition of recapping my year that was with a blog post.

 I like to think of 2015 as a year when, I was able to find stability, motivation and courage. I returned to University, completed my first children’s book, renovated my bedroom, designed a stationery set and turned 28. I felt a reconnection to blogging and the blogger community through such cool active bloggers and friends; Alice, Cat, Georgie, Joy, KaelaKarin, RaisaSarah, Tara, and many many more. I retired some websites I had been running (Giraffe Host & Blog Matter) and continued to maintain my active ones; Bloglist Me, Cute Magic, Moon & Cup mb.

What I hope to see in 2016
IMG_0661I hope that 2016 can be a year where I am able to feel more confidence and maybe even inspired to take charge with some important things (like my psychical health and saving money properly). I hope that I am able to dedicate time and effort to my studies and allow room for a lot of creative adventures to really bloom. It would be wonderful if I was able to travel, see friends and find little string pearls of happiness that become part of a year where life develops meaning and aspiration. ?

I hope YOU have a really great 2016!

Entertainment Recap

Reading: I read 25 books in 2015, favourite: The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North
Movies: I watched 199 films in 2015, favourite: Mad Max: Fury Road & Inside Out
Music: I listened to 563 songs in 2015, top artists: Jessie J, Adele and Taylor Swift

Note: I will be posting a creative recap on my DeviantArt account. ?

1. What was the best thing to happen for you in 2015?
2. What are your plans for 2016?

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  1. What a great year for you! It’s nice to see good things happening for you as you always are doing your best to make sure good things happen for everyone else 🙂

    I am going to try and be a more active blogger type person. I saw my WordPress Jetpack stats and it was all going well until about September when I let it sort of slump. Hopefully I can get motivated to do more with blogging next year!

    I’m not quite sure what the best thing to happen to me was in 2015. I think maybe having a job that, although not always somewhere I had fun or liked to be, I was respected as a team leader and my management actually listened to the things I had to say and agreed with me. I never thought that would be something that happened to me in the public service! I even got my contract renewed and potentially (unofficially have been) will be offered a permanent role early next year.

    I also was able to save the most amount of money I ever have in my life! It’s nice to see the numbers go up and not down anymore (other than that whole mortgage thing).

    1. I am sure that you will blog more when you can. :love:

      Being respected in your workplace is such a big thing and I am so glad that it happened. That would be so cool to get the permanent position and I am sure you will!

      That is awesome that you have been saving money! You are adulting so well. :hug:

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing and super productive year! I just downloaded your book on scribd and I’m super excited to read it 🙂 (I also added you on goodreads, hope you don’t mind!)

    I hope everything you have planned for 2016 works out for you, and many more 🙂 Have a happy and safe new years!

    Best thing that happened to me in 2015 was climbing a volcano in New Zealand. It made me motivated to exercise (which I’ve been doing ever since!) and made me realise my strength, which is something my ex boyfriend had made me feel terrible and self conscious about. In 2015 I realised I don’t need him and that I’m better off without him 🙂 Wow, that got deep hahah! And my plans for 2016 is to continue that and build on it.

    1. Awww, thank you so much for downloading my book. :love:

      That is so wonderful that you were able to climb a volcano in NZ and also come to the realisation that your ex was no good! I hope that in 2016 you can find a lot of happiness and feel confident about you. <3

  3. You had quite an accomplished year, and I have really enjoyed following it on your blog! You are just so darn creative! 😀 I can’t wait to check out the dA post as well!

    The best thing about my 2015, was also stability. However, the most fun was my trip to New York! XD My 2016 plan is to really explore my own creativity! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. It’s nice to be able to go back to university and finish what you started. Some people were against me going to college. They feel that I should be working full-time. I decided to go to college to open more doors in the future. You can’t do retail and restaurant forever. Some people, such as myself get tired of doing it after so many years.

    I can’t wait to read your eBook. Once I upgrade to an iPhone, then I’ll be able to read it. I hope you write more children easy read eBooks. We need more of it. I haven’t come across a lot of them on Google Play.

    I hope to make more blogger friends. Wow. You must had a lot of free time to read that much books. I’m still taking my time reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I started not too long ago. I still have to read the rest of the series.

    1. What was the best thing to happen for you in 2015? I started at uni.
    2. What are your plans for 2016? Read the rest of the Harry Potter book series.

    1. Sometimes you do have to do things that are important to you, especially when they are going to give you more options for the future. You should be proud of that. 😀

      I hope you enjoy the Harry Potter books. I really loved them. 😀

  5. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments this year! Good to see that you’re keeping yourself busy with all of these cool projects. I’m excited to see Bloglist Me up for a while.

    I wish you the best in 2016 and do your best! It’s amazing that you kept track of the songs you listened to! I’m too embarrassed to keep track of mine X’D.

    2016 will be a year of opportunities for me… Whatever it is, but I’m looking forward to it!

  6. You retired Giraffe Host and Blog Matter? When did that happen??? I’ve been too far out of the loop since I lost my motivation. 🙁

    Sounds like you are doing amazing thus far! I’m glad you finished your childrens book and were able to finish as much as you did! That’s awesome!

    I hope you are going to do much MUCH more in 2016! 🙂

  7. YAY for achieving great things last 2015, Kya! More to come this year! Happy new year to you! :3

    One of the best things that happened to me last 2015 is of course, being able to open up a website again and being able to do one of the things I’ve always wanted to: Web Designing! Special thanks to you, Kya 😀

    I wish to be able to do and accomplish more this year. Well, my hopes are almost similar to you. I wish to build more confidence and have time for everything I love. 🙂

    Again, happy new year! Let’s claim this will be a good year! 🙂

  8. Aww, thanks for the mention! I’m so glad we became blogging buddies 😀 I think you accomplished a lot in 2015! I’m happy that it was a good year for you.

    I hope 2016 will be great for you too! Looking forward to seeing what creative things you come up with this year 🙂 Happy new year!

  9. Sounds like you did a lot this year! I hope you manage to achieve everything you want to in 2016. Saving money is something I need to get better at too. It’s too easy to just buy what I want without caring about my bank account.

    The best things to happen to me in 2015 were moving out, getting my dream job and graduating. It’s definitely been an amazing year!

    In 2016 I plan to save money and write a lot more. I want to keep my blog updated – I really miss posting regularly!

    1. Hopefully we are both able to start saving money! 😀

      What a great year you had. I hope that 2016 will continue the same way! :love:

  10. Happy new year, Kya! You’ve accomplished A LOT last year. Wishing you a better 2016 <3.

    For 2016, I'm looking forward to better health and tackling my last internship/clinical rotations and finally graduating from PT school. Can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for me as 2015 was pretty rough.

  11. Happy New Year to you! I hope 2016 will be full of health and happiness 🙂
    The best thing that happened to me in 2015 is the birth of my son, for sure. We’ll see what 2016 will bring. Enjoy your weekend.

  12. It appears that 2015 was a great year for you! You’ve accomplished so many big projects. Kudos to you! I wish you luck in 2016 and wish you even more luck with your studies! 😀 I’m also glad we got to know each other through blogging, and I look forward to getting to know you even more in the new year!

    I think the best things that occurred for me in 2015 are all the travelling I did, all of my food adventures, and all of my blogging accomplishment. I hope to do all that and more in 2016!

  13. Happy New Year! <3 It's been such a pleasure to see you grow in happiness this last year.

    I can't think what the best bit of 2015 was, it was up and down, but there were plenty good moments. My plan for 2016 is change, although I'm not sure what they change will be.

    1. Thank you. :love:

      I hope that you will be able to bring some change into your life and it can have many positive effects. :*3

  14. That really does sound like you had an amazing 2015 – I hope 2016 shapes up just as well, if not better for you 🙂

    My main plans for 2016 revolve around stability, trying to find and maintain balnce in my life

  15. Blogging friends definitely help motivate me to actually update as well!! 2015 sounded awesome for you!!! Here is to a shiny and amazing 2016!!

  16. It sounds like you had a really great year and it’s great that you were able to keep connected to the blogging world through other bloggers! I think that’s why I keep falling off the band wagon, blogging is just not what it used to be.

    Here’s to hoping you’re able to accomplish your goals for 2016. I can’t wait to see what the year has in store for you!

  17. Hello Kya, I’m not sure if you still remember me, but I was part of Blog Matter before but never got to actively participate because it was on hiatus a few days or weeks after. Anyway, hehe, you seem to have a great 2015! Hope you’ll be able to achieve your goals for 2016! 🙂

    Last year, my 2015 was mostly about travelling. This year I want to lessen the travelling because I’m going to focus on investments this year. Crossing fingers to that. Haha.

  18. The best thing that happened to me during 2015 will be all the great opportunities that I had and all the amazing stuff and people that I know, I hope 2016 will be the year I can save more money and do all the things on my wishlist. You have an amazing blog, absolutely loving it. x

  19. Love this post! I just made a resolution to keep track of all the movies I watch and books I read, along with mini reviews. I just planned on doing them in my planner, but doing them online definitely seems like a great alternative.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Etsy

  20. You did some awesome things in 2015 Kya! I’m super proud. Saving money and taking better care of physical health are on my list too, it can be hard but we’re always up for the challenge right? 😀

  21. I’m glad to read that your 2015 was filled with motivation to what you want, which is creative adventuring from what it looks like! I have a friend who’s in the same boat and I’m happy for both of you. Congrats on the book and designing the stationery set. I hope you will continue to do so in 2016! Take care of yourself too because that’s how we can be happy. 🙂

  22. Sounds like you had a great 2015! 😀 What a productive year it’s been for you. (By the way, I LOVED Mad Max Fury Road too! The production design was incredible and I count it as one of my favorite films in 2015.)

    2015 was a pretty cool year for me (despite some downs and some turning-23-adulting problems). I went back to blogging after a 5-year hiatus and I got to be part of this incredible community at Cup MB. I’m very happy I got to have gained new blogging friends- you included 🙂 I hope 2016 will get me right on track again with my blogging (and my delayed personal projects too).

    Anyway, good luck with 2016 🙂 I hope it will be a good year for you creatively, mentally, and financially!

  23. I love pixels too 🙂 thank you for your sweet words!!

    2015 sounds like a great year for you, and your fortitude for 2016 is wonderfully sweet. I wish you all the best. You got this 🙂

    The best part of 2015 for me was of course my son ^~^ 2016 has the potential to be a great year!

  24. I’m going to say the chance and ability to find the determination in myself to face crisis on all levels, plus I’m hoping to just be a better me this year. Just more personal growth, no more unnecessary spending, no more lying, no more hurting my husband. No more impulses. No more giving my mania a chance to get me, and just being in control of myself at all times. Tough things, but well worth it.

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