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>Hey (: Thanks everyone for the comments greatly appreciated :satisfied: I will be leaving this week on Thursday I think so I will be away for about two weeks. I don’t know how I am going to cope without a computer. I know I am going to miss Nicole like whoa. Why? Because she is teh Beautifuls <3. I wish I had a laptop. But it will be fun, I hope I don't spend to much money, but I have cd’s and Dvd’s I want, jewlery and clothes, it’s endless I have to controll myself.

Speaking of Cd’s and Dvds I have added more content and updated things in the me section, mainly just with the Cd’s and DVD’s I own. I thought I need a more controlled method. I dread having to add all the videos we own, when I get back I might.

Australian Idol is on tonight, I am totally addicted to it 😛 One of my Favs sang last night, Lee Harding. He is adorable and I just want to him. He was one if not the best last night and I voted Five times. I never usually vote and just go on about the results, so I like him that much O: I also applied for his fanlisting so I hope and cross I will get that email. :blush:

Anyway, I hope everyone has fun and is ok while I am away. I will miss all of you. Take care and live safe.

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  1. Hello Kya! I will miss you and all of your personalities of course too very much, but I want you to have a great time! I hope you don’t spend too much money either. Limit your spending, and get what you really want. I’ll check out your collection in a little while. I dread seeing how many you own! 😛 Congratulations to Lee again! I just want him also. ;)_ Wow, you really do want him don’t you? 😛 I am not going to let that one go easily I hope you know. 🙂 Good luck with the fanlisting! You should definitely get it! 😀 Thanks, and the same to you. Now I will continue my chatting with you and working on that dare I say it continue my work with the Hansome one.

  2. Kaykay where are you going? I might of missed that because I am really tired lol. Aww I am going to miss you. TWO weeks wow 🙁 Well whereever it is your are going I wish you to have the best of time you could possibly have! Haha budgeting your money too? 😛

    Well I hope that your idol dude wins lol I don’t really watch that stuff anymore it’s boring really. But anyways take care and I luff ya!

  3. Grawr, I’ll miss you =(
    MORE DVD’s and CD’s? O_o lol, have fun wherever you’re going. I have a trauma with name Hardding since my 6th grade math teacher was named Miss Harding and she was evil and she had grey curls like a poodle and she was mean.

    Have fun!!

    xx Noa

  4. Have a fantastic time!! I’m sure you’ll be having too much fun to be missing everything!

    I hope you get the fanlisting. 🙂

  5. Aww,I miss you so far. 🙁
    LOL Yes,control yourself woman! Stop buying so much or you’ll be dead broke like me. xP I’m a very bad example. xD
    Good luck with the fanlisting and have fun!
    :heart: :heart: :heart:

  6. Have a great time on holiday hun. I’ll miss you. By the way, this layout is amazing. I love it. Hehe. Don’t spend too much, but spoil yourself. It’s your holiday. 😉 I havn’t seen Australian Idol. But we’ve got X Factor in England which is like it. ♥ x

  7. I’ll miss you 🙁
    But, do have fun where ever you’re going 😉 Don’t be like me and waste all your money on CDs ok? Control yourself.

  8. Aww… Two weeks away? Whatever shall we do without you? <3 I hope you have a FABULOUS time, sweetie. You deserve to have a blast. I hope we'll get to read all about it when you return. Oh, and pictures, too!

    I worked on adding my list of CDs and DVDs, too (I was going to add them to my fanlisting collective) but decided against it. I own more than 350 CDs and close to 150 DVDs; I just wasn’t up for the work. 😛

  9. i have no idea where you are going lol but have a great time! i hope you dont miss the pc too much, i know i would if i went away tee hee.

    i’ve been hearing good stuff bout australian idol, i wish we could get all that over here but sadly we cant 🙁 i think its stupid we cant see american idol and australian idol on a good channel over here, i like seeing other nationalities music. we have the x factor now, more simon cowel inventions lol

    take care hun! xx

  10. Have fun on your little trip. I think you’ll survive without your computer 😛

    I never did get into the whole American Idol/Canadian Idol thing. I dunno, it’s just never interested me.

    My armband says:
    I Am The End

  11. You’re amazing. 🙁 You have this almight power to change your layout everytime I visit. Maybe I don’t visit enough. T_T

    Good luck with getting the fanlisting~! I don’t know much about Australian Idol, being Canadian. 😛

  12. Have funon your trip! Two weeks without you? AUGH. Hahaha… XD It’ll be sheer torture… I wish I had a laptop too… especially since my computer is being OBNOXIOUS. *shakes fist*

  13. hey, hope you have fun on ya trip! I love aussie idol!didnt lee sing Good Charlotte? well i hope thats him anyways.. lol… ok, i love aussie idol, but i dont watch it ALL the time coz my sis wants to watch uther stuff! but i reckon the bloke who sung Good Charlotte is so kool! (im pretty sure thats him! i just hope im right!)… and the Newcastle chick, but i dont think she got thru.. i like her coz im from newie too! lol…
    V-nice layout by the way!! awsome! and i give it a big thumbs up!! *does a thumbs up*

  14. Hey Kya 🙁 I hope you’re having lots of fun! I miss you. I know we don’t talk as much as we used to, but you’ve been away so long I’m getting upset over it. Nicole and Elise must be dying without you around. I’m glad you have such amazing friends. You deserve them. You deserve everything you have.

    I remember before you had your reseller…it seems so long ago, doesn’t it? And everything you’ve wanted, has come true, just like a wish! And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.

    I hope you return safely. I can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to 🙂 bye for now sweetheart! Slytherin forever 😀 xoxo

  15. Aww! Kya! Me misses you already!!! 🙁 I just logged online for the first time in weeks. Evil school… making me so busy… grrr… Oh well… Hope you have a good time!

  16. Hiya darling,

    Guess what gorgeous I went to Sandown 🙂 did you go? Well I hope your well and having fun wherever you are!

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