The Wind Blows Dust

15 years

Wow. I woke up today (or this afternoon hehe) to find that a huge dust storm had covered everything in a layer of red dirt and that it had stretched over a good part of NSW including Sydney. Apparently it was so bad you couldn’t see hardly anything. What is weird, is Mum and I were watching one of those random Most Shocking Moment Caught On Camera shows and it features a huge dust storm in America. Weird!

There is a mouse in my room and it is causing me a lot of bother. I love the creatures of the world and I do not want to kill it, I just don’t want it in my room pooing in places and making a jolly good mess. My room has so much crap in it and there are a lot of places it can kind so I am trying to take things out. It does freak me out a little. I have an image of the mouse jumping at my head with it’s arms and legs open haha. I have been sleeping on the lounge for a few days and that is not comfortable at all. Tonight I hope to find the mouse and take my room back.ย  ๐Ÿ˜›

I had fun helping a professional photographer take photos of family over the weekend. He is writing a book about the local identities in my town and wanted to include my Mum and Grandfather (I live in a small town and my family has been here for generations). It was so much fun to watch him work, suggest ideas and he even let me take some photos as well. The ones of my Poppy turned out really well they look amazing. I can’t wait to see the book, it will be a keeper. :B

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  1. Oh god, that must have been freaky and scary! I wonder what caused it? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ (I remember I woke up once and there had been an earthquake and trees were in the road! D:)

    Aww, I am like that with spiders – If there is one in my room, or even was, I can’t sleep in there! Haha, I hope you find it! (Honey or chocolate, TRUST ME!) ♥

  2. Try to catch him in something, or put on a thick pair of gloves so he can’t bite you. I had to do that once, I had to save the poor thing from getting tortured from my mom’s cats.

  3. Haha the epic dust storm! I remember waking up for a few seconds, half awake, when I saw that my window was bright red. I disregarded it and fell asleep but I wish I had taken a photo. It was gone when I woke up again.

    I hope you get that mouse! I just saw your tweet about going for a big hunt. Best of luck finding that little scumbag. We had a mouse problem in our house before, and the most annoying thing was that it scampered around and made noises in the middle of the night. My mum put peanut butter in a mouse trap in the kitchen and in the morning it had been killed. D: It was the only way we could get rid of it, because it only came out at night. -sigh-

    I’m not one for killing animals but sometimes a few of those little creepers ought to leave us alone.

    Perhaps you can make a little trap that won’t kill it. Lead it into a little cage or something and that way you can let it slip free. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Our council sold a book on the heritage of our area; it was pretty cool, even if our family wasn’t in it. But my mum had won the book from some council celebration, along with a 50 dollar gift voucher. XD

  4. Good luck with catching the mouse in a none-harmful way. ๐Ÿ™‚ I had one in my room a few years ago and it scared me a few times hearing the rustling.

    Oooh, your mom and grandfather getting featured in a book is cool. I’m glad the pictures turned out well.

  5. Woah, that looks beautiful but scary!

    Do you think it might be a good idea to get a mouse trap, one of the ones that traps it but doesn’t kill it. Then you can get it go outside. I have a load of crap in my room and I am too afraid to clean it all out in case I encounter spiders.

  6. Whoa! That dust storm was kind of cool… It must have been so weird to just wake up and find everything like that.

    Yeah, my room sounds like yours… I hope I don’t get a neighbor too. I would never be able to get it out of my room. Good luck! I hope you can sleep in your own room soon.

  7. There’s mice here in our house, too, but there’s not much I can do about it but just… watch them walking around HAHA. I don’t wanna kill these creatures. I mean, if it’s their time to die, so be it. I just don’t wanna be super evil or something. I just hope they won’t munch on my food, though! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    I’ve never really helped my boyfriend yet with the whole professional photography thing (coz he is one, actually) but i’m very sure that what he’s doing is super cool! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Oh wow… It scares me to think about all the natural disasters happening around the world today… What’s the world coming to?

    I do hope you find that mouse! I always freak out when I see one, even outside our house because I have a LOT of books and would hate to see any of them eaten through. :s

    It’s always fun to see professional photographers in action. ^_^ I used to love just listening to photography professors…they have such great ideas.

  9. I saw pictures from that dust storm too! It looks really creepy… and it doesn’t even look like it’s on Earth.. more like Mars. *sigh* the world today… :

    Our house is home to some mice too. I’m not even sure how many there are (maybe two? or even more than that?) but during the night, we can sometimes hear them in the walls squeaking.. :S They’re quite small, but I still can’t help but walk on my toes when I’m in the kitchen… so icky!!

    Yesterday, I finally learned how to work a DSLR camera on manual mode! I’m really proud of myself because I thought it was so complicated before.. Now, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to using it on automatic. haha x)

  10. It’s pretty freaky waking up to find that the sky is red and that your car is covered in dust (even if I don’t have a car XD). I actually thought that there was a fire elsewhere but then I thought that a fire would just show smoke and not…red.

    Woah. I thought it only reached Sydney and not anywhere else.

    Apparently it was just soil blown in from a farm or something.

    Maybe you should just try to lure the mouse out – put cheese (or whatever a mouse eats) somewhere and have a little cage thing to drop on the mouse so that it can’t escape. Then take it outside. Don’t kill it though.

    I’d never kill an animal unless it was an insect. sigh. I hate insects. I’m so cruel towards them.

    Good luck finding that mouse. Do mice bite?

    I’m glad you had a nice time helping that photographer ๐Ÿ™‚ Awesome.
    My family hasn’t been here for generations. My family moved to Australia 17 years ago, I think. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. wow. that is scary. :p i remember seeing that on the new the other day. we dont get many dust storms where i come from lol. and the poor mouse! and you! that would scare me a bit, even though they are so cute. i too would probably sleep somewhere else teehee. good luck catching the mouse! and it sounds like you had alot of fun with that photographer.

  12. Yeah – I remember waking up and there was orange light seeping through the curtains, like what the fruitcake?! It was super windy that day too and I had to go to an exam. Arrived at the exam, and I stank of dust. Was catching the train into the city too, as I was crossing the harbour bridge, ALL the buildings weren’t visible, because the dust was that thick. Made for good photos though. Sepia day! haha

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