The swift wings of change wait for no man

14 years

Kevin Rudd is no longer the prime minister of Australia, the leadership now belongs to Julia Gillard the first female Prime Minister in the history of our country. She was not elected by the people, she was chosen by members within the labour party after popularity in Kevin Rudd began to dwindle.

How do I feel about it? Honestly I am still shocked that something like that can happen so fast. Of course there had been speculation for a while, but I never really thought Ruddy would be replaced in a flash. I guess it does bug me that the Australian people did not make the decision who was chosen as PM, because ultimately WE should. I do appreciate that a women has been able to be prime minister, a strong women who is intelligent and has been willing to make her own decisions in life (she never married and has no children) rather then be influenced by what was the appropriate way for a politician to be.

I am still undecided really, I guess I will have some time to see. They will no doubt call an early election. It seems strange to think that Ruddy isn’t the PM any more, change is fast.

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  1. It happened here too, when Gordon Brown took over from Blair. I was angry because we didn’t elect Brown.

    I have to say though, just because a woman is married and has children does not mean that she cannot make her own decisions. Just saying. The one does not rule out the other. I think it would be a mistake to judge women without children or partner as somehow superior to those who do have them.
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    1. @Seren, It is very annoying not being able to voice your opinion and actually have some impact in the future of your own country, and scary.

      I did not mean to imply that I thought anyless of women that can manage work and family, I think it is wonderful how well they do especially with so much. I just meant that at least in Australian politics it is very rare to have the independent women stand strong without them having a family unit, and I appreciate that she is that person to show everyone you can be who you are and achieve great heights.

  2. I’m undecided about it all too. I like the idea of her as Prime Minister but I would have preferred that we had voted for her.
    I don’t like the way the situation was handled though and that the unions were a part of the push.

    Initially, I thought it would mean that when election time came she would be the labor candidate rather than he stand down as of now. It is kind of incredible.
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    1. @Kalliste, I know what you mean. I believe that they will call another election early, or you would hope so. I want to be able to hear her polocies and thoughts, rather then what was her shadow thoughts behind Rudd, if you know what I mean.

      It’s hard to tell what will happen next. I mean, we could end up that Rudd is elected again, or that she takes over completely as chosen by the public. The last I heard was that her popularity was quite high.

  3. Well technically, we don’t choose any of our Prime Ministers, we only choose the party πŸ˜› It did seem to happen all so quickly, though! There would’ve been stuff going on behind the scenes for a little while, but to the public it all transpired in about twelve hours?

    1. @Adam, Heh, yeah. At least we like to think that the party stands for everything we hope the one person believes in (yeah right).

      I think there was things going on too. There would of had to have been. Things we will never know about, so you can’t really judge the situation too much when you are not awear of all the details, you just have to process the outcome and how well it seems one person is doing in the ‘top job”

  4. I don’t know if that’s happened here recently, but I do know that back in the early 90s is when Canada elected its first and only female prime minister. She was horrible though, and they got rid of her within 3 months. Honestly, I wouldn’t be too comfortable with any person in office who wasn’t elected in some way by the people.
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    1. @Marie, Wow, that was really quick she must have been bad. It is scary that someone can come in without being connected to the whole community. I guess, because Julia was very involved with the whole campaigns and was deputy prime minister that she did have some re-pore with Australians.

  5. wow… thinking about your post made me realized that there are things really possible. i mean knowing politics, i don’t think a woman would be appointed just by its members. in your case, i admire the people who trusted Gillard to replace Rudd. it’s a progress i think. πŸ™‚

    1. @Tine, Yes it sure is. I would hate to be involved in it really. So many decisions to make, promises you can’t keep and stepping on and over people would just be really bad. I think people might start with good intentions in politics but a long the way it becomes a mess and a muddle. πŸ™

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