The Month That Was: September 2015

9 years

I have decided to start a new segment on my blog where I will recap life, updates and random things in ‘The Month That Was’.

September 2015 wasn’t a busy month, but I still managed to fill it with some slightly productive things while I wait for University to start again in November. The most annoying thing has been the weather. It has been cooler than I expected so the drying time on the floorboard gloss was taking soooooo long. Thankfully, as September is ending, the days are getting warmer, so I am hopeful October will be the month when my bedroom is finished!

Life Updates


I read three books this month, that was a lot more than I normally would. The books I read were: The Martian by Andy Weir, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige. My favourite was The Martian. I was captivated by every word and really had no idea how it was going to end. I am really interested to see the movie. I enjoyed reading The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, it was only a short story but I thought it was such an interesting concept. I wish that I had read the story before seeing the movie. Dorothy Must Die is YA, and I often get drawn to some of these books because they have interesting concepts. Parts of it I liked and other times it just was….. eh. I will probably read another book in the series because I like to know how things end. ?


I watched 14 films in September and my favourite was certainly Mad Max: Fury Road. It was so intense, that I spent most of the time with my heart pumping and hoping the madness of the chase would end well. This movie also showed that a female lead can kick-arse. Tom Hardy. TOM HARDY. ? I am going to watch it again soon. Heh.


I didn’t listen to any music this month. ?


Some casual play of The Sims 4 and the Get To Work expansion pack. I was excited to try the pack because it does add some new career options. I liked that you could go to work with the Doctor and manage your own shop if you wanted too. The fact you have more control over things is exciting, but can also get tiering. However you have a choice if you want to go to work with the Sim which is good, because sometimes you want them to just do their ‘thang’.

Failed At

  • Saving money: I wasn’t able to save money because of the cost of renovating my bedroom. Once that is complete I plan to start saving money.
  • Creative writing: I didn’t do any creative writing, hopefully next month I can.


  1. How was your September in the year 2015?
  2. Did you read any books this September?
  3. What was your favourite movie in September?
  4. What do you hope to do in October 2015?

18 Responses

  1. September has gone so fast! I’m a bit nervous about heading into October, it used to be my favourite month, but after last year it makes me nervous. I’ve got a week off at the end of the month though, that will be nice.

    I’ve read loads of books this month, some really great ones too. I tried to read The Martian but didn’t enjoy the sample I downloaded for my Kindle. Maybe I should give it another go if you’ve enjoyed it.

  2. September was fairly awful. Towards the end of August I started getting sick constantly, I had an abscess in my cheek/tooth, then I had my period, which strangely led to a UTI out of stress, which led to me weening off of caffeine and sugary beverages, which led to headaches, which now without the caffeine has led to my ADD and stuff being out of whack. It wasn’t a terrible month in and of itself, nothing went horribly wrong, but the culmination of everything that went wrong with my body and a few bad days made it a minefield.

    I did end up reading a couple of books, though. I can’t remember the name of one of them off the top of my head, but I really enjoyed reading Hollow World, it was fairly fantastic and I hadn’t had high hopes for it from the jump.

    Unfortunately I didn’t watch many movies in September, or maybe any really — at least not any that I recall. 😡

    And for October I hope to find a way to get back where I belong and still somehow keep my father mentally stable. Living here is doing a number on me and I think he really should be okay now; he wasn’t well off after my mom passed last year so I came home last December to help him out and have been here since, but I’d like to go back to Texas and feel a bit more comfortable again. I’m also hoping that I find more time to actually blog about things that matter to me, if I can help it.

    P.S. I want to try the Sims 4 but most of what I’ve heard about it has been fairly negative; maybe I’ll give it a try soon!

  3. I really like short updates and I feel I should do more of them myself!

    I haven’t read the book, but I enjoyed the movie version of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. Did the book have any differences from the movie?

    MAD MAX. Gosh, I missed it when it showed in cinemas so I REALLY need to get on to watching that. My only knowledge of the franchise are from the few scenes I saw of the older films. I absolutely looovee the production design! *movie geek here lol*

    Oohhh Sims 4! I feel like I’ve been so out of the loop. Hopefully I’ll get to play it when I get to buy a new laptop (which isn’t happening anytime soon, sadly). I was such a big fan of Sims 2 and have only tried to play Sims 3 in its most basic form (because my laptop couldn’t handle it lol).

    Good luck with university!

    1. How was your September in the year 2015?
    It’s been pretty much the opposite over here. The weather been very, very humid during the day (so we’ve been spending more for airconditioning) and very rainy in the afternoon/night. I find it hard to get work done in hot, sticky weather. So, yes I haven’t been as productive. D: However, September was a time for fun family bonding moments!

    2. Did you read any books this September?
    The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski and am currently finishing Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson. I haven’t been in the mood to read a lot, sadly. 🙁

    3. What was your favourite movie in September?
    I didn’t get to watch a lot of movies. I did gain appreciation for TV shows though.

    4. What do you hope to do in October 2015?
    Get things done! 😀 And also, I’ve got some Aunts from America staying with us for a few weeks so I’m going to enjoy some more family bonding time. Can’t wait for that!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS! Phase 2 looks great! 🙂 You work magic.. I love this idea for a blog, too… you’re so good at being novice ^~^

    I bet your hair looks gorgeous, too.

    I haven’t been able to read hardly at all since having my son, but I’ve been reading bits and pieces of gardening and pruning books. The last novel I read was “All Creatures Great and Small” by James Herriot, and that was right before having my son 🙂 I recommend that book, by the way.

    Haven’t really watched any movies, either. Just work work work. Would be nice to sit down and watch a movie with my hubby, though. I usually watch NatGeo at the end of the day. Speaking of, my daughter’s favorite show right now is “72 Dangerous Animals: Australia” and it makes me think of you sometimes. You have crazy animals out there!

  5. Where did September go?? My month was good, just very busy and a lot of new things for me, including a new internship. But I think I am finally getting settled down with my classes so, good month! And good month for you, too!

    I haven’t read as many books as I wanted to (I never do) but I read four which is good. I was Here and Just one Day, both by Gayle Forman; The Heir by Kierra Cass and Moby Dick by Herman Mellville. Moby Dick was a whale of a book (har har har har).

    Favorite movie: I watched Mad Max this month, too! I enjoyed it, but didn’t love it. I also watched Scarface for the first time last night and really liked that.

    In October I hope to…. be productive! Haha, I haven’t set any specific goals for myself yet, but for the moment just to keep reading, blogging, and doing my homework (the last one is not quite as fun).

  6. You had a productive September! I think that’s awesome that you’re printing your design on stationary, and I love the color of your hair. The Martian movie looks really good. It makes me want to read the book first, so I’m thinking about checking it out. I also loved Mad Max! So much action and great characters!

    My September was super busy with photography. I did cosplay photoshoots and then event photography for work. I don’t think I saw any movies, and the only reading I did was for work (a book about Agile). I’m hoping to have more time for myself in October!

  7. How was your September in the year 2015?

    September went super fast for me although I didn’t do very much, but I did get back into blogging again and being active on Twitter. I signed up to Bloglist 🙂

    Did you read any books this September?

    I actually started reading again. I’m using the commute time to and from work to read. I can read for about 40mins each day so I get can get through a lot each day. I’m currently reading Inferno by Dan Brown.

    What was your favourite movie in September?

    The only movie I watched this month was the The Imitation Game. It wasn’t a bad film, great story though.

    What do you hope to do in October 2015?

    I hope to continue being active on my blog and do more exercise.

  8. I’m glad to hear that you had a productie month! It sounds like you did a lot with your room renovation :D! Bloglist Me is an awesome idea. Hope it’ll have a great list of bloggers within time ^__^!

    Congratulations on getting the iPhone 6s! Hopefully you’ll find a case that is pink at the very least ;D. Your new avatar looks really cute, especially with the details! You did a way better job than me at watching movies. I barely watched 8 in the span of 3 months @____@.

    My September was pretty good, especially with the transition of having to move back to school. I didn’t read any books, but I think I watched a couple of movies except I don’t remember the names XD. I’m hoping to not procrastinate this month.

    Have a great October!

  9. Well, september for me was a really busy month! I only read books related to college, and I am stuck in the same fictional book for like two months? I just read so much for college when I have time to read something that I want, I am just tired of reading at all. My favorite movie in September was Pinch Perfect. I had never watched it before, so my boyfriend and I watched it on the weekend. I loved it so much, it’s pure fun. Well, and for october I only hope I can finish my last papers for college and have some free time actually!
    Oh, I am also so excited to see your room ready! Please promise to post pictures when you finish it, okay? In the beginning I got really excited about The Sims 4 too, but I just… I happen to prefer playing on my ipod. I am really enjoying the SimCity there, it’s so fun!

  10. I like Bloglist Me, I’ve already joined it!
    I also like the red hair better. Maybe I should start re-dyeing mine too…
    How’s the iPhone 6s? I’m thinking of upgrading too!
    What do write? Poetry? Prose?

    I watched Star Wars in September, it was good!

  11. I also dyed my hair purple (violet) in Sept and was on Pinterest last night looking at red hair. |) Haha. I don’t think I’ll look good in red though.

    I didn’t read/finish any books all summer. I’ll pick up One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories by B.J Novak, which is a bunch of short stories, and read one or two once in a while.

  12. Wow, you did a lot in September!

    I had a interesting September, though it was okay, mostly, okay for the most part. I’ve been reading and watching several books that I love, and finished a few video games like MGSV and Super Mario Galaxy.

  13. Yay for being productive! You really did do a lot! From renovating to your room, to dyeing your hair, to creating the awesome Bloglist, and creating that adorable new avatar . . . that’s a lot of good stuff, Kya!

    I hope you can save money and do some creative writing in October! I wish you luck with that.

    My September was busy, too! I had a lot of work-related things to do, and then I had blogging tasks to conquer! In between those two, I also read some books and started on a new video game. I also met up with several friends! So it’s been a crazy month for me!

  14. Yay I like monthly recaps. 🙂

    I hope you get to save more money this coming month and also do a few of the things you didn’t get to do.

    I coloured my hair purple once but it was a dark sort of purple and hard to see. I did it again with a different shade of purple but it looked a bit pink-purple. I coloured mine red recently hehe. 🙂 It is my favourite colour to colour my hair.

    I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button but didn’t ever read the story, I know that it was based on a short story/short book though.

    How was your September in the year 2015?
    Good! xD I blogged every day. Some major things happened and I left my job but I have another one coming.

    Did you read any books this September?
    I read Start With Why by Simon Sinek, a non-fiction business sort of book.

    What was your favourite movie in September?
    I didn’t watch anything 🙁

    What do you hope to do in October 2015?
    Clean up my portfolio 😀 I’ll be in Indonesia most of the time so just hoping to have a good time.

  15. Wow, monthly recap! That’s a cool thing to do. I want to do it, too, but I doubt it would be as eventful and as interesting as yours because you’ve done a lot of different things in a month haha. 🙂

    I loved The Sims when I was a kid! I don’t get to play the new ones though, because I couldn’t afford the game. ? But I suddenly missed playing it because of your post! I had the classic one installed on my laptop so maybe I could go play it once again. I want to try The Sims 4 also but I don’t think my laptop’s specs is up to par with its minimum system requirements. Haha. And aww, no music? 🙁 What’s your type of music, Kya? There are a lot of good ones that aren’t that popular. 🙂 If you haven’t yet, try Spotify. You might discover something you might like. 🙂

    Well, September has been a busy month for me as well but it’s the kind of routine-y busy so it’s not as interesting and productive. Hopefully October will be! ?

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