The Month That Was: November 2015

9 years

In November 2015, I started study and finished my first children’s book.

I have been busy in November with finding my study groove. I am only a part time student doing one unit at a time and right now that suits me perfectly. I submitted my first assignment last week and look forward to feedback. The current unit I am studying is based on 20th Century Design, and I am discovering how much I didn’t understand about it. I also got the final printed version of my book (Tom and Geraldene) and I am really happy with it.

Life Updates

  1. Started study towards Communication Design degree
  2. Finished my children’s book Tom and Geraldene
  3. Designed and had printed Christmas postcards, stickers & personal business card
  4. Ordered gifts and prepared cards for Christmas Exchange (posting cards on Wednesday)
  5. Merged Blog Matter with Bloglist Me, a directory for bloggers

Entertainment Updates

I have failed at saving money (again). I haven’t written anything substantial, but have been plotting story ideas (for my next children’s book).


  1. How was your November?
  2. Are you looking forward to December & the holidays?

32 Responses

  1. It seems like November was a busy and productive month for you, Kya! Reading your own book totally counts as reading a book! 😉

    My November went by very fast, but it was very good. I got to visit family for the holidays which was much needed and I’m really looking forward to Christmastime!

  2. Seems like you’ve been quite the busy bee and very productive! I feel like I’ve been planning and parting a lot since it was my birthday last week XD We also have the work Christmas party this Friday which I’m involved in with organising it… I feel like becoming an event organiser, it seems like a fun yet challenging job.

    You children’s book is so cute! It’s just in time for Christmas! 😀

  3. Considering you’re taking classes, I think your November was productive! Yay for your book! I also think it’s great your enjoying your studies! I look forward to more of your books in the future! 😀

  4. That’s great that you were still really productive, even while busy! I hope you did well on your first assignment! By the way, I plan on mailing your Christmas card this week 😀

    My November was pretty busy as well. I’m looking forward to the time off in December, but figuring out Christmas gifts for everyone is actually a bit stressful!

  5. In the times where time is slim, a lot was accomplished in your November! I think getting your book completed is probably one of the biggest! I also got Adele’s album “25”, and enjoy most of her songs on there 🙂

  6. Damn, I wish my November was that productive. The biggest thing I did all month was make two apple pies for a Thanksgiving dinner I was invited to, and only because I ended up with two pie shells and the recipe I was using grossly underestimated the amount of sliced apples 6 fuji apples produce.

  7. You’ve had such an eventful November! I am just over the moon about your children’s book! It looks so good and I would seriously like to get a copy.

    Congrats with school too! I’m sure you’re going do so well with it!

  8. Sounds like you’ve had a busy month. It’s so cool that you’ve written a children’s book – I love the illustrations (just read that post). Hope it all goes well with the next one – I’d definitely buy it.

    Good luck with studying!

  9. I am SO excited for Christmas – this is my favourite month of the year.

    I can’t get over how great Tom and Geraldene – it’s amazing.

  10. I had a good November, having passed my driving test! Sounds like you got quite a bit done, and publishing your book was certainly an achievement.

    I was naughty and opened your Christmas present. 😛 😛 😛 <3 <3 <3

  11. Yay to going back to school! We’re practically on the same boat and I think part time school is good. I think coming up with story plots will take up a lot of your time so easy does the trick.

    My November was good to me but I can’t wait to start anew this coming 2016. It’s just unbelievable how fast 2015 flew by.

  12. You inspire me. You’re always creating, and I really admire that! 😀 My November was pretty awesome and relaxing. I felt the creativity in the cool weather. I can’t wait to mail out my cards and little things. Enjoy the yummy eats and just be warm by the fire with my family. <3

  13. Keep on doing a good job and hard work with school! Congratulations again on publishing your first children’s book. Glad to see all of your work being paid off :). I like the idea of merging Blog Matter with Blog List. It makes your job easier and maybe there will be a script that automates commenting distribution later on.. But not today ;(.

    Adele definitely rocked her new album well!

    My November was busy as always and December will be an exciting month!

    1. Thank you. I do hope that there can be something out there at some point so I can make the comment exchange. It would be such a cool thing to have for bloggers!

  14. Wow, November sounds like it was a good month for you. Congratulations on finishing the book and starting to study!

    My November was very non eventful. I practically spent it catching up on assignments and studying for exams. I did spend the first weekend at home though, so it was nice to celebrate my birthday with my family.

    I am looking forward to the holidays! ? I have my last exam on Tuesday and then I have almost a month of. I am just going to spend it at my parents house eating all the food and doing nothing and everything. Can’t wait!

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