The Month That Was: May 2016

8 years

In May 2016 my blog turned 10, I continued study and mostly finished the kitchen.

For some random reason May is my favourite month in the year. I guess because its starting to cool down and we get a lot of rain and can get snuggly near the fire.  💖 This month I was able to celebrate my blog turning ten and ran a competition. I have also mostly finished the kitchen. I say mostly, because I do have it functioning as a kitchen again, but there are some things I am just not happy with. Once I fix them, then I will take photos and declare it finally ‘done’.  😆

Life Updates

  • Continued studying at uni. I am on week 11 of 12 for this class and can’t believe how fast time has gone.
  • I received a grade for my second assessment and this time got 95! Thankfully a big improvement from the first one which was 82.
  • The last three weeks of my class focus on animation and it has been so much fun learning and playing with cut paper, stop motion animation.
  • Celebrated the 10th year of my blog or domain being registered and held a giveaway (congratulations to Raisa on the win).
  • Moved everything back into the kitchen. Still need to buy or build two cupboards and fix a few mishaps with paint on the skirting…. ehe.  😉
  • Still soda free, I may have been a little naughty on the sugar front… with some cake and skittles.  😋 Even so, still loosing weight!  💖

Entertainment Updates

  • Reading: Finished 1 book.
  • Movies: Watched 20 films
  • TV: Game of Thrones, Penny Dreadful & Wentworth
  • Music: None
  • Gaming: Cities Skylines

Creative Updates


  1. What did you do in May?
  2. What are your plans for April?
  3. What food is your weakness? 🍩

17 Responses

  1. May, the beginning at least, was super busy. I saw Sara Pascoe, Bridgit Christie, a Bronte event and David Duchovny. The latter half of the month was pretty slow.

    In June I plan to find a place to move into, and I’ll be starting my new job 😀

    Hooray for still not having soda, I’ve still not managed to quit diet coke. But, at my new job it won’t be readily available so I’m hoping that will stop me. My food weakness is sausage rolls.

  2. Congrats on your assignment mark! That’s awesome 🙂

    In May I did a lot of cross-stitching and listening to Welcome to Nightvale 😀 For June, I’m anticipating a good long weekend next week! I’m not sure what else I’ll be doing. Maybe trying to kerb my intake of hot chocolate!

    I don’t know if I have 1 food weakness.. I have a weakness for them all 😛 For me it’s more about having issues trying to eat smaller serves and not emotionally eat.

  3. Sounds like a lovely month! At least the kitchen is mostly done. Of course most of the time even when stuff looks fine we aren’t happy with it. XD

    Congrats on doing well in school! The animation stuff sounds so fun!

  4. Happy 10th birthday to your blog! That’s great dedication 🙂 also congrats on the sugar cutting, I think I’m going to try to do that this summer in order to lose excess sugar weight by my friends all have such sweet tooths and I can’t help myself 😛

    Those wallpapers are sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!

    I finished my finals in May and went on a one-week studying camping trip! In June I plan on playing a lot of video games and hanging out with friends before I start classes in July. After that, I’ll be really busy until I graduate.

  5. So glad to hear you are still losing weight! I am sure you’ll get the kitchen completely done super soon.

    I’m so impressed with your grades! I knew you could do it, keep it up! ?

  6. It gets hot in May for us, but I like how it approaches the halfway point of the year 🙂 Congrats on the big improvement on your second assessment! I’ve always had an interest in animation, so that’s awesome that your class focused on it. I really like how stop motion animation comes together.

    I spent May being busy at work and also preparing for an Anime con. I hope to relax a bit more this month! My food weakness is usually frozen treats. I love ice cream, Taiwanese snow, and frozen yogurt!

  7. Well done on your grades Kya, keep up the great work. In no time, it’ll be 100%! 😛 I’m so glad you’ve stuck to your plans 🙂 Hope you achieve the weight loss you want!

  8. Congratulations to Raisa for winning the giveaway! Good luck with your classes and hope you’ll do great in all of them! Good job on keeping yourself away from soda. It keeps you healthy in the long run away from all of those artificial syrup building up. May was another busy month for me @___@.

  9. Congrats on your blog turning a decade old! That’s a huge and it’s always exciting to reach milestones. And learning about stop animation sounds really cool. Did the class get to produce some of their own work?

  10. Congrats on your high grades, 10th blogiversary and keeping off soda. (I don’t think I could do that, LOL. But I only occasionally drink Coke Zero or Pepsi Max.)

  11. Happy 10th anniversary to your blog ^_^ And yay for the good grades on your schooling. Good on you for not consuming sodas. I don’t drink a lot of it myself, but I haven’t completely abstained from them, so I have mad respect for you and your willpower 😀

  12. Basically any food that is bad for me is my weakness. D: and I’m terrible at curbing my compulsions…

    Congrats to you for having the willpower to stay away from bad foods and losing weight!

  13. Kitchens are always long projects, so I’m sure you’re doing fine on that front! And congrats on your giveaway and blogversary!

    My May was alright, but my June is hopefully going to be productive! I opened my Etsy shop, and I’m working on inventory at the moment! 😀

  14. happy belated 10 years anniversary! my site, Dorkistic turns 10 in may too (and yeah, your site has been one of my inspirations when I started it) but i didn’t get to celebrate it because i was too caught up with my job T_T and how stupid i was.. i keep reblogging or liking your post about the giveaway but i totally forgot to even join it! anyway, hope you will have a great june too ^^

  15. I’ve been trying to eat healthier and lose weight as well, and it’s so hard! My personal trainer and my best friend both want me to log what I eat into My Fitness Pal… but it’s so difficult. DX I obviously have not been keeping up with it.

  16. First of all, congratulations on your grades! It seems like you are getting better and better. I didn’t know that you don’t drink soda anymore, that’s really hard to do, I’ve tried many times before but failed. How did you do it? 😀

    1. It has been something I had thought about for a while. I guess I just found the motivation to stop. Watching the movie, That Sugar Film was also great inspiration, to look at how bad sugar can be to the body. >w<

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