The Month That Was: July 2016

8 years

In July 2016 I was busy with starting my next class at Uni (Typography) and doing some driving.

There hadn’t been a great number of things happening in July,  I was mostly busy with my Typography class. It is taking some time to become familiar with the terminology and our first project required a lot of work (we had to use a word and material). Work on the next project begins tomorrow and is a group one. It’s always a little scary working with a group, but hopefully it will go well… I have also been driving and slowly becoming more comfortable with traffic. Living in the country means I can drive large distances with limited cars on the road (and I also have to drive on a mostly unlined road). I did drive in some traffic and went around two roundabouts (they have always made me nervous). 🙃

Life Updates

  • Started my next class at Uni, which is based on Typography.
  • Purchased a ScanNCut and have been having a good time making cut out pieces.
  • Have been doing more driving in my new car. I am slowly getting used to traffic.  😐
  • Dyed my hair greenish.
  • Mostly failed with my attempt to quit smoking, but I am continuing to try!
  • Really excited to read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (the iBooks version is out on August 1, hurry!)

Entertainment Updates

  • Reading: Finished 1 book.
  • Movies: Watched 24 films
  • TV: Mr. Robot, The Night Of
  • Music: 38 tracks
  • Gaming: None

Creative Updates



  1. What did you do in July?
  2. What are your plans for August?
  3. What colour is your hair at the moment?

23 Responses

  1. OMG it’s great that you’re getting used to traffic already! Great job! I bet you’ll become a pro real soon. Lol I know how to drive but I’m really, really terrified to go out into the roads here so I really admire you for being awesome and just going at it!

    I heard from my friends that quitting smoking can be really hard, but it can be done. I don’t really know the things they did to stop completely, but I hope you find something that works for you so you can now live a smoke-free life 🙂

    What did you do in July?
    ~ Just finished everything during my last month of work, and completed my requirements for my resident visa application. Everything’s slowly falling into place!

    What are your plans for August?
    ~ Review for my econometrics and intermediate macroeconomics subjects for grad school, clean my bedroom (this is waaaay overdue), take care of other details regarding my living arrangements and class schedule for September

    What colour is your hair at the moment?
    ~ Black, but I’ve been contemplating whether I should dye it red or brown!

  2. I guess being busy is always a good thing in overall! It let you avoid from being overthinking silly things 🙂

    Your Uni sounds really fun, even with lots of work! I am glad you are enjoying it! Good luck with your group project! Hopefully you will meet new wonderful people that eventualy get to be friends!

    And I am also glad you are more confident on driving. I think that taking it slow is a good idea. I need to overcome my fear of driving, so I guess at some point I will do the same. 😀

    The ScanNCut sounds really cool! I guess it will make easier to work on even more cooler designs! Also, I love the greenish color, and I usually hate green. But the dark green looks nice! Keep on with your challenge to quit smoking! I am sure you can do it! And I feel like re-reading all the Harry Potter books, hahaha.

    How come you watched 24 movies? xD

    What did you do in July?
    That is a really good question. July was a month that blinked away from me. But I actually did several stuff. I went to Hyper Japan, I started working on a game, I visited Petersborough… I guess I just kept myself quite busy!

    What are your plans for August?
    Study more coding and focus on finishing my projects. I want to start planning my life more, I guess. (I am really tempted to get a cute agenda/journal).

    What colour is your hair at the moment?
    A really light orange/red color. It was bright red and now it is gone so it is a bit of leftover from that.

  3. Good luck with your group project!

    I didn’t do much in July (besides make my own theme).

    In August I plan to go back to school for my fall semester, go back to work, and be more conscious of what I’m saying.

    My hair is currently a dark blond/mouse-y brown. I might put a purple streak in it at some point.

  4. Ahh my hair has been red for the past couple of years. I feel very attached to the colour I have been colouring it.

    I’m glad your driving has been going well! It’s kinda cool that you can get a lot of driving in because you live somewhere quite rural. Traffic sucks. xD

    What did you do in July?
    I was away for most of July, since I was still in Singapore and then I had a trip to San Diego. So it felt like I was not getting much of a break!

    What are your plans for August?
    I don’t really have anything big planned, but I am going to see the Aladdin musical 🙂

    What colour is your hair at the moment?
    Red 😀

  5. I don’t have any plans for August. I never make plans each month.
    My hair is just black. Ive never colored it only used to add highlights in it from my past but other than that nothing else.
    I didn’t do much in July I don’t pay attention to what I do each other. I just don’t want to grow up anymore 🙁

    How are you? Hope you’re doing well

  6. Groups can always be a hit and miss. I hope you got a great group! Great groups usually make assignments a way better experience.

    I like your hair! I’ve always wanted to try and dye it a different color but I’m too much of a wussy to do anything other than my original hair color, haha.

  7. Driving in the country honestly sounds like a pleasant experience! Traffic sucks, and I always feel nervous when I have to drive a busy road.

    I love your new hair! :love: My hair is currently dark brown. I’m taking a break from bleaching my hair since my ends are so damaged now. I do plan on trying other colors soon!

  8. I never liked group assignments X_X I prefer to do things on my own and work at my own pace when it comes to schoolwork. In a real workplace, I understand that’s needed, but for a grade? No, because I refuse to let a lazy bum affect my GPA! Hope that works out for you!

    I don’t drive, but if I lived in a countryside with hardly anybody else being on road? I may consider it XD That sounds less stressful than being on urban traffic!

    And green hair? Niiiiice! I would love to see photos of that outcome!

    Smoking is such a hard habit to give up, right?!??!?! I’m nowhere near quitting yet, but I’ll need to make it a goal SOON. I hope you’ll have better luck with it in August 😀 And good luck with your classes!

  9. This is great that you are recounting what you did in July. I don’t do that enough, reflecting on the previous month. Wow your hair looks intense O_O.

    Now that you mention it, I get to reflect what July was like. It went by too fast for one. I purchased a Surface 3 in July. Worked on a painting (though still not done with it). Bought an art easel finally. I had been just leaning the canvas against a wall and taping a piece of paper towel to the wall behind it for painting. I also bought a paint tray that is air-tight so I don’t waste paint when I’m done with each session. Did some volunteer work, which was fun. Started the Divergent series, which I am enjoying into August. I packed and moved to a new apartment by the end of the month.

    My hair color hasn’t really changed. It’s always been black, and I hadn’t dyed it. There was one time that I had my hair permed straight (I’m an Asian with wavy hair normally). That perm made my hair a lighter color so that it looked dark brown.

  10. Good luck with everything! It must be awesome to learn all sorts of goodies from your typography class! With enough experience, you’ll drive through traffic without a problem :). I worked throughout July… Nothing special on my end. My hair is still naturally dark brown– but it needs a haircut!

    Have a good August!

  11. I really enjoyed my Typography class when I first took it back in college. I still kept the old college textbook (The Complete Manual of Typography: A Guide to Setting Perfect Type (Adobe custom edition) by James Felici) for them too. The hard part though is remembering and determining fonts/typefaces by its classifications (Humanist serif/sans-serif, Geometric serif/sans-serif, Slab, etc.) and pairing them with the “right” types of fonts/typefaces. But, I’m also the type to experiment and “break the rules” of design, just so I would feel unique with my own designs. n’D

    I could not find ScanNCut anywhere in the local electronics stores (maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough), but I did find similar ones like the Silhouette Cameo and the Cricut machines (same price range as the ScanNCut). I may probably need a cutting machine soon (but I don’t have the money for it right now) because I was asked by my brother to help him out with wedding preparations (which includes invitations and other types of wedding decor). It’ll take me forever to work on those w/o a cutting machine, so I’ll just stick with (brush) lettering, which I think I’m sorta getting good at as of late (been practicing a lot, which is why I have been somewhat quiet in the blogosphere LOL).

    I hated group projects back in high school because I seem to be always taken advantage of by the “popular kids” (bleh to them all) and I end up doing all the work while they don’t do anything. Group projects back in college/university was a whole different story though. Everyone in my group wanted to take the most credit by wanting to do certain tasks that is the “worthiest” of all the tasks. In high school, I did mostly the written content. In college/uni, I did mostly the visuals/art stuff because everybody just wanted to write the content. Still, bleh LOL.

    I bet that driving through the countryside can be relaxing and tranquil. In my case though, when I feel like driving out without the stress of traffic, it’s the coastal highway that us local Bay Area folks would refer to as “Highway 1” would be my driving spot. Lots of Pacific Ocean beaches and SF Bay beaches and being on the top hills just overlooking the ocean. I don’t have the time to travel there now because work has been hard and I have been getting easily tired to drive out too.

    Whew, finally, the questions:

    What did you do in July?
    I registered for the Ruby on Rails program at Skillcrush (, just so I can have an extra arsenal to my resume/portfolio, plus I heard it’s a little easier to understand than PHP and Javascript. Maybe it’d be easier for me to understand Javascript and PHP more if I start concentrating on learning Ruby (on Rails). In addition, I recently got back into calligraphy/lettering art, and rather than being active on my blog(s), I’ve become recently active on my Instagram, just posting photos of my artwork. Much to my surprise, my followers have increased since posting up my art. Amazing!

    What are your plans for August?
    I recently started working on another WordPress-powered website for my brother’s upcoming wedding this winter, and this would be my first paid gig too as a freelancing WordPress developer… and more “serious” (lettering/calligraphy) art, again, for my brother’s wedding purposes. ^^

    What colour is your hair at the moment?
    I’m a semi-traditionalist Asian girl, therefore my hair color still remained the same as my childhood: jet black. I remember back in high school when so many of my classmates complimented on how “black” my hair is and asked if I used any hair color. Nope, never touched that stuff. I’m too scared to ruin my hair by adding so much chemicals and going overboard with it. Apparently, I’m the only one among my sisters who never dyed her hair. My middle sister’s hair has some burgundy highlights, my youngest sister has almost auburn-highlighted brown hair. (Then again, I’m the oldest, so my mindset is different from theirs ^^)

  12. OOH! Typography! Are you liking it? That sounds awesome! I SO wish I had gone to school for design!

    What did you do in July? I JUST made a post about this – but basically, celebrated my birthday and went to NYC and the Cape, and had a VERY good time.

    What are your plans for August? REST. No but seriously. That and camping and trying to do fun summery wonderful things like go on picnics and have dinner on my roof and REST.

    What colour is your hair at the moment? It’s BROWN. With NO OTHER COLORS. I’m shouting but like, for real, this is the first time it’s been this way since high school. Which is amazing. I just have been feeling a little bit like not having crazy hair lately!

    1. I really like what I have been learning so far in typography. There is a lot more to learn than you first think, which is great. 😀

  13. I’d love to do design classes. I really wanted to take design at university, but I also wanted to do writing, and doing both would have meant moving away and I just wasn’t ready for that. I’d love to learn things like that in the future though. I hope it’s all going well so far!

    Good luck with driving! I still haven’t driven again yet. I think it’s been two years now. My car just sits on the drive doing nothing. Oops!

    I moved house in July, so most of my time was focused on getting things sorted for that. I also caught up with friends, and read a few books. In August, I hope to read more, write more, and just relax. It’s been a stressful few months.

    My hair’s never been dyed! So it’s gingerish. Not sure if I ever will dye it!

  14. Congrats on your studies, I have also decided to go back to school to become an elementary school art teacher. So, that’s what I’ll be doing in August.

    Currently my hair is dark cherry. I was trying to go natural, but my red was too strong. Most likely going back to red. 🙂

  15. Good luck with the group project. I’m actually the opposite when it comes to group work. I really actually enjoy it a lot 😀 I like how ideas are built up on depending on your group 😀

    Well done with all the driving, it really makes me want to start learning! D:

    My hair is brown/black right now. I’m trying to grow out the horribly dyed hair and go back black for a bit then go crazy xD

  16. i love your list! i feel like the year flies by so fast too. i really like your blog mockup design. i like doing web mock up designs 😀 my hair color is currently dark brown, for me in july the highlight was going to see Drake in concert.

  17. Once you’ve read (unless you already have) The Cursed Child we need to chat because I have lots of thoughts and not all of them are good.

    Don’t worry about the smoking relapse, these things take time and it’s a hard one to quit. You’re doing so well 😀

  18. I have been driving for about 6 years and roundabouts still make me nervous! Sometimes people don’t yield or pay attention to where they are going, so if I don’t have to use one, I’d prefer not to!

    Ugh, group projects. They can turn out really well if you get in a good group, but when it’s bad, it’s so bad. 🙁 I hope that your project goes well and that everyone will contribute and make the project a breeze!

    My July was mostly spent applying for jobs. It’s been a really stressful and discouraging process, one that leaves me emotionally drained. But, I’m hoping August will be better. We just got a puppy and she brings me plenty of joy. 🙂

  19. I hope the group project goes well! I always found them scary in the beginning because you don’t know if you’ll have a great group or one that is hard to work with. I hope it’s a good group! That’s great that you’ve been doing more driving and are slowly getting used to it 🙂 Also, good luck on quitting smoking! You can do it!

    July was boring for me since I was mostly stressed with work. I just came back from Japan though, so my August has a good start! My hair color is currently a reddish color (starting to fade though because I’m terrible at maintenance).

  20. Roundabouts are terrible sometimes!! But you learn your way around them as you continue to drive. You got this!!

    And I’m glad you are keeping on with trying to quit smoking, I hope you get there eventually. I’m rooting for you!!
    I hope class is still going well!!! I wish I could dye my hair, but it seems too much for something that doesn’t last as long as I might want it to. I mean, I would want mint green hair, but I have really dark hair and I think with the bleaching process it wouldn’t be worth it for me.
    Your illustrations are just too cute!!! Could I print and use them in my planner? I’ve always wish I could illustrate, and I try but they never come out the way I envision them.
    I hope our August is going well, mine is busy with work but I’m hoping to keep up with a schedule for the things I enjoy.

    Like blogging, reading, and crafting. Plus, commenting on other blogs!

  21. Wow, I love that color of green for your hair! I wish I had a job that let me get away with fun hair colors. Terminology is always the worst. I still have a hard time with it when it comes to anything sewing. DX Good luck!

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