The Final Chapter

17 years

I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows yesterday and I have to say I was rather impressed with it. It certainly was action packed and answered a lot of questions that had left us to wonder before. It had its great moments of sadness and I had shed many tears, but in the end it gave me an end I was content with. Even if I still get the empty feeling of it being over and never being able to draw on the excitement for the first time ever reading an adventure that Harry, the trio or the Malfoys are up to. I have said for years that I hated Harry and I do for the most part, but its sad knowing its over.

The one thing I can say, Scorpious wtf? :S

The party to get the book was quite fun, myself and Nicole dressed up in our full Slytherin costume and our wands, you could say I was being a whore because I have Draco’s and that beautiful Lucius Malfoy cane, its sexy. One kid who shall be called Daniel Cook thought I was Lucius and said I should be in Azkaban, he was special. There were a lot of people dressed up and I noticed compared to last time many teenage kids as well. For Half-Blood Prince it was mainly younger kids. It didn’t make me a twenty year old feel as dorky, but then I wouldn’t care anyway, its Harry Potter and that in itself is a religion and something else that is quite funny, the Party was held in a church hall. Naughty, Naughty holding a witches party in a church. *snort* After we got the books we went and watched the movie again. I really like this movie, and I can’t wait for the next one as well. Naomi Watts will do Narcissa proud, I am sure of it. πŸ˜€

Nicole and I are still having lots of fun. The days are ticking away quite fast, I wish it could last forever and I know I will miss her greatly when she leaves. Oh well, have to lock her in her room, bwahah.

Something you might call Happy Times, Below:

Please let me out I will be a good girl. πŸ™ HaHAhahhahahaha πŸ˜€ – Nicole
Hmm, that is quite tempting, but how can I be sure of it? :O – Kya
Because I am a Hufflepiff… – Nicole
….. – Kya
Scorpius is a good name. Not really, but I am a little biased. – Nicole
I have to wonder, where would get the name from. What happend those times I was away and you were there for company??????? – Kya
I am appalled. You know I do not lke blondies. Especially blondies with no wands. – Nicole
Oh. I see what you mean, I forgive LOL. – Kya
Forgive WHAT? – Nicole
:F :F :F :F :F I forgive Crabbe. – Kya
Crabbe really kicked some ass this time. Until… well, you know. – Nicole
Then had his arse kicked, one might say. But he was a good boy. *snuggles him* – Kya
At least he had a wand. Not to mention balls. – Nicole
I excite. – Kya
Great success! – Nicole
You know Micole, you are a great friend. πŸ˜€ – Kya
I can say the same thing about you, Chelsea… Cathy… whatever your name is today. – Nicole
heheehheheehehehLOO!L1111111 – Kya
Um, grast sucess? – Nicole
Haha. Hufflepuff is the house of the smart people. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Yay. Winners. – Nicole
Our friend Daniel Cook is in that house, that exsplains everything. – Kya
I think yu are right. it is the only explnation. Although, he is rather good at stalking. I guess he must have a wand. – Nicole
If that type of things turns you on, not me though. – Kya
So you prefer them wandless, eh? NICEEEE. – Nicole
I didn’t mean that mate, I just you know. Its alright is they are watching me go toilet from in the bathroom, but not out the window, you know? – Kya
It’s scary, but I do know. Seriosuly. – Nicole
Siriusly. Ello Haryy. – Kya
“Oh, now, that’s my name. HAhahahahha” “Did you just say oh no?” “Huh?” Did you just say oh no?” “I don’t know?” And I forget what else happened. That may not even be correct quotations. Oh well. I’ll blame Daniel Cook. – Nicole
If one ever has a problem they should blame that little shit. πŸ™‚ – Kya
He’s a Scorpio. – Nicole
The truth is finally revwaled. – Kya
Hasha. Mmm. Stop. Post tymer. SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TRY TO FIX MISTAKES? – Nicole
I know, sometimes you just have to relax and let it go. Anyway, I feel lke going for a walk, do you? :O = Kya
Home Alonwe. πŸ˜€ Haha, get it? And yes, I would like to go take a walk now. πŸ˜€ – Niocole
Right oh, Mate. See you when I get back. πŸ™‚ – Kya
Bitch. = Nocole€
Love you too. πŸ™‚ – Kya
I get the last word. I am Scorpius, leader of the something or others. This isn’t a good way to end this. I’ll shut up now. – Nicole

– End Transmission.

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  1. Rofl, I just finished reading it too. Awesome right?
    And I totally agree about the whole Scorpious thing although it did make me lol. (; And I so wanted to dress up and queue too but I was on holiday. Sounds like you had an awesome time though!

  2. I am going to miss reading a Harry Potter book for the first time, too. ? Hopefully she will write that encyclopedia she has talked about.

    It seems that Naomi Watts being cast as Narcissa was just a rumor and it has now been debunked. Well, I hope they find someone really good to play her anyway.

    Haha, Daniel Cook was funny. He made me laugh.

    We must make the most of our last few days, okay? ?

    Wow, a normal comment. :O

    P.S. And I am not trying to impersonate you.

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