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19 years

Okk I am trying to stalk The Fanlistings at the moment but it”s down for me so I thought I should blog. I have a few things to say so let me say them in the order I know best, upside downsyies.

Yep I talked to that lovely Nicole on the phone, she is beautiful and I adore her voice. I really enjoyed it so much and half an hour went so quickly it was gone in a flash and even the noodles joined in, they sounded similar to a Bird Hat I do believe :O I am sure we will be hearing each other again soon! *dances*

Now while I am on the subject of my Favourite Death Eater, she also did something I love, Adore, Lostforwords, and amazed. She Made me a Fanlisting that beauty. I had one before but all members have been lost so if you want to join you would rock the world 🙂 And omg it has Draco and Lucius *drools*

“Can”t touch this” Haha this song is funny! Oh yes, I am going with mum to get a new car today so that will be fun. Her old one is packing it in, which is sad because the car has been here for so long and I get attached to things, but she can”t have a car that is breaking down!

“Stop Hammer time.” I have been going Icon Crazeh Lately. 🙂

Thanks for all the comments Guys, it was lovely for zee Wishes to Nicole for her Birthday 🙂 k thz lO!l’

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  1. Iconiiiic whore. xPrnFL rocks. Hee it”s awesome that you get-eth to speak to Nicole. That sounds fun. Mmm yeah the layout on the fanlisting is drool-worthy yummy.rnLol can”t touch this =starts humming= na na na.rnTake plenty of pictures of the car. I hope those sadish emotions would pass fast. I know how it feels to change cars, I have that emotional attachment with her – the car goes through everything. rnHope the new car will be lovely.rnw00t w00t for the rawking fanlisting.rnLove you loads. Peace. Joy. and Fun. Hun.

  2. Hahaha I love that song too. Once I hear it, it”s in my head for the day :PrnrnI hope you had fun buying the car. You must tell us what it is when you are backf rom it :DrnrnGlad that you enjoyed the time spent with Nicole. 😀

  3. Okay Kya here”s the deal. I will try to get you in next time, but he can be a bit stubborn. You could bring some venom, he might like that, and some wine too, yep. 🙂 Awl Kya…. ;( Your voice is the awesome one, it is so beautiful. 🙂 I enjoyed it so much too, it was great, but it did go very quickly. 😀 :O Those noodles are as slow as a noodle can get. They”re like BEOPPPPPPP BEEP we”re here, LOAO, just thought you should know! NOODLEYYYYYYYYY OMF WTF MATE they sounded like a Bird Hat?! You know what that means, right? You need to take off the Bird Hat now! The noodles are inside the Bird Hat and, and… You, the inventor of Bird Hats have sold billions of bird hats to little birdies everywhere and the baby birdies are like WE WANT BIRD HATS! WE WANT BIRD HATS! Honey you know we can”t afford them. *demonic voice* Give us the Bird Hats now! WTF is wrong with you Robin, give them the fu***** Bird Hats! But Jay, can’t you hear it in their voices?! Would you shut the fu** up Robin and let me watch Water Boy?! Bird Hats are the devil! rnrn*Whispers* That”s supposed to be hush hush. Okay, thanks. ANYWAY, it is no problem at all Miss. It was a honor to make such a wonderful mistress like yourself a Fanlisting. We love you precious. :O That just gave me an idea for a present for you. :O And how funny a Death Eater song is on right this very second. Interesting… I am sorry to hear about your car, yes it is hard giving up non-livings things. 🙁 But when the FCJMLINZTSD infect them, then sorry but it is really important that you say good bye to them, and I mean REALLY important! :O Another Death Eater song is on. :O It is a sign, they will protect the new car, yessum. Ballroom Blitz and Boys of Summer, yep yep yep. :O I hope everything goes well. I asked my dad today how long he”s had his current truck and he said 12 years. Holy cow man, it”s hard believing he”s had that one for that long.. But yeah anyway, he can”t get nothing fancy because that would not fit his lifestyle at all. Nope, no way, and the thing still has good gas mileage and is pretty good to him even if it is a bit old and semi beat up. I love you buddy! OMG dude and I just realized his truck is silver, and your car is YES :O And our Explorer is that color too. Woah. :O rnrnYes you have, but you are a bulk whore so it is to be expected! I love your icons, they are beautiful, you are wicked talented mate. Yes, they were great and very appreciative. Okay, thanks. (; (Erm I am dyslexic with smilies too) According to These boots Tibet has a brand new box of matches. :O OMG Rock Lobster just came on. AHHHHHH :O :O :O

  4. Well thanks a lot Kya, now the “Can”t Touch This” song”s gonna be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. 😉 -starts humming-rnrnCongrats on the new car. 🙂 Yeah, I can get very attached to personal belongings, once my mom threw away my old blanket and I was quite upset. xPrnTake care.rnxoxoxoxo

  5. Wowie! 😀 A fanlisting! I will join it soon. :DrnrnSpeaking of HP, You have gotten a chance to see that new one, haven”t you? :DrnrnCongratz at getting a new car!rnrnBTW, Kya, I am putting my site on hiatus for few weeks.. Is that okay?

  6. Hey kya. rnrnGood luck getting a new car! wow it must be great being at your age driving and all that stuff. Your friend nicole sounds like a sweethart. Friends like that are hard to find. lol “cant touch this” is a really funny sound. Its been forever since Ive listened to that though

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