The devils tongue whispers

16 years

I had an awesome dream last night. I won’t go into every detail, not because it was perverted but because I am lazy. ;D Basically Sylar was ripping wild, killing people and I was his gal helping him along. Except I had a cocaine problem and kept wanting to get a score and he was getting slightly annoyed about this because he was after all trying to kill people. Then this other evil dude appeared and he was trying to help me get drugs, then Sylar got jealous and wanted to kill the new dude. So in the end the three of us end up getting killed by the angry bob that is sick of being picked on by us evil folk and decide to gather together pitch folks in hand and wipe us out. It was funny and nice to have a romantic Sylar dream again (the other one was not perverted, okay?). XP

I am about to start adding poems to my computer again. I have been a little slack in doing so of late. But between mice and helping family I think it’s allowable.

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