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Wow. This is just a quick update. I have finally finished English. My Last Exam was yesterday and I have one more in November for this year. So that will be good, it’s a weight off my shoulders to finally finish them. It wasn’t that bad I saw someone who used to be in my year so it was nice.

As I said I brought a new domain., it’s not up yet it just has coming soon as I have been busy with other things, but am slowly working towards making my Fanlisting Collective, Alive. Speaking of Fanlistings I am still slightly shocked and excited and so many emotions at once. I am now a trouble checker at in the Actors category. This is major to me, I am so happy and they rock suck to have chosen me. :satisfied: God Love ’em.

I think that’s about it, thanks guys :satisfied:

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  1. It said "No one Loves me" so I thought heck why not show that woman some luvin’. Joking. Anyways, good luck on the test!! Yeah exams are. Annoying. And I know what you mean about the feeling… just getting it off your shoulders πŸ™‚ As I told you I think Unwanted is a very ironic name for your new .nu site since it’s something you wanted badly x) Congrats @ being a trouble checker! It must be a huge responisibility. We’re countin’ on ya! Love love love, Noa.

  2. I am glad there is only one more exam to go for this year! This is good. Very, very good! Oh, so you had to take the exams elsewhere then? Was this in your old school or just some other designated place for testing? Holy sheet, they are putting weights on your shoulders?! HURRY UP AND FINISH THE EXAMS! But I’m le tired… Do it or we’ll put more weights on your shoulders Miss Granger! Congratulations on your nu domain Kya, it looks shweet! Especially with you-know-who on it. He has the power to make fire with his hands. :O Dude, another unplanned thing that sounds like something else. Here is a script:

    Tibet: You’ve messed with the great and powerful Tibet! Now you must suffer the consequences! I’m going to summon the burning rain of death!
    Witches: The burning rain of death?
    Tibet: [lights lighter]
    Witche: Look, he makes fire in his hand.
    Tibet: [raises lighter to sprinkler, and the spreads out his arms wide]
    Witch: It’s the burning rain of death! Come you fools!

    I am very excited to see the Fanlisting Collective when you get it completely up and running. I must advice you to hire new help though. I know how partial you are to that Draco boy, but to be honest, he’s holding you back. You might have liked how he plastered your picture every where, but please do not keep him for that reason! The boy doesn?t have a clue about those Muggle things. Fire Dumbledore as well, and DO NOT EVEN THINK about hiring Susan, nor Goyle nor Paris, now Willow. PLEASE!

    I am so glad you got picked as a Trouble Checker! That is so awesome! You love that category very much, and I am sure you will do a great job! The name in green is schweet alone. Congratulations Sunnie! They do rock suck for choosing you. πŸ˜›

    P.S. I think, (and you know already but I?m going to say it again OKAY?! You have a problem with that?! HUH?) I know what is with all the garbage Mistress Sunnie. o:

  3. Wow that’s amazing about tfl’! Congrats! That’s good that you only have one more exam to do! Can’t wait to see what you’ve done with the new domain πŸ˜›

  4. Congrats on finishing English, I totally understand how you feel. I am almost finished Legal Studies, my last exam is on the 17th of November. Phew… it’ll be nice to have it over and done with ey.

  5. Hey! my site is up :heart:

    Congrats on finishing your exams! Hope you did well. The new website sounds great. Unwanted is a nice name but you are really wanted lol. Cya around bye

  6. Ooooh, congratulations on becoming a staff member at!! YOu’re such a lucky whore! lol πŸ˜€

    I’ve sent in my application for them ages ago – they’re never going to choose me in a million years *sighs*

    take care and keep up the good work online hon ^^
    Can’t wait to see your new domain up (love the name!) :(:: :heart:

  7. CONGRATULATIONS my angel. I am so happy that you’ve completed your exams and that you became a TROUBLE CHECKER! *lufffs* You deserve all of it and more.

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