The Demonic Phone Incident.

16 years

Ah, something really weird happened today. I am not exactly sure what was going on, but maybe it will make sense later.

I was sitting in the lounge room with Mum and T and playing on my mobile phone. I was in the middle of a game, then all of a sudden my phone starts ringing and in my tune a weird man’s voice can be heard. The call says it’s from my own phone! I looked at it with a puzzled expression then said “WTF”. Mum and T could hear it as well and it stopped.

I had no idea what was going on, then decided to play my game again. Then two minutes later it does it again with the strange sound of a man’s voice interrupting the tune again, and once more it says I am calling myself. I freaked out for a while just staring at the phone and it stopped. I didn’t answer it.

Now here is the real strange thing. Where I was sitting I had no service at all. When I moved to an area that had service and tried to ring myself I couldn’t, it went straight to message bank. How on earth could I ring myself, have it show up as a missed call when I am in the middle of a game? Nothing like that has ever happened before.

I was not alone when it happened, so it’s not my insanity. The fact other people heard the weird voice in the tone is so weird. I also played back the tune on the phone and it works as normal.

Mum thinks someone wanted to contact me, either a relative or someone who had passed on. That is most likely true. I don’t usually have encounters so in your face and visual as this. As I said at the start, I will probably find out why as time trickles past.

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  1. That sounds creepy! I’d have freaked out instantly. Paranormal experiences freak me out.
    What’s more creepy is that there are no apparent answers and you’ll probably never know exactly what was that. 🙁
    However, what your mum said it’s interesting. Did you recognize the voice?

  2. Hey, that is pretty strange. It’s almost like this one picture that I’ve taken at Medieval times when we went for my birthday. I swear there’s something in that picture but when you look at what I took there’s nothing there.

  3. :O That’s indeed very scary and unusual and mad and interesting at the same time! I wouldn’t have been able to go back to normal – what do you think it means?


  4. Creepy indeed. But somewhat explainable. My phone recently only started doing this after the Cingular merge with AT&T.

    Whenever I miss a call and they leave a voice mail, I receive a call from myself, which when answered, carries me through through a process of first identifying myself via my voicemail pin number and then allowing me to listen to the message.

    If I don’t answer it, it appears as a missed call from my own number.

    As to the “weird mans voice” – no clue. Could be a ring back tone (maybe you’re hearing both your regular ring and the ring that someone you call would hear at the same time.)

  5. Eee, very spooky. But if you think “someone” wanted to contact you, you should probably pick it up next time. They picked you. 🙂

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