The Dark House.

17 years

After last nights strange dream about the loss of my love, I thought perhaps the weird dreams would leave me alone, certainly those that come through in such vivid details, but I was wrong. The other dream was like watching an interesting movie that felt real, but this one was like watching it on high definition.

I had been invited to Nicole to visit her in the USA and I happily agreed. I had arrived and it seemed that I had been there for some time. We decided to go for a walk and the whole landscape had huge mountains and almost the same greenery as a rainforest, it felt very fresh and alive.

We walked down a small embankment and their was a river that was below and curved around a corner, I was amazed at the beauty of everything that surrounded me, only then did I notice that almost hidden in the side of the mountain on the other side, was a monstrous house that looked older then a hundred years, and it was hidden so well, that you could hardly notice it at all, huge vines and decomposing ferns all covered an entrance that was stained a brownie black colour. Nicole was as shocked as me, as she had never noticed it either.

As we moved closer, it was only then did we notice how huge it actually was. It had been somehow constructed into the mountain itself and curved a long way around the surface as well. There was a large pile of debris in the water and we soon found that hidden under it was a bridge to the house, but they were quite old and decayed I was very nervous about stepping on them, and of entering the house itself, but Nicole was excited to embrace it.

As she walked on the old bridge it started to collapse and I grabbed after her safely pulling her back to shore, terrified that I had almost lost one of my dearest friends. But she was focused on looking and stepping into this amazing house that began to scare me more and more each time I looked it, like it called at me with an unknown, hidden and dark voice, sending chills down my spine.

I guess my brain decided to make the next part easy and it invented we had skies and decided to jump over the water, sometimes things have to move fast.

But as we made it to the other side, we thought we heard someone talking to us. But no one was there. Then we both saw a figure out the side of our eyes for a second but they were gone. We huddled together feeling the temperature drop as we stood on an entrance area to this haunted mansion.

As we stepped inside, everything was transformed and it was very weird. We were underwater but a whole world excited and people were walking around and going about their business. At this point Nicole and I got separated and I found myself in a kitchen area. A worker saw me and tried to hide me in a Kitchen pantry to stop anyone else seeing me, she gave me some type of utensil and I was able to breath if I could hold it up, but if I heard people coming I had to hold my breath because they would see the bubbles. The whole time I felt like I was going to die, like I was unable to hold on any longer and was drifting off, perhaps to join them in this watery grave of an existence.

The kitchen worker came and quickly dragged me up to a section of the house that had real air, she looked at me and laughed, and then I woke up.
I have not described it as well as it actually was, but everything felt so real. The look of this house in the rock, the water around be chocking and almost killing me, and even these people that were in it. They didn’t look all together alive (obviously) because their skin was very washed and old, not from the water, but from death that had fallen on them in another life, and their clothes they wore, were truly out dated.

I wonder what tomorrow night shall bring.

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  1. Thats a creepy dream, nugget hed! :O At least now you know you should have listened to your instincts and never entered the house, haha.

  2. Damn, dude. :S I read your other dream earlier and that was.. wow. You don’t hear about those kind of dreams often.

    And about this one… holy crap, it sounded scary. The part where you mention having to hold your breath because the people would see the bubbles reminds me of a dream (or maybe more) that I’ve had. I hate that kind of thing. It’s very frightening. :/

    P.S. I wonder where we were.. I know it wasn’t New Jersey! Oh, and thanks for saving me. 🙂 I can imagine how scary it was. If I was you I probably would have hit me on the head and said “We are NOT going in there!” Oh, and I thought it was funny how in order to cut time we just kind of jumped across. 😛

  3. Woah, that’s one of the more interesting dreams I’ve heard of in a while. Usually I dream that I’m in a fight with someone – I don’t have cool yet eerie ones like you do. 😛

  4. Hey kya.
    you mentioned in another blog about resellers at tehlove?
    when are they coming? =D
    You have weird dreams btw lol

  5. I haven’t had long dreams like that for some time. Yours sounds a bit scary, but interesting too. You describe it in such detail, it makes it seem like it had really happened.

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