The Comp is over!

18 years

I am happy to say the free domain + hosting comp has finished, well done Emma, I hope you will enjoy your new domain. I also have been thinking lately, if everyone could answer this truthfully. If I sold webhosting, would you purchase it? I want to know if people would be interested, before I jumped into anything.


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  1. Honestly, no. Why? Because there are so many personal domains (i.e.,,, et cetera) that offer hosting for free. Sorry.

  2. Congrats Emma for winning the domain comp! 😀

    If Kya sold webhosting, I would purchase some, as long as you send me regular backups lol 😉

  3. I would – depending on your price, how much space/bandwidth you’d offer, and if you’d accept money through mail. I mean, a huge plus is knowing that you’re reliable and nice. 🙂

  4. yea, i would agree with phillips. glamour-beauty offers free hosting too. BUT, it would be cool if domains are included, than YA! lol

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